Sunday, June 12, 2016

Clinton, Inc. Monetizes Every Function of Government

If Granny Grifter Could Charge Kids Lunch Money to Say the Pledge of Allegiance, She Would

A very partial list of things pilfered or sold by the Clintons for Ca$h: pardons, jobs, immigration policy, green cards, trade policy, our uranium supply, the Lincoln Bedroom, judgeships, insider info, weapons, foreign policy, licenses, sweetheart deals, Haitian policy, ambassadorships, sanctions, sanctions relief, nuclear deals, weapons systems, grants, the White House china, etc., etc., etc.

She even stole pages out of the latest printing of her autobiography, the ones that bragged about her support for the TPP trade deal.

Tyler Durden:

Stunning Emails Reveal How Clinton Foundation Donor Bought Seat As Hillary's Nuclear Weapons Advisor

"...[T]his is what true cronyism and criminal corruption looks like, and this is the biggest threat from a Hillary presidency.

It has been widely speculated, if not proven, that donors to the Clinton Foundation who over the years have transferred hundreds of millions of dollars to the "charitable organization", bought political favors with the Clintons in exchange for their generosity. That has now been confirmed thanks to a stunning ABC report [by Brian Ross] which reveals how a major foundation donor - one who previously had practically no experience on intellgience matters - mysteriously ended up as a nuclear weapons advisor to Hillary during her tenure as Secretary of State.

Worse, the person in question Rajiv K. Fernando, had been the head of a high frequency trading company, Chopper Trading (recently acquired by HFT powerhouse DRW), which may explain the unprecedented pull of the HFT lobby throughout all ranks of the US political apparatus. In other words, Fernando bought a seat to not only have advance knowledge of all US foreign policy, but to directly shape it, something he could then parlay in the forms of massive policy frontrunning profits thanks to his trading company."...........

Thank goodness, because I thought he was a spy. After all, any donor can end up on a School Lunch Advisory Board (SLAB). But you don't end up on a nuclear policy panel by accident.

Hopefully he's just another kleptocratic crony capitalist using our nuclear security apparatus like it was a chance to pass out business cards at a local Chamber of Commerce Meet & Greet at the interstate Holiday Inn;

"I'm no expert--I thought ICBM was a business machine company--but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night! Until the Lincoln Bedroom starts booking again."

When the scam was uncovered, Ma Barker's staff stalled, then lied about it and then dumped their indefensible crony, trying to bury the story for several years.

Fernando has given millions to various Clinton Crime Family front groups over the years, and is a Rigged System Superdelegate for Hillary. Why? Because "Democracy!"

Durden again: "The punchline: with thousands of generous Clinton Foundation donating "Fernandos" waiting in the wings, it is only a matter of time before President Clinton's entire staff is comprised of people who did their math and realized that the US government is merely a means to an end: the end, of course, being to get very, very rich at the expense of the American people whom they - and Hillary - should be serving.".......................

She ain't president yet, Tyler. And never will be if we can help it.

This reminds of Travelgate. There, the Clinton's wanted to reward friends, relatives and donors by giving jobs and contracts to them. But rather than just firing the Travel Office staff which was their right, Hillary decided she didn't want the two minutes worth of bad publicity. So she railroaded Billy Dale, an innocent supervisor. He was looking at twenty years in prison for the crime of making the Dragon Lady look bad. The jury took only moments to acquit. Subsequently, Clinton perjured herself about the entire debacle, and got away with it.

When I saw how she was willing to throw away a man's life for her own convenience, like she would later do again in Benghazi, that was the moment I knew:

This power-mad amoral grifter should never be president.

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