Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Boxcar Nancy's Trainwreck: “Look at that moon. It’s a new moon. All right, can you hear me now? I'll do the 'real people'!”

This Land is Earth, Lady; Come Visit Us Sometime

And bring Flop Sweat Chuck Schumer with you.  And some "real people", too--if you can rent some.

Opening Night Debacle. The Duran:

"The crowds could not hear anything, and so they resorted to singing “This Land Is Your Land”, and chanting “Lock him up!”
Pelosi at one point went totally off script talking about the “new moon.”
“Look at that moon. It’s a new moon. All right, can you hear me now?”
Then came Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s turn, when Pelosi asked “Fake Tears Schumer” to “introduce the real people.”
“Where are they?” Schumer asked, soon realizing the “real people” were not there.".......
Since nobody knew the words, let me help you guys out by refreshing your memory: Woody Guthrie's "This Land is Your Land", as performed by the famous '60's folk trio Sheila, Chuck & Nancy:

This land was your land, but now its our land
From California, to the New York Island
From the Redwood Forest, to the Gulf Stream Waters
This land belongs to EPA

It rained this morning and made a puddle
We were glad, you were befuddled
We confiscated your ditch so muddled
Your land belongs to EPA

As I went walking that ribbon of highway
The EPA said "Build it our way!"
I saw below me their golden river
This stretch was ruined by EPA

This land was your land, but now its our land
From California, to the New York Island
From the Redwood Forest, to the Gulf Stream Waters
This land belongs to EPA!

The Singing None-s

Monday, January 30, 2017

His Full Measure

"I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement, and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn pride that must be yours to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of Freedom.

Yours, very sincerely and respectfully,

A. Lincoln."

Military.com: "Chief Special Warfare Operator William "Ryan" Owens, of Peoria, Illinois, was killed during an intelligence-gathering operation on al-Qaida on the Arabian Peninsula that left six additional troops wounded or injured, defense officials said.

Owens enlisted in August 1998 and made chief in December 2009, an official told Military.com. His awards included three Bronze Stars -- two with a "V" distinguishing device signifying combat valor.

While multiple outlets have reported that Owens was a member of the elite Naval Special Warfare Development Group, better known as SEAL Team Six, officials would confirm only that he was a member of an East Coast-based special warfare unit.

"I extend my condolences to the family and shipmates of Chief Petty Officer William 'Ryan' Owens," Defense Secretary James Mattis said Monday evening in a statement. "Ryan gave his full measure for our nation, and in performing his duty, he upheld the noblest standard of military service. The United States would not long exist were it not for the selfless commitment of such warriors."".......


Don't Forget the Real Victims of Quebec: the #FakeNews Media

"Must. Activate. Prime. Directive."

"Get Trump. Get Trump. Get Trump. Get Trump. Get Trump..."
In our rush to sympathize for actual victims of the Quebec attack, let's not forget who the real fake victims are here:

The #FakeNews Media.

That's right. Ever since this story broke last night, they've been up all night, losing sleep, drinking black coffee and chain smoking, trying in vain to execute the Prime Directive:

"We must find a way to use these dead Muslims as props to beat Trump over the head to satisfy our Trump-hate bloodlust!"

Oh, they've tried. But, as they used to say, "Facts are stupid things--so get me some new facts!"

Here are some of their efforts to pin this on the president, through innuendo, insinuations, lumping disparate items together, quoting other haters, citing the "climate", etc., etc.

Reuters stuck this in the middle of their Quebec shooting story: "Over the weekend, Trudeau said Canada would welcome refugees, his response to an executive order by Trump on Friday to halt the U.S. refugee program and to temporarily bar citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. Trump's action, which the president said was "not about religion - this is about terror and keeping our country safe," was widely condemned in the United States and abroad as targeting Muslims."

CBS: "Quebec City police spokesman Constable Pierre Poirier said the mosque had been evacuated and the situation was under control.
Trudeau had earlier reacted to Mr. Trump’s visa ban for people from some Muslim-majority countries by tweeting Saturday: “To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith.”"

ABC: "The mosque shooting comes two days after President Donald Trump's Friday travel ban affecting people from seven predominately Muslim countries, and one day after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted on Saturday, "To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith.""

I'll spare you any more Agit/Prop, but keep these professional liars in your thoughts tonight. They're thinking of you--and how to blame this on you, too.

And congratulations to Comrade O, who made it almost a week-and-a-half before calling for mob action. Thanks, Traitor. You're a true disgrace.

"Magnificently Right"

Thanks, President Trump!

