Sunday, July 16, 2017

Boris and Natasha Weren't Russian Agents; They Were Democrat Agents

Sent By Obama To Set Up Donald Trump, Jr. For Wiretapping

Which one is the puppet?
A: Trick Question!

Don Surber:

"The irony of last week's Big Leak on Don Jr. (likely by Robert Mueller) is that it is helping reveal that the real criminal activity was by the Democratic Party.

Lying Loretta Lynch sought a secret warrant to wiretap Team Trump in June 2016. The federal court turned her request down. Now DC Whispers reported the Administration wiretapped anyway -- just like President Trump said on March 4.

From DCWhispers:

The sting operation was put in place via a Russian attorney/operative named  Natalia Veselnitskaya whose social media history marks her as an adamant anti-Trumper and who was granted a special exemption to travel into the United States by the Obama Department of Justice. The sting was further facilitated by a Russian-born American citizen named Rinat Akhmetshin who was granted citizenship during the Obama era and who as as D.C. lobbyist is well-connected to the D.C. political establishment and is said to have been instrumental in the creation of an anti-Trump dossier Trump’s political opponents were preparing to use against him during the campaign. (And then sought out and turned over to the FBI by anti-Trumper John McCain – see related story HERE )
It appears that once Veselnitskaya received confirmation she would be granted an audience with Donald Trump Jr. and other members of the Trump campaign, Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch ordered an illegal recording of that meeting.".....

*Veselskitnaya appeared at a Congressional hearing eight days after her Trump meeting-- a reward for helping to set up Trump, Jr.? Obama's Russian Ambassador McFaul testified and stressed how she was not a government agent, but just a private Russian citizen. Now Democrats say the opposite. Which is it?

*When the Clinton campaign accepted oppo research from the Ukranian government, did that violate the law against receiving a "thing of value" from a foreign government to affect an election? Democrats say that it's okay because Ukraine is our ally and Russia is an enemy. If Russia is an enemy, why did Sec. Clinton arrange for American technology to be transferred at the Russian Silicon Valley in Skolkovo? And why did she let an enemy have 20% of America's uranium? While her husband was giving half-million dollar speeches in the enemy's capital, no less? And if Ukraine is our ally, why did Obama deny them arms to fight our enemy, the Russians?

*Loretta Lynch personally let Veselnitskaya in after she was denied entry. Lynch then personally extended her extremely rare "parole" a second time until January 2016. Yet somehow she's either back or never left in June 2016. And she's hired commie "Red" Dellums to help her lobby.

June is a very interesting month. Trump clinches the nomination in late May. On June 3, Goldstone emails Trump, Jr., using words that seem designed to justify a FISA warrant. On June 9, the meeting takes place, but there is no oppo research presented, only Magnitsky Act issues. On June 14, Veselnitskaya appears at the Congressional Hearing. She has since denied any knowledge or intent to talk about Hillary, leaving Goldstone as the sole instigator.

On June 27, Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch hold their Tarmac Summit, even though his wife is under investigation.

And on an unknown date in June, the FISA court turns down a request for the first time in many years, a request to wiretap Trump.

It would be interesting to know if that FISA request was made a day or two after the Tarmac Summit, wouldn't it?

And while the political appointees in charge of our intelligence agencies enjoyed spying on Trump, I wonder how those FISA Court judges feel about being drafted by Obama and Lynch, who turned the FISA Court into a de facto arm of the Clinton Campaign?

"FISA Court Jesters For Hillary--I'mWithHer!"?

Someone ought to ask them.

"This warrants a meeting!"

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