Friday, December 29, 2017

Free Iran!

"The Ground has Shifted Beneath the Cynics' Feet"

The Theme is Freedom
Ace: BBC: "The demonstrations began in the north-eastern city of Mashhad - the country's second most-populous - on Thursday.
People there took to the streets to express anger at the government over high prices, and vented their fury against President Hassan Rouhani. Fifty-two people were arrested for chanting "harsh slogans". The protests spread to other cities in the north-east, and and some developed into broader anti-government demonstrations, calling for the release of political prisoners and an end to police beatings.... Slogans have been chanted against not just Mr Rouhani but Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and clerical rule in general.
Demonstrators were reportedly heard yelling slogans like "The people are begging, the clerics act like God". Protests have even been held in Qom, a holy city home to powerful clerics.There is also anger at Iran's interventions abroad. In Mashhad, some chanted "not Gaza, not Lebanon, my life for Iran", a reference to what protesters say is the administration's focus on foreign rather than domestic issues."

When the Mullahs rigged their elections in 2009, the world was watching. And by world, I mean Obama, Hillary, Lynch, Comey and McCabe. They were taking notes on how to subvert an election to use in 2016. Funny thing is, it was of course Obama, not Trump, who was illegally colluding with hostile regimes when he ran for president.

Christian Whiton:

"The last widespread and sustained protests in Iran occurred in 2009, after fraudulent elections. At the time, President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton shamefully sat on their hands, saying and doing nothing to support the protesters. They later justified their silence by claiming that protesters wouldn’t want U.S. support, which would enable the Iranian regime to paint the protests as a foreign plot.

In reality, despotic regimes will always make the claim that America is behind protests. Furthermore, pro-freedom protesters always privately want the support of the free world – and the American president. Such support cheers dissidents and raises the cost to the dictatorial regime of brutally suppressing protests.

For example, Lech Walesa, the leader of the Solidarity movement that challenged and eventually brought down communism in Poland in the 1980s, credited President Ronald Reagan’s unabashed support for the movement’s success.".......
Iran, 2009: "Obama, Obama, are you with us or are you with them?"
Asked...and answered. 
Obama didn't just betray us. He also betrayed those Iranian kids by his obsequious toadying before his Iranian owners. Not to mention the young Cubans and Venezuelans he sold out, among so many others.

He Was On the Wrong Side of History.

Thank God we have a real American president now who stands with freedom-seeking peoples of the world and not with their jailers:

"All the world over, so easy to see
People everywhere just wanna be free
Listen, please listen, that's the way it should be
Peace in the valley, people got to be free"--The Young Rascals

Ayatollah Kho-anchor-UPDATE:
CNN has torn themselves away from their monomaniacal Ahab-like Great White Truck-Gate obsession long enough to report on the demonstrations--the pro-government demonstrations, in which participants are bussed in like professional Democrat voters. The Times is also predictably carrying water for the Mullahs, casting the quest for freedom as a mere economic grievance; "'Death to Khameni!' he screamed fiscally."

And of course, twisting themselves into pretzels to blame Trump.

The Professional Liars' abject toady-ism before theocratic military dictators is truly disgusting, especially coming from people who make a living off of free speech, and endlessly brag about their fearless devotion to truth. Their moral retardation is on full display.

MEMO TO MEDIA: These little brown people deserve freedom too. Pull your heads out of your ascots.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas: How Much God Loves You!

Luke 2:12  
"And this will be the sign to you: You will find a Babe wrapped in swaddling cloths, lying in a manger.”                        

Pastor Prince:

"You are probably familiar with the story of Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem. The Bible says that when the time had come, Mary “brought forth her firstborn Son, and wrapped Him in swaddling cloths, and laid Him in a manger”. (Luke 2:6–7) But have you ever wondered why the angel told the shepherds that the Babe wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger was a “sign”?
A manger is actually a feeding trough for livestock. Do you know what a feeding trough in those days looks like? I have seen a similar one at Solomon’s stables in Meggido, Israel. It is basically a big rectangular block of stone with the trough hewn out of it. So baby Jesus, who was wrapped in swaddling cloths, was placed in such a stone trough.
But why was that a sign? Because if you have seen the empty tomb of Jesus at a place called The Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, you would have noticed that the place where His body was laid, inside a tomb hewn out of rock, resembles a stone trough. The Bible says that after Jesus’ crucifixion and death, Joseph of Arimathea took Jesus’ body, wrapped it in linen and laid it in a tomb hewn out of a rock. (Mark 15:43–46)

Can you see the similarities? Wrapped in swaddling cloths and laid in a manger, baby Jesus would one day be wrapped in linen and laid in a tomb. That was the sign the angel was referring to. It pointed to Jesus’ death.
Jesus was the only child in all of humanity born to die. Once you realize that, you will realize how much God loves you. You will realize that He gave up His Son for that one purpose, and that His Son willingly came for that one purpose—to die for your sins and mine.
Beloved, can you imagine living your life knowing that you are just qualifying yourself to die on the cross to save the world? That was the life that Jesus lived. He lived to die, so that we might live and enjoy life abundantly today!".......