"We're waiting for the briefing tomorrow, a pause [in Syrian refugees] may be necessary. We're going to look at it."--Sen. Chuck Schumer then, Nov. 17, 2015, four days after ISIS terrorists--including Syrian refugees--murdered 130 people in Paris. And just for the record, they raped them, beheaded them, tortured and mutilated them before they murdered them. These animals made the most hardened cops in Paris vomit on themselves with their level of Satanic savagery. Just sayin'.

"Let Them In!"?

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton:

"It was so bad that the police ran out and vomited. The monsters gouged out eyes, cut off testicles and stuffed them in the mouths of their victims and disemboweled the men while they were alive. I understand the women were raped and then their genitalia was cut off and they were disemboweled as well while they were still breathing. These are not just terrorists, they are demons straight out of hell." ....................

@Sen. Schumer now: "There are tears running down the cheeks
of the Statue of Liberty tonight."

Those aren't tears rolling down her face, Chucky--they're your specialty:
New York City pigeon shit.
 109 people were inconvenienced out of a third of a million travellers. And that makes Lady Liberty and Chuck Schumer cry? The protestors disrupted a helluva lot more people than President Trump. Any glitches were corrected in hours, which is forgivable; he's only been doing this for days, unlike the last bums who've had years of experience running whole countries and entire continents into the ditch.
 Let's take a look at what causes hysterical actresses to scrawl "Let Them In!" on their bare bosoms--even if they would not be allowed to bare those bosoms at all
if we did indeed 'let them all in'.

Attending a public event in the company of a male relative as required by Sharia Law...good little dhimmis!
Of the 57-nation Organization of Islamic Cooperation, this is a temporary pause on just seven of them, including:

4 failed states that have no central government to help us vet (Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen), the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism (Iran--who just this morning launched a nuke-sized missile in violation of the UN ban) , a country that has to re-fight a war we already won for them once (Iraq) and a country whose dictator just murdered a half-million people (Syria) while Obama groveled.
Can we vet Iran's missiles or are we supposed to let them in, too?
It also returns refugee numbers to where they were for years before Obama floored it on his way down the exit ramp. "Let Them In"? Allow unfettered access by everyone on the planet--and call it their "Constitutional Right"?

Before Obama normalized treason, most of us instinctively knew that was madness.

Even foreigners get it: Dubai’s Head of Security: “We completely support Trump in ban on entry to those who may cause breach in America’s security”
What the hell's wrong with you? Don't be an idiot!
Spengler: President Trump's Immigration Ban is Magnificently Right

"In Europe, the elites accept a certain level of terrorism as the cost of doing business, and the people grudgingly accept it. Americans don't see why they should sacrifice their safety or sense of security to accommodate the hurt feelings of other people. ... As for the argument that the measure will alienate Muslims, precisely the opposite is true.
The Obama administration and the Bush administration hoped to persuade Islamist extremists like the Muslim Brotherhood (of which Hamas is the Palestinian branch) to change their spots and turn peaceful. That didn't work. The alternative is to serve notice on Muslim governments: If they don't crack down on terrorists and their supporters, we won't let their citizens into the United States until we find ways to vet entrants ourselves.

The terrorists infest Muslim communities and operate like a gangland protection racket. It is dangerous to stand up to them. This will change when Muslims fear the U.S. government more than they fear the terrorists. Is that cruel? Of course. The world is cruel, but its cruelty is not of our making. The first duty of the U.S. government is to show kindness to prospective American victims of terrorism.
And it's great to have a president with the guts to do something about it.".......
No--it's great Again.
"America is a proud nation of immigrants and we will continue to show compassion to those fleeing oppression, but we will do so while protecting our own citizens and border.
America has always been the land of the free and home of the brave.
 We will keep it free and keep it safe,
 as the media knows, but refuses to say."

Abolish the Filibuster, Not the Electoral College

The Constitutional Option: Because the Constitution Isn't Optional

“I really do believe that I have set the Senate so when I leave, we’re going to be able to get judges done with a [simple] majority. It’s clear to me that if the Republicans try to filibuster another circuit court judge, but especially a Supreme Court justice, I’ve told ’em how and I’ve done it, not just talking about it. I did it in changing the rules of the Senate. It’ll have to be done again.”--The Great Parliamentarian, Statesman and Constitutional Giant, Senator Harry Reid.

