Sunday, December 4, 2016

CNN's Amanpour: How Dare You Call Us Hacks Just Because We Called You Tea-baggers, Gave Hillary the Answers and Let Podesta Write Our Questions--But In a Fair, Honest and Heroic Manner

"Listen up, bigots!"

Christiane press-'splains you:

"Never in a million years could I have imagined myself on this stage in New York really appealing for the safety and the freedom of the American press. And I base that on, obviously, Donald Trump's rhetoric against the press, calling us dishonest, despicable and all sorts of other epithets that were hurled around. And of course when that happens in a highly charged partisan atmosphere and when the press is there just to report objectively on what's going on and suddenly finds itself the butt of some very angry partisans, it is very dangerous, and it could be threatening to physical safety but also to the rights under the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment to report freely and fairly without fear nor favor.

...President-elect Trump - his first tweet after the election was talking about paid protesters incited by the media. Those were the words. Well, first of all, paid protesters is a lie made up by fake news, right? So he might believe it, but that's because fake news sites put that out, and people sort of picked it up, retweeted and ran with it. So he walked that back after a while. However, he didn't walk back the idea of incited by the media. And I have covered enough of my colleagues who have ended up, as I put it, in cages in kangaroo courts, in places like Cairo or in Moscow, on trial for being inciters or sympathizers or associates or out and out flat out terrorists. So I feel I have to stand up for my own tribe in the United States.".......


*the American press needs armed bodyguards
*even though they were completely fair, heroically honest and scrupulously even-handed
*If you disagree with just how awesome the Press is, you hate the Constitution
*Rogue Russian agents from Hillary's Uranium Five & Dime Store seized the White House logs to make it appear that Bob Creamer met with Obama in the White House dozens of times to discuss vote fraud and paid agitators
*the Media never incites anything "Hands up, Don't Shoot!". Say--did we mention Trump just started World War III with China?
*Trump wants to put reporters in cages
*because America is just like Cairo or Moscow.

We want an honest press because we're not Cairo or Moscow, lady.  You do indeed have "rights under the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment to report freely and fairly without fear nor favor."

Try it for a change.
"Your nothing like that awful Trump, your Wonderfulness. Can we open a Tehran Bureau
to help you get your beautiful story out?" 

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