Mighty Christmas, too!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Burma Save and Other Signs

CT: "Kelley shared the story of a family that was attacked by a mob shortly after they converted to Christianity. He narrated that a local Buddhist monk was infuriated after learning about their conversion and mobilized a mob of 100 people to surround the family's home.
Apart from the new Christian family, another Christian family was staying with them, so there were four adults and five children in the house at the time of the attack.
"The Buddhist monk and the mob surrounded [the house] with rocks. Some of them were ten pounds — I mean, these were large rocks. And they threw hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of rocks at this home to show their displeasure with them coming to know Christ," Kelley recounted.
The parents protected the children by shielding them and putting metal boxes over their heads. The families survived the attack, although they suffered injuries. When the villagers came to see the home the next day, they found the families emerging out of the home.
"They actually started to communicate with them and they said, 'We forgive you.' And that act, that supernatural gesture of forgiving people who tried to kill you the night before, had four people receive Jesus," Kelley stated.
Kelley said that the families not only held fast to their faith, but also became a bold witness to others when they decided to forgive their attackers.".......

The Christmas Truce of 1914:
We shook hands, wished each other a Merry Christmas, and were soon conversing as if we had known each other for years. We were in front of their wire entanglements and surrounded by Germans – Fritz and I in the centre talking, and Fritz occasionally translating to his friends what I was saying. We stood inside the circle like streetcorner orators. Soon most of our company ('A' Company), hearing that I and some others had gone out, followed us . . . What a sight - little groups of Germans and British extending almost the length of our front! Out of the darkness we could hear laughter and see lighted matches, a German lighting a Scotchman's cigarette and vice versa, exchanging cigarettes and souvenirs. Where they couldn't talk the language they were making themselves understood by signs, and everyone seemed to be getting on nicely. Here we were laughing and chatting to men whom only a few hours before we were trying to kill!9 

Some of those who went out to meet the enemy in the middle of No Man's Land on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day negotiated a truce: we won't fire if you won't fire. Some ended the truce at midnight on Christmas night, some extended it until New Year's Day. 

One of the main reasons Christmas truces were negotiated was in order to bury the dead. Though some had died recently, there were corpses out in No Man's Land that had been there for several months. Along with the revelry that celebrated Christmas was the sad and somber job of burying their fallen comrades. On Christmas day, British and German soldiers appeared on No Man's Land and sorted through the bodies. In just a few rare instances, joint services were held for both the British and German dead. 

Yet many soldiers enjoyed meeting the un-seen enemy and were surprised to discover that they were more alike than he had thought. They talked, shared pictures, exchanged items such as buttons for food stuffs. An extreme example of the fraternization was a soccer game played in the middle of No Man's Land between the Bedfordshire Regiment and the Germans. A member of the Bedfordshire Regiment produced a ball and the large group of soldiers played until the ball was deflated when it hit a barbed wire entanglement. 

This strange and unofficial truce lasted for several days, much to the dismay of the commanding officers. This amazing showing of Christmas cheer was never again repeated and as World War I progressed, the story of Christmas 1914 at the front became something of a legend. 

·         This experience has been the most practical demonstration I have seen of 'Peace on earth and goodwill towards men.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

"How Many More Corpses?" Australia is Lying

Of *COURSE* It's Terrorism

"He spoke about dreams. He spoke about voices. But he also did attribute some of his actions to the poor treatment of Muslims," Victoria Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton... Police earlier said that the suspect, who was driving a white Suzuki SUV that was used in the ramming, has a history of drug abuse and mental health issues.
Authorities said the ramming, which occurred just after 4:30 p.m. local time, was a "deliberate act" but repeatedly said they do not yet know the motivation." 

The old "mental health"-gambit, eh? And his buddy with a bag full of knives was arrested for filming the attack--also not terrorism!

From Mark Steyn's We Are the Bollards:

"That's the scene in Melbourne. At street level, the area is cordoned off. Thousands of law-abiding citizens are disrupted in their daily business by an Australian citizen "of Afghan descent and mentally ill". At the far corner, that's St Paul's Cathedral. Can you see the banner they're displaying three days before Christmas? Anything about Jesus? Christianity? No. Instead:
Actually, it says "LET'S FULLY WELCOME REFUGEES". It's not a greeting to foreigners, it's an admonition to citizens. This refugee felt fully run over his hosts. The Vicar of St. Paul's should get out there and fully scrub up the blood. And bring the Minister of Submission with him. Churches exist to bring sinners to Christ, not Mohammed to Melbourne. And governments exist to bring law and civic order, not crime and civic deconstruction.

Remember: the reason Australian authorities are lying to the families of the wounded on Christmas isn't just to protect Islamists. They're lying to protect their own backsides from you, the citizens, because they're the ones who let them in.

And speaking of St. Paul, here in America we just had yet another Somali slasher in Minneapolis. To go with the other Somali mall-stabbers, Somali ISIS soldiers, Somali killer-cops and Somali car-attackers.

