Friday, June 2, 2017

Need, not Greed

 Care, not Snares

Hot Air:

"The state of Ohio has sued five major drug makers charging they oversold the benefits and undersold the risks of their opioid painkillers that have become a major epidemic in many states across the country.
The suit was filed by Ohio’s Republican Attorney General Mike DeWine, a former Ohio state senator, a former House member from Ohio, a former lieutenant governor in Ohio and a former U.S. senator from Ohio.
It might be a coincidence that last week DeWine announced his candidacy to succeed term-limited John Kasich and become the next governor of Ohio in 2018.
One of the benefits of elections in America, besides providing untold millions in ad revenues to local TV stations, is that candidates have an incentive to profess attention to issues of pressing public concern. Few contemporary issues have more pressing concerns than opioid addiction and deaths.".......

I don't care if DeWine's running for governor. I'm not usually sympathetic to these lawsuits, but the industry went way beyond patient care into patient abuse.

If we wanted unbridled greed, we've already got the Clintons.

Good for Atty. Gen. DeWine.

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