So let it be written, so let it be done.
  • Convicting an Impeachment: 2/3 majority in the Senate
  • Expulsion of a member of one house of Congress: 2/3 vote
  • Override a Presidential Veto: 2/3 majority in both the House and the Senate
  • Ratify a treaty: 2/3 majority in the Senate
  • Passing of a Constitutional Amendment by Congress: 2/3 majority in both the House and the Senate
  • Calling for a Constitutional Convention; 2/3 of the state legislatures
  • Ratifying a Constitutional Amendment: 3/4 of the states
  • Restore the ability of certain rebels to serve in the government: 2/3 majority in both the House and the Senate
  • Approval of removal of the President from his position after the Vice President and the Cabinet approve such removal and after the President contests the removal: 2/3 majority in both the House and the Senate
    Also a super-majority for quorums:
    • Choice of a President in the House when no majority of electoral votes is achieved: member or members from 2/3 of the states
    • Choice of a Vice President in the Senate when no majority of electoral votes is achieved: 2/3 of all Senators
There's something missing from this list of the Constitution's Super-Majority requirements;

the 3/5ths majority Senate vote requirement called the "filibuster".
The Constitutional Option--CATO: "The filibuster of judicial nominees upsets the balance the framers struck. The Constitution is run through with checks and balances, designed to limit power on one hand, but allow government to go forward on the other. The filibuster intrudes on that design by adding an extra check. But it’s not without costs. No doubt today’s Democrats think they know better how to strike the right balance than the framers did. Republicans are saying the framers got it right. I’d go with the framers. Let’s give these nominees the up-or-down vote they deserve, as plainly contemplated by the Constitution.".......
Yes, the Senate is in charge of its rules--but adding another supermajority requirement not found in the Constitution is an illegitimate amendment to that charter. If the Senate can demand 60 votes to vote, then why not 70? or 80? Or even 100?
It's not about debate, either. The "Silent Filibuster" is routinely invoked, almost never the "Talking Filibuster".
Senate Curtain-Measurer Harry Reid already announced his plan to abolish the filibuster when arrogant Democrats were cock-sure of their pre-scheduled victory. We should take him at his word, quit playing games with the Constitution and kill this extra-legal abomination once and for all. Let your yeas be yeas and your nays be nays and live with it. 4 out of 5 dentists recommend we follow the Constitution for a change.
No more Unconstitutional One-Man Treaties--or Forty-One Man Vetoes!

Abolish the Filibuster Now!
"Ignore everything Sad Clown said before!"

UPDATE: Lacking the integrity to resign, disgraced Acting Atty. Gen. Sally Yates would not have even been in place but for the filibuster. Because of the filibuster, she was able to pull off a coup attempt with the collusion of Senate Democrats--'til she was thrown out on her corrupt ass. I hear Iran is hiring, lady--with the money your team gave them!
If you're not already on their payroll, that is.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Ronald Reagan, Holly-Go-Lefty and The Never-Ending Story

"My one unvarying line, which I always snapped into a telephone, was: "Give me the city desk. I've got a story that will crack this town wide open!""
--Ronald Reagan 

And its a familiar story, brought back again and again for an extended return engagement, despite popular demand: Hollywood consumed by a hard-left political agenda, favoring America's enemies and seeking to silence and intimidate non-compliant artists, most recently at PRESIDENT Trump's Inaugural.

Their self-congratulating awards ceremonies have devolved into tribal virtue-signaling mating rituals and hermetically-sealed hate-fests. The SAG Awards Show was like a Klan Rally with tuxedos, swag bags and better plastic surgery. Okay--any plastic surgery.

Yes, it's all been done before. Whether Ashley Judd's confidential psychiatric ravings, Sean Penn as Cartel fan-boy, Oliver Stone and his pet dictator, Jane Fonda's Viet Cong treason or Dalton Trumbo's Stalinist man-crush, we've seen this Hollywood movie many times now. And this movie star:
"One day after giving one of my speeches to the men's club at the Hollywood Beverly Christian Church where I worshipped, our pastor came up to me and said he agreed with what I'd said about the rise of neofascism. But he said: "I think your speech would be even better if you also mentioned that if Communism ever looked like a threat, you'd be just as opposed to it as you are to fascism." I told the minister I hadn't given much thought to the threat of Communism but the suggestion seemed like a good one and that I'd begin saying if the day came when it also posed a threat to American values, I'd be just as strongly opposed to it as I was to fascism.

Not long afterward, I was asked to give a speech to a local citizens' organization. I made my usual speech defending American values against the new fascism that seemed to be abroad in the land and was applauded after almost every paragraph. I was a smash. Then I finished up with my new line at the end: "I've talked about the continuing threat of fascism in the postwar world, but there's another 'ism,' Communism, and if I ever find evidence that Communism represents a threat to all that we believe in and stand for, I'll speak out just as harshly against Communism as I have fascism." Then I walked off the stage - to a dead silence. A few days later, I received a letter from a woman who said she'd been in the audience that night. "I have been disturbed for quite some time," she said, "suspecting there is something sinister happening in that organization that I don't like." Then she added: "I'm sure you noticed the reaction to your last paragraph when you mentioned Communism. I hope you recognize what that means. I think the group is becoming a front for Communists. I just wanted you to know that that settled it for me. I resigned from the organization the next day." Thanks to my minister and that lady, I began to wake up to the real world and what was going on in my own business, the motion picture industry."