The government, the media, the police, the parties, the politicians, academics, interest groups, celebrities, even the church--they're all lying to us.

The only one telling the truth is the terrorist who pushed the gas pedal.

"Mental issues"? The driver isn't mental--we are.

"How many more corpses?" As many as we'll allow.

Ohio State Car Attacker: "Pardon me; is that my overdrive on your undergrad?"

"Last night in Sweden..."

St. Tropez troops

Shanksville's "Crescent of Embrace"
If he was a better engineer, 9/11 would have happened in '93
Merkel Legos, aka Diversity Bollards, Koran Blocks, Allahu Ak-barriers--
Now disguised as Christmas presents!
Christmas in Jolly Olde England

Saeed Noori charged with attempted murders. Mother blames drugs. Was an Allah-bully at work. Long angry phone calls in Farsi. Police raid two houses. 12 still in hospital, 3 critical, including a 4 year-old child.
And still no banner for them at St. Paul's. Aren't they refugees in their own country?

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Rejoice Voice: Some Christmas Readings

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"The Son of God became a man to enable men to become the sons of God."--C.S. Lewis

"I have only one firm belief about the American political system, and that is this: God is a Republican and Santa Claus is a Democrat. God is an elderly or, at any rate, middle-aged mate, a stern fellow, patriarchal rather than paternal and a great believer in rules and regulations. He holds men strictly accountable for their actions. He has little apparent concern for the material well-being of the disadvantaged. He is politically connected, socially powerful and holds the mortgage on literally everything in the world. God is difficult. God is unsentimental. It is very hard to get into God's heavenly country club. Santa Claus is another matter. He's cute. He's nonthreatening. He's always cheerful. And he loves animals. He may know who's been naughty and who's been nice, but he never does anything about it. He gives everyone everything they want without thought of a quid pro quo. He works hard for charities, and he's famously generous to the poor. Santa Claus is preferable to God in every way but one: There is no such thing as Santa Claus."--P.J. O'Rourke 

"The White Witch?" said Edmund; "who's she?"
"She is a perfectly terrible person," said Lucy. "She calls herself the Queen of Narnia though she has no right to be queen at all, and all the Fauns and Dryads and Naiads and Dwarfs and Animals - at least all the good ones - simply hate her. And she can turn people into stone and do all kinds of horrible things. And she has made a magic so that it is always winter in Narnia - always winter, but it never gets to Christmas. And she drives about on a sledge, drawn by reindeer, with her wand in her hand and a crown on her head."
Edmund was already feeling uncomfortable from having eaten too many sweets, and when he heard that the Lady he had made friends with was a dangerous witch he felt even more uncomfortable. But he still wanted to taste that Turkish Delight again more than he wanted anything else.
"Who told you all that stuff about the White Witch?" he asked.
"Mr Tumnus, the Faun," said Lucy.
"You can't always believe what Fauns say," said Edmund, trying to sound as if he knew far more about them than Lucy.
"Who said so?" asked Lucy.
"Everyone knows it," said Edmund; "ask anybody you like. But it's pretty poor sport standing here in the snow. Let's go home."
"Yes, let's," said Lucy. "Oh, Edmund, I am glad you've got in too. The others will have to believe in Narnia now that both of us have been there. What fun it will be!"
But Edmund secretly thought that it would not be as good fun for him as for her. He would have to admit that Lucy had been right, before all the others, and he felt sure the others would all be on the side of the Fauns and the animals; but he was already more than half on the side of the Witch. He did not know what he would say, or how he would keep his secret once they were all talking about Narnia."--The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, C.S.Lewis

“The more we are proud that the Bethlehem story is plain enough to be understood by the shepherds, and almost by the sheep, the more do we let ourselves go, in dark and gorgeous imaginative frescoes or pageants about the mystery and majesty of the Three Magian Kings.”--G.K. Chesterton, Christendom in Dublin

Q: How is it possible for you to compare Christmas stories in the Bible to modern life today, a couple thousand years after it was written?
Max Lucado: I believe the Bible tells a story we recognize as true. I don’t just mean it tells an accurate story—though it’s telling that the Bible stands tall even after more than 2,000 years of secular criticism. What I mean is that its account of humanity and the world we live in rings true. Reading the Bible can be like meeting someone you don’t know who, oddly, somehow seems to know you deeply. It’s uncanny. Sometimes when you read the Bible, you find yourself asking, “How does this book know that about me? How does it know that about our world—especially when it was written so long ago?” When you read the Bible, it’s as though it reads you. And it’s my hope that as you dip your toe into the Bible’s story and viewpoint, you’ll find yourself feeling that the Good Book knows more about the world—and about you—than any normal book does.
Q: You say that Jesus promises a “repeat performance.” How will his next appearance differ from the first one in a manger?
Max Lucado: Bethlehem was just the beginning. I call his next appearance, Bethlehem, Act 2. No silent night this time, however. The skies will open, trumpets will blast, and a new kingdom will begin. He’ll empty the tombs and melt the winter of death. He’ll press his thumb against the cheek of humanity and wipe away all tears. “Be gone, sorrow, sickness, wheelchairs, and cancer! Enough of you, screams of fear and nights of horror! Death, you die! Life, you reign!” The manger dares us to believe the best is yet to be. And it could all begin today.
Q: How does the “hassle” of Christ’s birth give us hope today?
Max Lucado: It shows us that no day is accidental or incidental. No acts are random or wasted. Look at the Bethlehem birth. A king ordered a census. Joseph was forced to travel. Mary, as round as a ladybug, bounced on a donkey’s back. The hotel was full. The hour was late. The event was one big hassle. Yet, out of the hassle, hope was born. It still is. I don’t like hassles. But I love Christmas because it reminds us how “God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God” (Rom. 8:28 NLT).

