Wednesday, December 28, 2016

If Only They Got This Angry With Our Enemies

Why Don't You Lecture a Mullah For a Change?

 War-monger Obama invades Occupied Palestine
He needed votes and money back then, but now the mask is off--although he still needs the money. Money is one of the reasons he blames Russia--Democrat donors want to blame somebody for the election debacle before they'll donate again. In this case, Obama underestimated the backlash by Jewish donors and was forced to send his toady Kerry out to defend his anti-Semitic UN resolution.

And it is Obama's UN resolution, despite the paper-thin lies to the contrary. In the Iran Deal, Obama teamed up with terrorists and foreign countries at the UN to lie to the American people and to our allies--and now he's done it again.

Horse-Face Kerry equated building homes with bombing them. He seemed to back a "right of return" which would turn Israel into another Islamic thugocracy of which this administration is so fond. He lied about Obama's sponsorship of the resolution and he never spoke the One True Thing: that there would already be peace if Palestinians wanted it.

Obama's Two-State Solution:

UPDATE: Krauthammer: "There was one important element in the 70 minutes of that word salad and it was important because I think there's a ray of hope. The danger for the Israelis, the danger for the peace process was that there was another shoe to drop. Possibly, Obama would go back to the Security Council, take the Kerry six-point plan and impose it on the Israelis through Security Council resolution. That's been a threat. And the second threat was that Obama would unilaterally recognize a Palestinian state demanding nothing in return from the Palestinians meaning the state of war continues, the terrorism continues, et cetera. Where there was a passage buried in those 70 minutes of Kerry, which seem to rule those two threats out. Where Kerry says there's some want us to dictate the terms of the resolution of the Security Council. He said these are not choices we will make. And he said others want us to simply recognize the Palestinian state absent an agreement and again he says these are not choices we will make. If Kerry sticks with that, then the damage is done, and we will start all over again on January 20th. I hope he sticks to it. You don't know what will happen in Paris. But unless he betrays his own words it looks like the damage is done and it will be somewhat limited.".......
That may not be what he means, Charles. It doesn't rule out choices others will make, does it?

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