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Being Donald Trump: An Investigation in Search of a Crime--and the Crime is Being Donald Trump

"Don't be deceived because you are not hearing the sound of gunfire, because even so you are fighting for your lives."--Ronald Reagan, 1957

"Nemesis does not work that way: those it destroys, it first makes mad."--Victor Davis Hanson

"A fondness for power is implanted, in most men, and it is natural to abuse it, when acquired. ...What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the Spirit of Resistance?"--Thomas Jefferson

The Daily Rushbo:  RUSH: "Here’s what else is going on, folks, because Mueller has no limits. He’s hired, as we all know now, a staff of at least 14 lawyers, and it may be more, and each of them have assistants and clerks. This is a massive, massive amount of people that Mueller has hired.
Last I heard, they were all Hillary and Bill Clinton supporters and Obama supporters. They were all either donors, fundraisers, bundlers. They are liberal activists for the Democrat Party, Clinton and Obama, and that’s who Mueller has hired. Now, there was an original theory that the reason he did that is because at some point Trump’s gonna be exonerated and it wouldn’t fly unless there’s a bunch of Hillary and Obama people on the investigating committee. I think that’s all wet. I don’t think they want to exonerate Trump. I think they’re gonna keep looking.
This is the point. They don’t have any limits. There are no parameters. The Justice Department has not limited the scope of Mueller’s investigation at all. So here’s what this also is. As it stands now, the Mueller investigation is probably going to be the biggest, most massive opposition research operation ever conducted in American politics. With this investigation having no bounds and no limits, this team can go anywhere to find any dirt whatsoever. In fact, for the presidential election in 2020, this is a godsend. A team of Obama-Hillary donors investigating every aspect of a sitting president that they detest.
An opposition research festival that has been sanctioned by law, an opposition research investigation that can go anywhere as deep as it wants to dredge up anything they can find on a sitting president and to heck with what comes of the investigation. The data being produced here, I mean as much as things leaked now, it wouldn’t be a challenge at all to have some of whatever they find end up in the presidential campaign of 2020. An investigation certified by the president’s own Justice Department to investigate him! A free pass with an unlimited budget! There has never been an opposition research examination or investigation or operation that even gets close to this!
And the message here is, “Outsiders beware. You think you can come in here and totally take over what we, the insiders, own and operate? You think you can come in from outside and just grab control of the establishment and of the levers of government and do what you want to do with it? No way.” And that’s exactly the message here. You want to have your life destroyed, you want to have your life turned upside down, you want to have an official investigation into everything you’ve been doing and everything you are, this is what we in the establishment do.".......

SteynOnline: The Real Crime:

"On Saturday morning, Mark started the day with Abby, Pete and Clayton on "Fox & Friends" discussing the latest ructions inside and outside the White House:
The "selective leaks" of sensitive information that have plagued this administration are the real crime, Steyn said.
Mueller expanded the Russia probe this week to include Trump's personal finances, including a 2008 Florida real estate deal. The president hit back in a statement, saying the intrusion was beyond the intended scope of the probe.
The only interference in the 2016 presidential election was not by the Russians but by the "deep state, the permanent bureaucracy, the media, the Democrats, and half the Republican party, who have not accepted what happened on a Tuesday night in November and have determined to interfere with it."
Click below to watch - or if that doesn't display properly (as apparently it doesn't on some browsers) you can watch the full interview here".......

Even Mark Steyn's commenters are top-notch:

Paul GianakonJul 22, 2017 at 22:04
"Yay Mark Steyn. Having run roughshod over the Constitution during the past 8 years, the Obama holdovers are now doing their best to gut the crowning glory of America-- the peaceful transition of power. Like FDR the progressive statist before him, Obama despises Washington's humble example of self restraint for which George III called him the greatest man in history. The Constitution has always been first in the hearts of Washington's country men because they read the Old Testament and Shakespeare and recognized the ruthlessness and savagery of the struggle for power throughout history. Now that those pillars are being banished from the curriculum, a fool like Justice Ginsberg can go to the then Moslem Brotherhood ruled Egypt and inveigh against the inadequacy of our founding documents without fear of societal condemnation. And Sally Yates is feted at the foremost law school in America for refusing the fact that power had passed via the election to a new Constitutional designate. I am hopeful that Jeff Sessions is not the avuncular Polygrip spokesman he appeared to be at the recent Senate hearing , but that somewhere a grand jury is examining the actions taken in the waning days of the Obama administration to undermine the incoming administration, and that there will emerge a series of indictments and one jug-eared unindicted co-conspirator."

Rick Moran:
"Can anyone doubt the Russian game? Russia hacks the DNC and Podesta seeming to favor Trump in the presidential election. Innocuous -- or otherwise -- meetings with Trump campaign people, including Donald Jr., are subsequently blown far out of proportion by the American media who are now being played by high-level Russian government officials -- including Putin and Lavrov -- to fan the flames of hysteria against Trump.
This is not Russia favoring Hillary or Trump. This is Russia sowing the seeds of chaos and division in America They're not interested as much in who is running America as they are in weakening the government and cleaving the country in two.
The American media has been Putin's willing partner is creating this terrible situation. They are being played by experts who have studied the American press for decades and are experts at misinformation, disinformation, and outright manipulation. In truth, the Russians didn't have to try very hard or be very subtle about it.
Whatever Putin wants to do in the near future -- invade the Baltics, pressure Eastern Europe, annex part of Ukraine -- the US will be too divided and weak to stop them.
For Putin: Mission accomplished.".......

"...and that's how our system of  government works, Susie; we elect a president, and the Permanent Blob works night and day to subvert our choice because They Know Better(tm)."
I was willing to give Mueller the benefit of the doubt. But we know now that he is just another player in the Perma-Blob's Cockroach Coup.

1.) Sessions never should have recused himself, especially knowing how slimy Democrats painted him as a Klansman when in fact he prosecuted Klansmen. Sessions is playing by "My Esteemed Colleague"-rules in a Puerto Rican knife-fight. It's one thing to choose that for himself, but he's inflicted it on the nation.

2.) If Mueller were honorable, he would not have accepted a dishonorable assignment.

3,) Mueller has a huge conflict of interest, given his friendship with Comey and his institutional bias in favor of the FBI. He will not challenge Comey's or the Bureau's misconduct.

4.) Mueller was the Director who stripped all Islamic references from the FBI's terrorism manuals, proving that he puts political correctness ahead of the safety of Americans.

5.) Mueller has hired only partisan Democrats to persecute his targets.

6.) Mueller even hired Preet Bharara, who hinted darkly that he was fired for investigating Trump. That was false, malicious and unprofessional--yet seems to have qualified him to a place on Mueller's team to further his vendetta.

7.) Mueller's legal hacks are already leaking; unethical, unprofessional and possibly criminal.

That said, this entire travesty of justice isn't really aimed at Trump. It's aimed at you.

It is meant to tell you that the Government belongs to the Swamp Creatures. You need to sit down, shut-up and take whatever they dish out because you are Property of the State. A subject. A peasant. A peon. A mere worm to be crushed by the Feddle Leviathan. You have no business trying to govern yourselves.

Their team can collude with Russia, commit treason with Iran and sell pardons and take bribes all day long without a special counsel. But as soon as the people fight back, they invent a fairy tale to repress those reforms and cling to power--the power that has corrupted them absolutely.

These viciously corrupt and arrogant slugs mean to put their boot-heel on America's neck. Now--and forever.

Go to hell.


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