Thursday, July 13, 2017

Time to Rescind Obama's Illegal and Arrogant Obamacare Exemption for Congress

“When you can't make the see the light, make them feel the heat."--Ronald Reagan

JustOneMinute: Health Care That's Always There

The Republican Senate "leadership" unveils the latest version in their "Health care that's always there - right around the corner" legislative train wreck.

"It's good for you, kid--not for us, but good enough for you!"

Jenny Beth Martin:

"as the January 1, 2014 implementation date for ObamaCare’s individual and employer mandates approached, members of Congress were worried less about how the law would affect their constituents than they were about how the law would affect themselves and their staffs. Buried in the law’s 2,000-plus pages was Section 1312(d)(3)(D), which requires members and their staffs to leave behind their generous Federal Employee Health Benefits Program health plans and instead purchase their health insurance directly through the ObamaCare exchanges, without benefit of an employer subsidy. That requirement, like the individual and employer mandates, would kick in on January 1, 2014.
After heavy lobbying by leaders of both parties on both sides of the Capitol dome, President Obama came to their rescue. He directed the Office of Personnel Management to issue a rule – now codified as 78 Fed. Reg. 60653-01 – declaring Congress itself a small business (!), the necessary subterfuge to set them up for the kicker: Because Congress was deemed a “small business,” “the DC Health Link Small Business Market administered by the DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority is the appropriate SHOP from which Members of Congress and designated congressional staff will purchase health insurance in order to receive a Government contribution.”
It was necessary to find a way to let members and staff into the small business exchange for a simple reason – it was the only way they could maintain their “employer contribution” toward their premiums. Those “contributions” – illegal taxpayer-financed subsidies, in reality – are worth about $5,000 for an individual policy, and close to $12,000 for a family policy. If members and staff had been required to purchase through the individual exchanges, as the law clearly intended, they would have had to pay their premiums on their own.
The good news is, what was done by one president with unilateral executive action can be undone by another president with unilateral executive action. Doing so would raise the temperature on Congress to get a real repeal bill on his desk before the end of the fiscal year, or suffer real personal consequences.
Further, taking such action would show that Trump is taking another step toward fulfilling his promise to “drain the swamp.” Little rankles the heartland as much as the perception that there are different laws, rules, and treatment for the benefit of the national capital’s ruling class. In this case, perception actually is reality. I’ve never seen a poll that showed less than 75 percent support for ending Congress’ illegal special exemption from ObamaCare.
So, President Trump – send a memo to the Office of Personnel Management directing them to announce that Congress’ illegal special exemption will be removed, effective October 1, 2017. Light a fire under Congress to come to agreement on a bill living up to your promise to repeal ObamaCare, and drain the swamp at the same time. It’s a winner all around.".......

There is no excuse, absolutely NONE--for Congress not living under the same laws they impose on the rest of us.

It's arrogant, perverted, disgusting, haughty, aristocratic, greedy and indefensible.

It's wrong and they should be ashamed that they haven't rejected this royal treatment themselves.

No wonder they won't do their jobs--they don't have any consequences for their malingering.

President Trump should give them one.

Pres. Antoinette's Cake-for-PeasantsCare
* If Obamacare is as wonderful as Democrats say, why did they immediately exempt themselves? Above the law much?

* It is the height of Orwellian perversity and Newspeak to allow Big Government  to call itself a "small business" to avoid the laws they passed themselves.

Congress has been doing something, though. They just voted to keep tax-payer-funded sex-change operations :

Rowan Scarborough: "Two-dozen House Republicans broke with their pro-defense brethren Thursday and helped Democrats kill an amendment that would have barred the military from funding transgender sex reassignment surgeries and hormone therapies.
The amendment to the annual National Defense Authorization Act, which sets out policies on America’s $696 billion military budget, failed 214-209, with all Democrats and 24 Republicans opposing.
It means the military health care system will be called on to provide such surgeries as routine treatments for the first time, unless the Trump administration changes Obama-era policies that allow transgender troops to remain on duty.
The amendment was brought by Rep. Vicky Hartzler, Missouri Republican and a member of the House Armed Services Committee, who said the military will be obligated to spend $3.7 billion the next 10 years on sex change operations."

You know--the Way the Founders Intended(tm).

"She said the money could better be spent on weapons and readiness accounts at a time when troops are fighting Islamist terrorism and facing possible showdowns with North Korea and Russia."......

They can't fix your healthcare, but they can "fix" Pvt. Manning's. Priorities, people!

We now have one set of laws for King B. Hussein Obama, the Clintons, illegal aliens, transgendered traitors and Congress...and another set for everybody else.

And every bit of it diametrically opposed to the founding principles of America; limited government, ordered liberty and the Consent of the Governed.

Worst. Political. Class. Ever.

And getting worse all the time, Doctor.

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