Joseph Bottum, "And Heaven and Nature Sing":
Children know this, learning the season by learning the words: Bethlehem and sleigh bells, chestnuts and elves, wise men and candy canes. G.K. Chesterton once complained about Scrooge and Bob Cratchit and Jacob Marley and all the rest, insisting that Dickens proved with A Christmas Carol his very English separation from the deep wellsprings of European culture--for, said Chesterton, never was there an event that had inspired more mythology in Western Civilization, and still Dickens had to invent his own Christmas myth.

But Chesterton got it wrong. Christmas wants to grow richer. Christmas wants to be as extravagant as that impossible turkey Bob Cratchit receives from Scrooge on Christmas morning. Ornaments and tinsel, snowflakes and crèches, shepherds and magi. Christmas would gobble up the whole language, if it could, and Charles Dickens--the great intuitive writer of the age--knew it.
"The wind bit hard at Valley Forge one Christmas.
Soldiers tied rags on their feet.
Red footprints wrote on the snow..."--Carl Sandburg

Christmas at Valley Forge, by Ethelene Dyer Jones:

"There they were, twelve thousand tattered troops with their General, George Washington, encamped at Valley Forge. Despite the bitter cold and the seemingly insurmountable odds of disease, starvation and lack of provisions, from this lowest point of the Revolution, the troops were trained and drilled into fighting form. A miracle was taking place as men shuddered in the fields of Valley Forge.

Dr. Albigence Waldo was one of the doctors ministering to the troops at Valley Forge. His diary gives us insight into both the pathos and glimmers of hope of that Christmas, 1777: "Universal thanksgiving! A roasted pig last night! God be thanked for my health, which I have pretty well recovered. How much better should I feel, were I assured my family were in health. But the same good Being who preserves me is able to preserve them and bring me to the ardently wish'd for enjoyment of them again."

On December 25 Dr. Waldo wrote: "We are still in tents."

Of General Washington, Dr. Waldo stated: "He has always acted wisely…His conduct when closely scrutinized is uncensurable. Were his inferior generals as skillfull as himself—we should have the grandest choir of officers ever God made."

General Washington from his cold tent began a letter to the President of the Continental Congress, tendering his resignation, citing "abandonment to starvation and neglect."

In the midst of his writing, General Washington heard sounds coming from the field. Was it a mutiny, as one of his officers had predicted? He braved the falling snow and bitter wind, going from platoon to platoon where fires glowed, embers sputtering and hissing against the snow. Pots on the fires at each location gave off strange odors of whatever provender the soldiers had found of wild game to flavor their gruel.
At each location he was met with shouts of "Long live the United States! Hail to our Chief! May Liberty prevail!"

At one stop General Washington asked, "Have you not suffered enough?" The lieutenant in charge responded, "Having come this far, we can but go the rest of the distance. With you to lead us, we can't lose!"

Washington and his aide made their way back to the General's tent. When they arrived, they found garlands of holly and cedar twined around the marquee that identified the headquarters tent, and draped above the tent-flap door. General Washington took the letter he had started to Congress. He burned it at the fire his aides had built outside his tent.

"May God relieve your sufferings, if the Congress will not. And a good Christmas to you!"".......

"Before his ascension Jesus told the disciples "that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all the nations, beginning at Jerusalem" (Luke 24:47). Orthodox doctrine must be proclaimed.
When the shepherds had seen the baby Jesus, "they made known abroad the saying which was told them concerning this child" (Luke 2:17). Just as the shepherds' proclamation was spontaneous, carrying out Jesus' final instructions should be natural to us. If we really believe the truth of the gospel, we should voluntarily declare it. The spontaneity of telling part of the Christmas story. Yet it is intriguing that the telling is not the final emphasis. The next to the last verse of the Gospel of Luke tells us that the disciples "worshiped him" (Luke 24:52). The doctrinal reality and the telling of it are never allowed to stand alone; in tremendous balance with it exists worship, personal relationship. The same thing was true in Bethlehem, in this case with the wise men and the baby Jesus, for "they fell down, and worshiped him" (Matt. 2:11). They did not only bring frankincense and myrrh; they really worshiped. But even worship is not the end of the matter. After Christ's resurrection and ascension the disciples "returned to Jerusalem with great joy" (Luke 24:52). Joy is part of this, too. Certainly the shepherds were glad. the angel had said to them, "Fear not; for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord" (Luke 2:10, 11). This does not mean a stupid kind of happiness or a sick smile, nor does it mean there are no tears or that things in this world are not as bad as God says they are. This joy is connected with the reality of our knowledge of who Jesus is, our relationship with Him and our worship of Him. Imagine you are a shepherd on the hillside, and when the heavenly host appears you are not to be afraid; you are to have joy. It is the same with all the teaching of the Gospel which flows from the event when the shepherds saw and heard the angels, when they ran down the hill and looked upon Jesus. And at the end of Luke's gospel, while not despising the doctrine or the telling of it, the central thing is worshiping the Lord--not coldly, but with joy. It is tremendous that the closing of the gospel of Luke fits so perfectly with the second chapter: "I bring you good tidings of great joy." "And they worshiped him…with great joy."--Francis Schaeffer,"What Difference Has Looking Made?", No Little People.