Ronald Reagan in a 1957 speech to the graduates of his alma mater Eureka College:
“In a phase of this struggle not widely known, some of us came toe to toe with this enemy, this evil force in our own community in Hollywood, and make no mistake about it, this is an evil force. Don’t be deceived because you are not hearing the sound of gunfire, because, even so, you are fighting for your lives. And you’re fighting against the best organized and the most capable enemy of freedom and of right and decency that has ever been abroad in the world. Some years ago, back in the thirties, a man who was apparently just a technician came to Hollywood to take a job in our industry, an industry whose commerce is in tinsel and colored lights and make-believe. He went to work in the studios, and there were few to know he came to our town on direct orders from the Kremlin. When he quietly left our town a few years later the cells had been formed and planted in virtually all of our organizations, our guilds and unions. The framework for the Communist front organizations had been established.

It was some time later, under the guise of a jurisdictional strike involving a dispute between two unions, that we saw war come to Hollywood. Suddenly there were 5,000 tin-hatted, club-carrying pickets outside the studio gates. We saw some of our people caught by these hired henchmen; we saw them open car doors and put their arms across them and break them until they hung straight down the side of the car, and then these tin-hatted men would send our people on into the studio. We saw our so-called glamour girls, who certainly had to be conscious of what a scar on the face or a broken nose could mean careerwise going through those picket lines day after day without complaint. Nor did they falter when they found the bus which they used for transportation to and from work in flames from a bomb that had been thrown into it just before their arrival. Two blocks from the studio everyone would get down on hands and knees on the floor to avoid the bricks and stones coming through the windows. And the 5,000 pickets out there in their tin hats weren’t even motion picture workers. They were maritime workers from the waterfront–members of Mr. Harry Bridges’ union.

We won our fight in Hollywood, cleared them out after seven long months in which even homes were broken, months in which many of us carried arms that were granted us by the police, and in which policemen lived in our homes, guarding our children at night. And what of the quiet film technician who had left our town before the fighting started? Well, in 1951 he turned up on the Monterey Peninsula where he was involved in a union price-fixing conspiracy. Two years ago he appeared on the New York waterfront where he was Harry Bridges’ right hand man in an attempt to establish a liaison between the New York and West Coast waterfront workers. And a few months ago he was mentioned in the speech of a U.S. Congresswoman who was thanking him for his help in framing labor legislation. He is a registered lobbyist in Washington for Harry Bridges.”

Discover the Networks: "Eager to exploit Hollywood for publicity, the [House] Committee unwisely made film content the issue, ignoring the party's vast organizing campaigns despite convincing testimony from, among others, Walt Disney. More important, the committee ignored the reality that it was not what the party put into films such as North Star and Song of Russia that really mattered, but the anti-communist, anti-Soviet material it kept out. ... By the 1960s the blacklist was over; Kirk Douglas and Otto Preminger restored the names of blacklisted writers to the credits of the films they actually wrote. The Hollywood Ten and other communist writers were on their way, as Philip Dunne put it, to being "virtually deified."

The legend of the blacklist, sanitized of all references to Stalin or to the Communist Party's actual record in the studios, became a continuing influence on Hollywood's political life. Hollywood had entered its period of anti-anti-communism, a well-known phenomenon in American cultural and intellectual life. Anti-anti-communism demonizes anti-communists, however truthful their revelations, as paranoid and on the wrong side of history, while praising apologists of totalitarianism as well-meaning idealists, however mendacious and servile their record."--from "Hollywood's Missing Movies," by Kenneth L. Billingsley

Today we have anti-anti-Islamism, Gitmo Diaries and the Clock Boy.

John Merony: "On February 8, 1950, some of Hollywood's brightest lights gathered at the Beverly Hills Hotel for the kind of glamorous, star-studded soiree typically held on Academy Awards night. While it was Oscar season in Hollywood, the event for which Cecil B. DeMille, Harry Cohn, George Burns, Ed Wynn, Jane Wyman and some 600 others turned out had nothing to do with the film industry's annual awards ceremony. Instead, it was a formal tribute to Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan? The same Ronald Reagan who supposedly had a B-grade movie career and was a failure as a leading man? That night at the pink palace on Sunset Boulevard, people were honoring a genuine movie star, labor chief, and accomplished political activist. The Friars Club hosted the evening, but the ambience was far from humorous. The account in Variety describes a “note of seriousness rarely demonstrated at a Friars get-together. This was not a roast.” It was unique, “a heartfelt tribute to a real guy.” When Al Jolson spoke, he said his wish was that his son would grow up “to be the kind of man Ronnie is.”

