Thursday, December 15, 2016

They Tell Three Good Lies Before Half-Time

Liars in a League of Their Own

New York Daily Newsish: Roger Staubach to Donald Trump: Army and Navy football players deserve your respect, not your insults

Except Roger Staubach didn't say that to Trump. In fact, they both said the same thing; service academies aren't always rated on top but they are good teams with great spirit.

Staubach to New York Daily "News": Quit Twisting My Words For Your Obsessive Trump Monomania, You Disgusting Freaks

The "News" calls Staubach "a man also known as Captain America and who just may be the last great American football hero." Which is correct--and the exact reason why he shouldn't have been used as just another throwaway prop in their tool kit of pre-written Trump-Hate.
"This is why I hate talking to "reporters", Coach".

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