“The great majority of people will go on observing forms that cannot be explained; they will keep Christmas Day with Christmas gifts and Christmas benedictions; they will continue to do it; and some day suddenly wake up and discover why."--G.K. Chesterton,  On Christmas, Generally Speaking

"When you say Merry Christmas, what do you think the word Merry means? My whole life Merry Christmas, simply meant, “Hey, happy Christmas to you.” But, what if merry didn’t mean happy?
Think about it. Remember Robin Hood and his Merry Men? It wasn’t Robin Hood and his happy-go-lucky cheerful men joyfully jumping up and down in tights. No, in the old English, merry meant mighty or powerful!
I don’t often quote my own song lyrics, but these are about as succinct as I can be:

What if all of this were true
Emmanuel, how God came through
Is this more than Christmas cheer
Is this just a story or what if it’s real
Would I still be lonely would I know fear
Would my worry hold me, could I be healed
I’m crying out loud
This year like never before
Jesus reveal a little more
To my soul would you
Show me just how powerful
You are more than a manger
Jesus the mighty savior
In my soul turn this
Merry into Mighty Christmas
What if in my silent nights
You were enough, You were the light
Angels saying “Do not Fear”
Is that still a promise, do You still come near?
Meet me in my lonely, tear down my fear
Hold me through my worry, Lord would you Heal
This year like never before
Jesus reveal a little more
To my soul would you
Show me just how powerful
You are more than a manger
Jesus the mighty savior
In my soul turn this
Merry into Mighty Christmas

Whatever you are dealing with this Christmas season, remember, this is either a Happy-go-lucky safe and boring Christmas or this is a powerful and Mighty Christmas where Jesus, Emmanuel, God is With Us."--Tim Timmons
Isaiah 9:6-7 The Message Bible (MSG)
2-7 The people who walked in darkness
    have seen a great light.
For those who lived in a land of deep shadows—
    light! sunbursts of light!
You repopulated the nation,
    you expanded its joy.
Oh, they’re so glad in your presence!
    Festival joy!
The joy of a great celebration,
    sharing rich gifts and warm greetings.
The abuse of oppressors and cruelty of tyrants—
    all their whips and cudgels and curses—
Is gone, done away with, a deliverance
    as surprising and sudden as Gideon’s old victory over Midian.
The boots of all those invading troops,
    along with their shirts soaked with innocent blood,
Will be piled in a heap and burned,
    a fire that will burn for days!
For a child has been born—for us!
    the gift of a son—for us!
He’ll take over
    the running of the world.
His names will be: Amazing Counselor,
    Strong God,
Eternal Father,
    Prince of Wholeness.
His ruling authority will grow,
    and there’ll be no limits to the wholeness he brings.
He’ll rule from the historic David throne
    over that promised kingdom.
He’ll put that kingdom on a firm footing
    and keep it going
With fair dealing and right living,
    beginning now and lasting always.
The zeal of God-of-the-Angel-Armies
    will do all this.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Ruins, Ancient and Modern

Country Over Perfidy

Sir John Sinclair,  following the British surrender at Saratoga: "If we go on at this rate, the nation must be ruined."  
Adam Smith: "Be assured young friend, that there is a great deal of ruin in a nation."

Andy McCarthy: "I have long experience with how scrupulously the FBI and Justice Department work in the often controversial foreign-intelligence realm. They care deeply about their honorable reputation with the FISA court, just as the judges of that secret tribunal care deeply about not being perceived as a “rubber-stamp” for the government. I have thus given our agencies the benefit of the doubt here.

While urging that we have disclosure (with all due care to protect intelligence methods and sources), I have presumed that the FBI and DOJ would never fraudulently present the FISA court with fanciful claims attributed to anonymous Russian sources as if they were a refined product of U.S. intelligence collection and analysis.".......

Don't presume, Andy.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has once again balked at questions over the need for a second special counsel to investigate the Justice Department, telling reporters at a Friday press conference that while he’s concerned about recent allegations of bias within the FBI, “sometimes things that might appear to be bad in the press have more innocent explanations, so fairness and justice should also be provided to our personnel.”