With few exceptions, the Hollywood anti-communists have been written out of history. John Wayne is one who continues to ride high despite decades of critical assault. On the other hand, Communist filmmakers such as Ring Lardner Jr., Dalton Trumbo, and Paul Jarrico continue to benefit from Hollywood’s own special style of compound interest. Today their pictures are regarded as masterworks of courageous, path-breaking mavericks. Politics helped their career reputations immeasurably; it poisoned Reagan’s. It isn’t too farfetched to imagine how Reagan’s film career would be appreciated for nuance and genius had he defended the Communists, remained a left-wing liberal, and written a weepy memoir about the “dark days” of the blacklist. ... Reagan was becoming convinced that the Communist Party had a hand in the upheaval, and that honest strikers were being manipulated. Some people he considered allies were in fact enemies; backstabbing and betrayal seemed to be lurking around every corner. “I found myself misrepresented, cursed, vilified, denounced, and libeled,” Reagan wrote years later.

Reagan himself had become somber. His notions of communism and left-wing politics were being fundamentally challenged. Politics had become deeply personal. According to one observer, “His stock grin was replaced by grim, tense facial expressions; his lanky frame looked too lean to be healthy. He was under great mental and physical strain.” Don Siegel captured that. Knowing the circumstances surrounding Night Unto Night makes the film especially haunting. Even with the eerie twilight atmosphere, at heart the picture is about the realization of love and miracles. Metaphorically, the narrative is similar to critical parts of Reagan’s life. By 1963, when Siegel set out to make his version of Hemingway’s short story, Reagan was at a far different position in his emotional and professional life. Like his John Galen character years before, Reagan had emerged from the wilderness and lived to tell about it. Surviving the death of a child, depression, divorce, and other trials made him a new man. Hosting and often acting in the acclaimed anthology series “General Electric Theater” for almost a decade on CBS Television put Reagan in more than 20 million households every week. It gave him a level of public notoriety that eluded many of his erstwhile colleagues in film."
With Wyman, Fonda, Karloff, Kelly

From Reagan's War: The Epic Story of His Forty Year Struggle and Final Triumph Over Communism by Peter Schweizer:

"Herb Sorrell had come up the hard way, beginning work at the age of 12, laboring in an Oakland sewer-pipe factory for 11 hours a day. He had cut his teeth in the Bay Area labor movement under the leadership of Harry Bridges, the wiry leader of the International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union. Bridges, according to Soviet archives, was also a secret member of the Communist Party and a regular contact for Soviet intelligence.

Sorrell had joined the party in the 1930s, and under Bridges' guidance he had led two violent strikes in the Bay Area. Both strikes, he later admitted, were secretly funded by the Communists, and this time he was secretly receiving money from the National Executive Council of the Communist Party. Sorrell was a member of more than 20 Communist Party front organizations and had pushed hard for the American Federation of Labor to affiliate with the Soviet-run World Federation of Trade Unions. (AFL leaders refused on the grounds that it was simply a front group.)

The studio strike Sorrell organized in 1946 was no ordinary labor action. It was ostensibly called because of worker concerns, but Sorrell saw it as an opportunity to gain control over all the major unions in Hollywood. As he bragged in the early days of the action, "When it ends up, there'll be only one man running labor in Hollywood, and that man will be me!"

The stakes were high. If Sorrell succeeded, the Communists believed, they could run Hollywood. As the party newspaper the People's Daily World put it candidly, "Hollywood is often called the land of Make-Believe, but there is nothing make-believe about the Battle of Hollywood being waged today. In the front lines of this battle, at the studio gates, stand the thousands of locked-out film workers; behind the studio gates sit the overlords of Hollywood, [who] refuse even to negotiate with the workers. ... The prize will be the complete control of the greatest medium of communication in history." To underscore the value of this victory, the paper quoted Lenin: "Of all the arts, the cinema is the most important."

The Communist Party had been active in Hollywood since 1935, when a secret directive was issued by CPUSA (Communist Party of the U.S.A.) headquarters in New York calling for the infiltration of Hollywood's labor unions. The party believed that by doing so they could influence the type of pictures being produced. The directive also instructed party members to take leadership positions in the so-called intellectual groups in Hollywood, which were composed of directors, writers and performers.

