Wednesday, July 5, 2017

CNN: "We Can't Investigate Hillary's Bribery Foundation, But By God We Can Track Down the Teen-age Tweeter Who Hurt Our Widdle Feewings and Blackmail Him Into Recanting!"

"Investigative Journalism" Now Means Investigating Those Who Question Journalists?
"Don't you know we're above criticism, peasant?"
While you were enjoying your freedoms with your family this Independence Day, CNN used its Fourth of July to track down the Reddit user who created the Trump wrestling GIF. The same CNN who uses anonymous sources to undermine the president every day. and endlessly bleats about how Trump is suppressing their free speech.

The Reddit user may be a 15 year-old kid. Way to Speak Truth to Power, CNN! Threatening children. You should be so proud.

CNN used all of its corporate resources to coerce, blackmail and silence some little guy into apologizing and recanting under the threat of having a powerful news organization reveal his identity and subject his whole life to Antifa thugs, corrupt politicians and deranged Democrat assassins.

On Independence Day. Because of the Free Speech.

And if you don't think that's a real threat, look at what CNN did to Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson. He's in hiding because he stood up to a punk thug who tried to murder him with his own service revolver.

Not to mention the innocent bystanders and policemen they helped kill with their fact-free moral grand-standing "Hands Up, Don't Shoot!"-lie.

CNN: "Journalism So Bad, It Kills People"
And now, With 50% More Quashing Dissent!

CNN should be charged with Criminal Impersonation of an Actual News Organization.

ENN, the Extortion News Network: "The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet Blitzer!"

Trending #CNNblackmail UPDATE: CNN says the Reddit-user is in his fifties, not a teen-ager. And that he's posted other "racist" and "anti-Semitic" tweets. Which justifies their blackmail.

Of course, they didn't think giving nukes to the Ayatollah or the Wailing Wall to the PLO was anti-Semitic. And serving sushi not prepared by an authentic Japanese chef is racism. So, whatever.

Some little guy told you the Emperor Tapper has no clothes, so you tried to squash him like a bug. Dredging up alleged "wrongdoing" by the victim only proves the coercive criminal intent of your blackmail scheme, CNN.


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