McCarthy has excellent insights, but he still gives the Deep-State bureaucrats way too much benefit of the doubt. He and Sessions both have a "my esteemed colleague"-problem. Because they both are fundamentally decent and professional themselves, they wildly underestimate the depth of the corruption inflicted on our institutions during the Obama regime.

Sessions in particular seems more concerned with Strozk's rights than the fact that the guy was working overtime to criminally ensure that Jeff Sessions would never become his boss in the first place.

We cannot have the FBI picking our presidents, courts rubber-stamping the wiretapping of candidates, a weaponized and partisan NatSec apparatus or even cabinet secretaries selling policy. And certainly not an executive who would do literally ANYTHING to give his Ayatollah nuclear weapons.

'There is a lot of ruin in a nation'--but there is a limit reached when you've got more ruin than country.

We've reached that limit.
"Big time."

Dirty Cop Mueller's Above the Law-UPDATE:
The illegal search and seizure of Trump transition emails from the GSA is like the cops searching your landlord's house for a key to yours and searching your lawyer's office for your papers, instead of getting a warrant for your home and papers as required by law.

By going through the GSA, this simply amounts to even more illegal spying on the Trumps, something this out-of-control shadow government cannot seem to get enough of.

From the "Last Night in Sweden" Files: Hey--Do We Have a Plan to Seize Europe's Nukes When the Islamists Take Over?

Asking For a Friend.

The Beatles' song 'Get Back' was reportedly written in 1970 as a rebuke to British immigration restrictionists. London was still in the cute "Ethnic Restaurant"-phase back then.

Fast forward fifty years and you've got a London mayor more loyal to the Umma than the Union Jack, almost daily acid attacks and a government much more focused on crushing criticism than stopping Sharia.

Yet there has been no official re-thinking since then, only endless doubling down. Oddly, McCartney also wrote 'Give Ireland Back to the Irish'--yet giving England back to the English is Thought-Crime. The Great Colonizer becomes the colony.

I do not know which European parties are merely patriotic and which are extremists, but I do know that good people can be pushed to extremes when governments aggressively abandon their core functions of public safety and social stability.

Gates of Vienna:

"A friend who lives in Berlin sent this note from Prague:

"Tonight, I strolled home from a bar, between 4 and 5 in the morning, for half an hour, alone, across the city. The city was quiet. No rubbish, no screaming. At important buildings, there was the occasional police officer, not paying attention to me. At the access road to the old city, there was another police officer, freezing and bored in the middle of the road, but he was there. Scattered party-goers came my way, with civilized behavior. An elderly man walked his dogs on a leash. I felt safe on the whole way, I had no pepper spray in my pockets, I dilly-dallied and enjoyed the Christmas decorations at the castle hill. All of it was simply enchanting, peace in freedom. Precious Christmas decorations were fixed even on the outside of the ground floor windows, little trees with balls, and mangers stood directly on the pedestrian walk, or on the doorsteps. Apparently, no one here is expecting theft, vandalism, riots.

Prague is like it used to be with us.

Earlier a friend had told me about Mannheim, where, as a woman, you don’t go anywhere alone at night anymore. And WE are lecturing the Visegrad states? On what? Spare your words!"
Christmas market in the Hungarian town of Szekesfehervar
No soldiers carrying automatic weapons, and not a Merkel Lego in sight".......
Mark Steyn: The Biggest Story of Our Time

"On Monday night I joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News to discuss, in the wake of the incompetent Bangladeshi jihadist in Manhattan, the more advanced state of Islamization in Sweden and elsewhere - and the inability of Europeans even to discuss the subject honestly. Click here to watch. It's obviously something I've talked about before: As I said to Tucker, it's the biggest story of our time - and yet the media and political class still deny there's any story at all.

I wonder if those younger will even miss what they have lost.".......

Don Surber nominates the Politifact Scam for Lie of the Year, but there are so many other worthy contestants this year, including the Moore Smear Campaign and the Mueller Obstruction of Justice investigation. No--not the Obstruction he is investigating; the Obstruction he is committing. But a favorite Lie of the Year candidate would have to be the Verboten Topic of Europe's Islamization.

Speaking of Lie of the Year nominees, you'll recall in February when the President, referring to a TV show on the immigrant rape crisis, said "last night in Sweden" and the Professional Liars accused him of inventing a terrorist attack. Yet, aside from hauling out a Swedish bureaucrat to say everthin's fine, they never addressed the real underlying question of Islamification, preferring simply to play "Gotcha!". Nevermind that during that same week, Swedish Courts had sentenced--barely--an ISIS mass-murderer who was wandering freely around Europe at will. And that entire city blocks were burned in riots.

Today the news in Sweden is full of state-sanctioned rapes, synagogue burnings, Nazi-esque rallies that resemble Beirut or Gaza--and politicians are planning to raise the retirement age to pay for the permanent welfare class.

Why the cultural death wish, he asked.

And he answered.

She asked, too. Because she no longer could.