To carry out the plan, CPUSA sent party activist Stanley Lawrence, a tall, bespectacled ex-cabdriver. Quietly and methodically he began developing secret cells that included Hollywood performers, writers and technicians. His actions were handled with great sensitivity.

Lawrence reported directly to party headquarters in New York, which in turn reported its activities to officials in Moscow. There, Comintern boss Willie Muenzenberg declared, "One of the most pressing tasks confronting the Communist Party in the field of propaganda is the conquest of this supremely important propaganda unit, until now the monopoly of the ruling class. We must wrest it from them and turn it against them."

By the end of the Second World War, party membership in Hollywood was close to 600 and boasted several industry heavyweights. Actors Lloyd Bridges, Edward G. Robinson and Fredric March were members, as were half a dozen producers and about as many directors.

Some had joined the party because they thought it might be fun. Actor Lionel Stander encouraged his friends to become members because "you will make out more with the dames." Others who were perhaps interested in the ideas of Marx and Lenin were nonetheless gentle in their advocacy.

"Please explain Marxism to me," Sam Goldwyn once asked Communist Ella Winter at a dinner party.

"Oh, not over this lovely steak."

But many of the party members were militants, and through hard work they had managed to take over leadership positions in the Screenwriters Guild, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and various intellectual and cultural groups. Their level of control and influence far outweighed their numbers. It was a classic case of hard work and determined organizing.

"All over town the industrious communist tail wagged the lazy liberal dog," declared director Philip Dunne, whose credits included "Count of Monte Cristo," "Last of the Mohicans" and "Three Men."

That industriousness came out of a militancy that stunned many in Hollywood. Screenwriter John Howard Lawson had a booming voice and could often be seen berating those who might oppose the party by smashing his fist into his open palm. The natural reaction of many was to simply be quiet and avoid being throttled.

"The important thing is that you should not argue with them," said writer F. Scott Fitzgerald, who spent time in Hollywood writing for movies such as "Winter Carnival." "Whatever you say they have ways of twisting it into shapes which put you in some lower category of mankind – 'Liberal,' 'Trotskyist' – and disparage you both intellectually and personally in the process."

"We have exposed their lies when we came across them, we have opposed their propaganda, and I can certainly testify that in the case of the Screen Actors Guild we have been eminently successful in preventing them from, with their usual tactics, trying to run a majority of an organization with a well organized minority.
So that fundamentally I would say in opposing those people that the best thing to do is to make democracy work. In the Screen Actors Guild we make it work by insuring everyone a vote and by keeping everyone informed. I believe that, as Thomas Jefferson put it, if all the American people know all of the facts they will never make a mistake."

Reagan had his first taste of this a few months before the strike, when he was serving on the executive committee of the Hollywood Independent Citizens Committee of Arts, Sciences and Professions (HICCASP), which he had joined in 1944. The group boasted a membership roll including Frank Sinatra, Orson Welles and Katharine Hepburn. It was what they called a "brainy group," too, with Albert Einstein and Max Weber lending their name to the organization. It was the usual liberal/left Hollywood cultural group, concerned about atomic weapons, the resurgence of fascism and the burgeoning Cold War. But some were concerned by what they saw as its regular and consistent support for the Soviet position on international issues.

Historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr. declared in Life magazine that he believed it was a Communist front, an organization in which "its celebrities maintained their membership but not their vigilance."

Stung by this criticism, a small group within HICCASP, including RKO executive Dore Schary, actress Olivia de Havilland, and FDR's son James Roosevelt, decided to put their fellow members to the test. At the July 2, 1946, meeting, Roosevelt noted that HICCASP had many times issued statements denouncing fascism. Why not issue a statement repudiating communism? Surely that would demonstrate that the organization was not wholly communist.

Reagan rose quickly and offered his support for the resolution, and a furious verbal battle quickly erupted. Musician Artie Shaw stood up and declared that the Soviet Union was more democratic than the United States and offered to recite the Soviet constitution to prove it. Writer Dalton Trumbo stood up and denounced the resolution as wicked. When Reagan tried to respond, John Howard Lawson waved a menacing finger in his face and told him to watch it. Reagan and the others in his group resigned from the organization.

Sorrell gathered his resources for the fight. Along with financial support from the Communist Party, he also could count on help from Vincente Lombardo Toledano, head of Mexico's largest union and described in Soviet intelligence files as an agent. The slender, well-dressed and poised young lawyer was one of Moscow's most trusted agents in Mexico, regularly putting his resources behind Sorrell, providing money while pressuring Mexican film industry executives not to process any film from Hollywood as a show of solidarity. He also appeared at a rally in Hollywood to encourage the strikers.

