Monday, July 3, 2017

Take a Cyrillic Letter, Maria: Bartiromo Dictates to Podesta

Russia, Russia, Russia!

Suddenly, they don't want to talk about Russia.  How odd.

Ace of Spades: Maria Bartiromo Has Early Fourth of July Cookout, Grilling John Podesta on His Own Deep Financial Ties to Russia

Succulent and juicy, and the steak turned out well too.
"Do you find it odd that there's been so much attention on the Trump campaign and the Trump associates and potential collusion with the Russians, when it's really the Democrats who have deeper and stronger ties to Russia?" Bartiromo asked.She then read off Podesta's various holdings and interests that were tied to Russian companies, stating that Podesta joined the board of a small energy company in 2011 which later received $35 million from a Kremlin-funded entity. According to Bartiromo, Podesta also own 75,000 shares in a Russian company and failed to disclose this to the Obama administration. ...  When he said that he divested before working at the White House, Bartiromo was quick to point out that he entrusted the company to his own family.
"But where did you divest it John? A lot of people feel that you divested it to your adult children," Bartiromo said. "It's just a head scratcher that this is taking all the oxygen out of the room over Trump when, in fact, it’s been your team that has been in bed with the Russians."".......
Putin wasn't investing in Energy Futures--he was investing a million rubles in Clinton Futures.

And now, via Flatt and Scruggs, a musical interlude  :

Podesta reaped such a windfall in Russian energy that the Kremlin
lovingly nicknamed the lanky American "Commissar Clampett".

Come and listen to my story bout a man named John
Poor electioneer, barely kept the power on
Then one day he was workin' it for Hill
and up from Moscow popped a lot of dollar bills!
Rubles, that is
Black bags, Kremlin specie

First thing you know, old John's a millionaire
Hillary says "John, you're gonna have to $hare."
"Come work at the White House with Barry and me," so he gave away his shares--to his own family.

"Insert ca$h here, please."
Now it's time to say goodbye to John and Ms. Clinton
They would like to thank the Vlad for kindly chipping in.
You're all invited back next time when Hillary runs again
to sell Putin whatever's left of our uranium!

Take your medical devices off
Set a spell
Don't come back now, hear?

BTW, Hillary and Podesta have to this day still forbidden the much-vaunted "17 Intelligence Agencies(tm)" from examining the DNC's server. Claims of Russian hacking are based solely on the word of notorious liars Clinton and Podesta and their employees.
Considering that they want our foreign policy based on their claims, not to mention the  Special Counsel investigation, that is akin to refusing to let the Warren Commission examine Oswald's Italian rifle. What crimes are captured on that server? Or did it get the old BleachBit Treatment already?

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