Friday, December 15, 2017

The Constitutional Crisis of the Cockroach Coup

And Why I Call the Media "Professional Liars"

Because they've already thought of a dozen ways to lie about Trump today before you get up in the aftern...morning.

Just today, they're pretending that it's crazy and inconsistent for Trump to blame the FBI leadership for selling out to Clinton Inc. while praising the dedicated field agents.

Were Democrats anti-law enforcement when Nixon used FBI Dir. Gray to cover up the Watergate break-in and Democrats demanded Gray's firing? But when the Clinton Campaign uses Comey and McCabe, well, "It's Different When We Do It(tm)!" 

For the record, the FBI's graduating class gave the President thunderous applause. They don't want crooked leadership at the FBI either.

The Liars are also pretending that Trump is just mad at Hillary--a mere snit.

They're calling the publication of texts between Strozk and his DOJ lawyer-girlfriend a violation of their privacy. Yeah--like when Washington's sentries looked in Major Andre's boot for Benedict Arnold's letters.

They call the texts "anti-Trump". Lots of people are anti-Trump--but they don't sit around in the Asst. FBI Director's office plotting to manufacture evidence to frame and wiretap a presidential candidate. That's not "anti-Trump"; it's anti-representative democracy and criminally seditious.

As sundance noticed at Last Refuge, Strozk's boss Bill Priestap has been the Hound That Didn't Bark. Hmmm...

And do you know what Rosenstein's wife does? She rules on FOIA requests...for the FBI. Pretty damn cozy, huh?

This is funny: Eric Holder forbids the removal of Bob Mueller by Congress! He will not tolerate it! Yeah--Bob Mueller is the only thing standing between him and Leavenworth.

Steyn: "The corruptocrats: FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, senior counter-intelligence agent Peter Strzok, Associate Deputy Attorney-General Bruce Ohr.
McCabe hosts office discussions on how to stop Trump; Strzok comes up with an "insurance policy"; Ohr's wife is doing oppo-research for Hillary."

You know, I used to think the Mueller Syndicate was all about putting Trump in jail.

I now think it was all about keeping themselves out.

Trey Gowdy and Jim Jordan really put it to Rod Rosenstein the other day. The trouble is, he's in it up to his eyeballs himself.

Discussing Mueller's crimes with Rosenstein is like talking over Lucky Luciano's immigration problems with Bugsy Siegel.

Professional Liars-UPDATE: This is funny; from the Washington Post todayFBI officials' text message about Hillary Clinton said to be a cover story for romantic affair

"When I say 'We need an insurance policy', that means 'Bring a condom'."

"When I say 'This dossier needs more Russian hookers', that means bring Natalia with you."

"When I say 'He cannot be permitted to become president', that means meet me at the Holiday Inn."

And that's why they're the Pros!

Remember when Chuck Schumer said Trump was "being really dumb" by criticizing the intelligence community? "Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you."

Except they weren't "getting back" at Trump. They attacked him first. The Obama/Clinton Crime Family had already targeted him with their Weaponized State Security Apparatus long before he discovered it and criticized them for it.

That's your Cockroach Coup.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

So Much Blessing This Christmas

Under the Blessings of Abraham

ISIS smashed. The economy booming. Regulations rolled back. Net Neutrality abolished, to name but a few.

But they all pale before the Greatest Blessing of All:

A Virgin Conceives

Luke 1:26-28 In the sixth month of Elizabeth’s pregnancy, God sent the angel Gabriel to the Galilean village of Nazareth to a virgin engaged to be married to a man descended from David. His name was Joseph, and the virgin’s name, Mary. Upon entering, Gabriel greeted her:
Good morning!
You’re beautiful with God’s beauty,
Beautiful inside and out!
God be with you.
29-33 She was thoroughly shaken, wondering what was behind a greeting like that. But the angel assured her, “Mary, you have nothing to fear. God has a surprise for you: You will become pregnant and give birth to a son and call his name Jesus.
He will be great,
    be called ‘Son of the Highest.’
The Lord God will give him
    the throne of his father David;
He will rule Jacob’s house forever—
    no end, ever, to his kingdom.”
34 Mary said to the angel, “But how? I’ve never slept with a man.”
35 The angel answered,
The Holy Spirit will come upon you,
    the power of the Highest hover over you;
Therefore, the child you bring to birth
    will be called Holy, Son of God.
36-38 “And did you know that your cousin Elizabeth conceived a son, old as she is? Everyone called her barren, and here she is six months pregnant! Nothing, you see, is impossible with God.”
And Mary said,
Yes, I see it all now:
    I’m the Lord’s maid, ready to serve.
Let it be with me
    just as you say.
Then the angel left her.