Herb Sorrell had promised violence if he didn't get his way in the studio strike, and it didn't take him long to deliver. Led by his "sluggers," strikers smashed windshields on passing trains and threw rocks at the police. One studio employee went to the hospital after acid was thrown in his face. When the police tried to break up the melee, things got even worse. As actor Kirk Douglas remembered it, "Thousands of people fought in the middle of the street with knives, clubs, battery cables, brass knuckles and chains."

Sorrell and his allies wanted to shut down the studios entirely, so anyone who crossed the picket line became a target of violence. Jack Warner insisted on keeping up production, and the studio remained open. To avoid injury, workers, including stars who were shooting movies, were forced to sneak into the studio lot through a storm drain that led from the Los Angeles River.

Reagan, getting ready to start production on "Night Unto Night," was furious about the violence. And unlike his approach to the little battle with the Communists in HICCASP, he was not in a mood to retreat.

Blaney Matthews, the giant-sized head of security at Warner Brothers, had seen this sort of violent strike before. He advised Reagan and other stars to use the storm drain to get onto the lot safely. Reagan flat-out refused. If he was going to cross the picket line, he was going to cross the picket line, he told Matthews.

Matthews then arranged for buses to shuttle Reagan and a few others through the human gauntlet outside the studio gate. But he offered a bit of advice: Lie down on the floor, or you might get hit by a flying Coke bottle or rock. Again, Reagan refused. Over the next several days, as he went to the studio lot to attend preproduction meetings, a bus would pass through the human throng of violent picketers, with a solitary figure seated upright inside." .......

You see, Rosa Parks wasn't the only one who ever sat down on a bus to stand up for our freedom.

"Tear Down this Wall? Nevermind--I'll do it myself!"

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected,
and handed on for them to do the same."

American Paratrooper Shot by Yemenis: Airport Flash Mob Howls "Give Them All Visas, Stat!"

"Taken in Our Fight Against Radical Islamic Terrorism"

NY Post: US commando killed during deadly al Qaeda raid in Yemen

"A U.S. commando was killed and three other service members were wounded in a counterterrorism raid in Yemen Sunday — the first military death of President Trump’s administration.
“We are deeply saddened by the loss of one of our elite service members. The sacrifices are very profound in our fight against terrorists who threaten innocent peoples across the globe,” Gen. Joseph Votel said in a statement.
The U.S. Central Command said Sunday that during the raid, members of the Navy’s elite SEAL Team 6 — the same unit that took out Osama bin Laden in 2011 — successfully seized “information that will likely provide insight into the planning of future terror plots.”...
The early-morning mission, which lasted about an hour, also killed 14 al-Qaida militants..."

Those Yemenis died before their visa applications could be processed--Sad!

NY Post: Passengers from Iraq, Yemen barred from NYC-bound flight after Trump refugee ban

"Five Iraqi passengers and one Yemeni were barred from boarding an EgyptAir flight from Cairo to New York on Saturday following President Donald Trump’s ban on the entry of citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries, sources at Cairo airport said. Trump on Friday put a four-month hold on allowing refugees into the United States and temporarily barred travelers from Syria and six other Muslim-majority countries, saying the moves would help protect Americans from terrorist attacks.".......
Suicide Watch Group
Don Surber: "The editorial said: "The order’s language makes clear that the xenophobia and Islamophobia that permeated Mr. Trump’s campaign are to stain his presidency as well. Un-American as they are, they are now American policy."

Was President Obama un-American. xenophobic and Islamophobic when he issued the same order on Iraq only in 2011?

Did the media even notice that Obama ended a 50-plus year policy of accepting Cuban refugees?

Where are the editorials in the New York Times decrying Obama's xenophobia?".......

"The Secretary of Treasury, State and the Attorney General will invalidate all visas issued to Iranian citizens for future entry into the United States, effective today. We will not reissue visas, nor will we issue new visas, except for compelling and proven humanitarian reasons or where the national interest of our own country requires. This directive will be interpreted very strictly. And remember--it's different when we do it.""
- President Jimmy Carter, April 7, 1980
Andy McCarthy: "Federal immigration law also includes Section 1182(f), which states: “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate”. Section 1182(f) plainly and sweepingly authorizes the president to issue temporary bans on the entry of classes of aliens for national-security purposes. This is precisely what President Trump has done.

