Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Murder Party Finally Gives John Wilkes Booth His Hour Upon the Stage: Democrats' Assassination Fascination Theater

CNN and The New York Times: "We're Funding a Masterpiece Here!"

Communist Assassin

Democrat Communist Assassin

Sensing a pattern here.

The American Spectator:

"Who assassinated the last Congressman to die performing the duties of of his office? Jonestown Communists. Who fired a shot at Gerald Ford? A Symbionese Liberation Army sympathizer who, in her own words, tried to start a “revolution.” Who assassinated John F. Kennedy? A Communist who renounced his American citizenship and moved to the Soviet Union. Who assassinated William McKinley? An anarcho-communist compared to Brutus by the assassin’s acquaintance, Emma Goldman. Who assassinated James Garfield? A Bible Communist crazy who lived for five years within the group marriage at the Oneida Community.

Notice a pattern? James Hodgkinson falls into it.".......

Headless Party Found in Topless Bard
Just anomalies? Then why are thousands of Democrats attending an assassination-porn play to celebrate political murder? For the sake of art?

Shame on you


Lincoln Agrees
The Real Resistance Disrupts Their Evil Assassination-Porn Production

"Don't try and pin your morally-retarded Assassination Dementia on me, Democrats.
You are not worth another word, else I'd call you knave, sickos." 

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