Friday, June 2, 2017

Bribe Me-Granny Rides Again

Twisting Slowly in the Wind

She was so scary yesterday, that they dragged her out for another interview to repair the damage. But she spoke one sentence about not being the perfect candidate and then went right back into the Vast Putin/Comey Collusion Conspiracy.

"I would have won except for the Macedonians. Also, bullfrogs kept me up at night. And the strawberries. Always the strawberries. And Chapppaqua Municipal Waste raised their recycling fees from $!2.50 to $!5.00! I think the Mercers, ClearChannel and the GRU were behind it!"

If we had a real media, maybe they could ask how ALL her DNC emails got hacked--but absolutely NONE of the top top top-secret Special Access emails on her private server got hacked. She didn't even had Norton Anti-Virus on it.

I said "If".

Ya know, Trump should announce he's going to start using a private server, since it's so darn safe and perfectly legal.

Then he should say he's considering selling Putin an additional 20% of our uranium.

And while he's considering it, he should send Kushner to Moscow to give a half-million dollar speech to Russian bankers for the Trump Foundation.

It's all completely innocent.


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