The real threat to be targeted is sharia-supremacist ideology, which is inherently hostile to the Constitution. Were we to focus our vetting, unapologetically, on that ideology (also known as “radical” or “political” Islam), it would be unnecessary to implement a categorical ban on Muslims or immigrants from majority-Muslim countries. That is critical because non-Islamist Muslims who can demonstrate loyalty to our constitutional principles should not be barred from admission; while Islamists, on the other hand, are not found only in Muslim-majority countries – other things being equal, a sharia supremacist from the banlieues of Paris poses as much of a threat as a sharia supremacist from Raqqa.".......

"Which way to the airport protest?"

"It's this way, guys."
Howie Carr: "Matthew Denice was a 23-year-old taxpaying U.S. citizen when he was run over and dragged to his death by a drunken illegal immigrant on welfare back in 2011.
It was not an isolated incident. Denice was the third American killed by illegal immigrants in two years in just one small central Massachusetts community.
The former governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, could never remember Matthew Denice’s name. A Democrat candidate for governor in 2014 (Don Berwick) breezily dismissed the horrific crime as an “anecdote.” And just last week, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh told a radio audience he had no idea who Matthew Denice was. Do you know who does know Matthew Denice’s name?

The president of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

Matthew Denice’s mother, Maureen Maloney, who campaigned for the president last year as an “angel mom” — a survivor of this gruesome illegal immigrant crime wave that has claimed the lives of thousands of American citizens over these past decades of Political Correctness trumping sanity.
She met Donald Trump in August 2015.
“He looked in my eyes and said if I get elected I will build the wall and your son’s death will not have been in vain,” she said.

The illegal immigrant killer’s name is Nicolas Guaman. Maybe Marty can name a suite for him in the new hotel he’s planning to open for illegal immigrants at City Hall. Guaman is still on welfare — in jail. And when he gets out in a couple of years, he’ll fight deportation — with lawyers we’re paying for — on the grounds that sending him back home would be inhumane. After all, he’s only killed one of the people whose tax dollars supported him and his family on the dole. So far.".......

Roger Simon: "I know that disturbs you because chances are you live in a world where cultural relativism prevails and all religions -- fusty old things that they are -- are equal. Well, it is so if you think so, but I will note again that at least one interested party -- the current president of Egypt, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi -- has declared bluntly that his religion is in dire need of a reformation. Chances are he knows more about Islam than you. He certainly does than me. ...

Blame Donald Trump.  He was the one who blew all those people in San Bernardino to smithereens and then walked into that Orlando gay bar and wiped out everyone there as if they were digital images in some real-life video game. Better to protest at JFK or wherever they are perpetuating this horrifyingly racist and unAmerican order the orangeman has perpetrated on the innocent of the Third World. ...
No, ladies and gentleman, pretend though it's otherwise, we do have an Islam problem, all of us.  
Europe as we knew it growing up is practically gone and our society has been badly infected. When a massive march of American women is led by a Muslim woman who insists she wants to "take the vagina away" of one of the great freedom fighters of our time, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a woman who herself has suffered from genital mutilation, we know things have come to a drastic pass.
But go on, blame Donald Trump.  It's all his fault.  Islam doesn't need a reformation.  It's just the same as all other religions... as long as you don't study it.  Or get in its path.".......
Standing Athwart that path yelling "Stop!".

The Good News

Psalm 91 The Message Bible (MSG)

91 1-13 You who sit down in the High God’s presence,
    spend the night in Shaddai’s shadow,
Say this: “God, you’re my refuge.
    I trust in you and I’m safe!”
That’s right—he rescues you from hidden traps,
    shields you from deadly hazards.
His huge outstretched arms protect you—
    under them you’re perfectly safe;
    his arms fend off all harm.
Fear nothing—not wild wolves in the night,
    not flying arrows in the day,
Not disease that prowls through the darkness,
    not disaster that erupts at high noon.
Even though others succumb all around,
    drop like flies right and left,
    no harm will even graze you.
You’ll stand untouched, watch it all from a distance,
    watch the wicked turn into corpses.
Yes, because God’s your refuge,
    the High God your very own home,
Evil can’t get close to you,
    harm can’t get through the door.
He ordered his angels
    to guard you wherever you go.
If you stumble, they’ll catch you;
    their job is to keep you from falling.
You’ll walk unharmed among lions and snakes,
    and kick young lions and serpents from the path.
14-16 “If you’ll hold on to me for dear life,” says God,
    “I’ll get you out of any trouble.
I’ll give you the best of care
    if you’ll only get to know and trust me.
Call me and I’ll answer, be at your side in bad times;
    I’ll rescue you, then throw you a party.
I’ll give you a long life,
    give you a long drink of salvation!”
In Jesus Christ's Name we pray, Amen, Amen, Amen!