Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Irresistible Urge to Victimhood

Who Are the Real Victims in the Victim 'Hood?

The Farce is Strong With this One, My Precious Snowflakes!
Heather MacDonald:

"My personal favorite in this tsunami of self-pity comes from Princeton’s put-upon minority students, who proclaimed that they were “sick and tired of being sick and tired,” a phrase first used by Fannie Lou Hamer, a civil rights activist who had picked cotton as a child on a Mississippi plantation and who was beaten for trying to vote.

Can we have a reality check here? Every American college student today, no matter his race or gender, is among the most privileged individuals in human history. Millions of Chinese students are at this very moment studying their butts off in the hope of gaining access to the intellectual resources that American students take for granted.

And being a Princeton or Yale student bears no resemblance- need I really say this?-to being a sharecropper in the Jim Crow South. And yet, virtually every college president grovels before delusional students who demand to shut down unorthodox viewpoints, by promising protection from unwanted speech and reparations for wholly nonexistent racism."..........

Poor little snowflakes, being forced like slaves to fill out paperwork for their Princeton scholarships. And the sushi isn't prepared by an authentic, culturally-appropriate Japanese chef. And the rock-climbing wall is so intimidating.

Here's an article about Fannie Lou Hamer:

"In 1961, Hamer was sterilized without her consent or knowledge by a white doctor, as a part of an officially sanctioned plan to reduce the number of poor blacks in the state.

When she tried to register to vote, the white farmer she worked for fired and evicted her. ...

In 1963, during a trip to register black voters in Winona, Mississippi, Hamer and four other SNCC volunteers were savagely beaten and arrested by the police. She later recalled that, from her cell, she could hear the sound of continued beatings and a policeman yelling: “Can you say, ‘yes, sir,’ nigger?”

It took Hamer more than a month to recover and she was left partially disabled for the rest of her life." .......

Why, that sounds just like life on Princeton's campus!

Unfortunately, the article ends thusly:

"I wonder what she’d say about the recent sad series of events in Ferguson, Missouri." ......

Well, that depends whether you told her that Michael Brown was a little angel walking down the street minding his own business when he was shot in the back by a renegade cop while putting his hands up to surrender.

Or if you told her the truth; Michael Brown was a thug fleeing a crime scene when he decided to take Officer Wilson's gun and murder him with it, and got shot himself in the commission of that crime.

There are still lynchings going on--in Socialist Venezuela. Yet these students want to install Socialism here. They'll have to find an authentic chef to prepare meals from food scrounged out of Dumpsters, though.

Here's one; campus officials say a satire mocking safe zones and speech codes violates safe zones and speech codes--perfect!

College students are so upside down that I expect any day now to see the protest sign "Stop the Rape Epidemic Now...and Let Every Man Choose to Use the Women's Showers If He Wants To!"

The only oppression I've seen recently: violent mobs of foreigners assaulting Trump supporters. And nobody even bats an eye anymore at this Early Onset Venezuela-ism after eight years of Castro-Lite. Maybe some of the rioters were American, but they were acting like a Havana Precinct Vigilante Committee.

If a white mob chased, beat, pelted and assaulted Mexicans or blacks for supporting the wrong candidate, the Justice Department would have come down like a ton of bricks, investigating the attacks, ordering a consent decree for the police department that failed to act and bringing charges for the mayor who ordered the police to stand down.

But, hey, it's only some white people who support Trump. No Big Deal. In Obamerica, they don't have the same rights as foreign street mobs.

Guess they shoulda' gone to Princeton. They got nothing but rights there.

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