Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Drain the Swamp, Don't Swamp the Drain: Vote "No" on Tillerson

Sorry, Donald; it's a "Nyet"

Tillerson put the "stab" in Establishment. I don't see this guy calling Roto-Rooter on the cesspool at State. I see him fitting in and being co-opted by the Perma-Blob.

Global Warming Paris "Treaty" supporter.
Gay Rights Activist at the Boy Scouts.
and Putin pal.

One of the few non-doping Russian Medalists
I doubt he'd sell Russia the rest of our uranium, but if we wanted all of Tillerson's Establishment baggage, we could have voted for Hillary. and then gnawed our own arm off.

I'm thrilled Trump won, but this medal-winner is a loser for America.

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