Thursday, December 1, 2016

#DumpKelloggs: It's Morning Breakfast Cereal in America Again

The Left to You Each Morning

FoxNews: “The decision by Kellogg’s [to pull their online advertising], which makes Pringles, Eggo waffles, as well as Special K and Frosted Flakes cereals, among others, will make virtually no revenue impact on It does, however, represent an escalation in the war by leftist companies like Target and Allstate against conservative customers whose values propelled Donald Trump into the White House.”

Francis W. Poretto expounds here on Prof. Conquest's Three Laws of Politics, in this case the relevant being #2: "Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing."

That is the story of Foundations in America. Great-Grandpa works his tail off to make a better widget, but the great-grandkids feel guilty due to a first-rate miseducation by Commie Professors. Able only to generate poverty on their own, the Socialist Leeches set upon the host, and corporate functionaries fold under the Path of Least Resistance. Until now.

Steyn quotes Ace to that effect here, and adds this:

"The real target here is not Breitbart so much as the incoming President of the United States, who has appointed Breitbart honcho Steve Bannon as a senior counselor. The losing side in the election wants to "de-normalize" Trump and his administration, by in effect de-legitimizing his voters and their electoral victory. Such an act is squalid and contemptible, and potentially very perilous to pluralistic societies, which by definition any free society must be. ...

I hate boycotts, too. I want to be free to reject Kellogg's cereals because they suck rather than because buying them is a political act. But John Hinderaker's right: This is a one-way street that leads to a de facto one-party state, or at any rate a one-party culture. The left wants a world in which a discount furniture warehouse is free to advertise with Rachel Maddow but not Rush Limbaugh. And in pushing further and further down that path they make everything political, and render normal civic life all but impossible - to the point where the CEO of something as universal and unobjectionable as Kellogg's Corn Flakes finds it easier to side with the losing side in a free election, and against half of his fellow citizens. So, if Kellogg's wants to shrink the market for Frosted Flakes by 50 per cent, fine: let's frost 'em out, until they understand that, in politicizing everything, they're the flakes.

"America is a split nation politically. If the likes of Kellogg's and Anheuser-Busch want to extend that split to beer and corn flakes, there won't be a lot left. The damage is not just to their brands but to the kind of civil society that produces companies like theirs. If the left really cannot handle losing an election, why don't they just cut to the chase and demand full-out civil war?"

Kelloggs Foundation of Battle Creek has gone Full Social Justice Warrior, supporting every extreme left-wing cause under the Raisin Bran sun.

Since Kelloggs has declared war on their conservative customers, I've bought my last box from them.

I will not support Cop-Killers-by-Proxy, even sugar-coated.

Free Tony the Tiger--Boycott Kelloggs!
#DumpKelloggs--they've dumped you.
As they say over at General Mills: "Magically delicious!"

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