Blessed Among Women

39-45 Mary didn’t waste a minute. She got up and traveled to a town in Judah in the hill country, straight to Zachariah’s house, and greeted Elizabeth. When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby in her womb leaped. She was filled with the Holy Spirit, and sang out exuberantly,
You’re so blessed among women,
    and the babe in your womb, also blessed!
And why am I so blessed that
    the mother of my Lord visits me?
The moment the sound of your
    greeting entered my ears,
The babe in my womb
    skipped like a lamb for sheer joy.
Blessed woman, who believed what God said,
    believed every word would come true!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Just Your Everyday Democrat/FBI Criminal Coup Attempt

Ho Hum: Framing Trump so They Could Wiretap Trump so They Could Continue Framing Trump

What could be more normal than FBI Counter Intelligence officers and DOJ officials sitting around the Assistant Director's office deciding who will and will not be permitted to be president?

They called them "anti-Trump" texts. They're not anti-Trump; they're anti-representative democracy.

That's a Police State Coup Attempt. And Mueller was hired to bury the evidence.

Strozk and Ohr weren't fired from the Mueller Team because of their part in the Cockroach Coup. Indeed, that was their qualification to be a part of it. No, they were only fired because they got caught.

Mueller wasn't hired to get Trump. He was hired to protect the Deep State from prosecution for their Cockroach Coup attempt.

He may essentially trade non-prosecution of Trump for non-prosecution of himself and his pals for their sedition. That's not "clearing Trump", who did nothing to be cleared of. It's a successful stalemate to protect the guilty.

Arrogant pricks. Thanks, Obama.

Mark Steyn: There isn't even the figleaf of "independence" when you appoint a career swamp-dweller like Robert Mueller, a man who has relationships with every player in Washington going back decades. The parade of hacks infesting the cable shows to inform us solemnly that they've known Mueller for years and he's the very apotheosis of a straight shooter is, in fact, the strongest evidence of why he should never have been appointed: he's the insiders' insider. When Mueller decided to stage his pre-dawn swoop on Paul Manafort's bedroom, for example, he was raiding the home of a longtime client of his own law firm, WilmerHale. ...

My advice is that, whenever lifelong swampers assure us of the integrity of any individual, assume "straight arrow" is Beltway-speak for "slimey duplicitous permanent-state operator" and you can't go wrong.

One of the first things Mueller did was to appoint FBI counter-intelligence honcho Peter Strzok to his "independent" team. He should not have done that. Not because Strzok is a Democrat (presumably almost everyone at the FBI votes either Democrat or Republican), but because Strzok had been a key player in Comey's Hillary investigation. The investigators' comparative treatment of the two candidates was already an issue, and the subject of the Russia investigation had already spent the better part of a year denouncing the investigation of his rival as a sham and a disgrace. In effect, Trump had already, without even knowing of the guy's existence or his Zelig-like ubiquity, questioned Strzok's integrity. So why appoint him to a second investigation?

Furthermore, why similarly appoint his mistress, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, to both investigations? The FBI has over 35,000 employees. Yet the same handful of key players are running both the Clinton and Trump cases, even though the latter is supposed to be "independent". So the same operatives are meeting with MI6 dossier-concocter Christopher Steele, and going to the FISA court to get surveillance warrants, and entrapping Michael Flynn. The appalling Mueller effectively merged the two investigations into one continuous caper run soup to nuts by the same crowd. Phase One: Get Hillary off the hook. Phase Two: Get Trump on it.

Just as the Hillary investigation merged with the Trump investigation, so both merged with Fusion GPS, the oppo-research guys working for the Clinton campaign. The conflicts of interest intertwine so thoroughly that they reach up beyond the FBI into the highest reaches of the Department of Justice. At this stage, it would be no surprise to learn that Mueller and Comey had accidentally failed to disclose that they were the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of Fusion GPS. Am I exaggerating? By maybe a hair. This week it emerged that the Associate Deputy Attorney-General, Bruce Ohr, "failed to disclose" that his wife Nellie was working for Fusion GPS.
Oh, really? On the reception desk? As a security guard? No, she was hired by Fusion GPS to do anti-Trump research.
Fusion GPS is a well-named enterprise. The function it played in 2016 was to fuse the Clinton campaign and the Department of Justice, and thereby get Hillary to her destination. It failed only in the latter, so it fell back to Plan B: Direct the incoming administration into the lake.

The brazenness of the above suggests a broad and high-reaching culture of contempt within the FBI and DoJ for the integrity of "public service". That's confirmed by the content of the texts between Strzok and his mistress. ...Strzok to Miss Page, August 15th 2016:
I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy's office that there's no way he gets elected — but I'm afraid we can't take that risk. It's like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you're 40...
"He" is Trump. "Andy's office" is believed to be that of the Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, who was in charge of the Trump investigation - then just a few weeks old. The conversation appears to be a violation of the Hatch Act, which prohibits civil servants from engaging in political activity while on duty and in a government office.

But what does "I'm afraid we can't take that risk" (of Trump winning) actually mean?
Does it mean, for example, that "I'm going to dress up this dodgy Christopher Steele dossier Hillary and Fusion GPS passed along to us into something a bit more credible-seeming and take it to the FISA court to get authorization to tap everyone around Trump round the clock until we hit paydirt"?

The above text explains why Mueller hired the same-old-same-old Hillary crowd for his supposed "independent" investigation into Trump: The same people had to run both investigations because otherwise the new investigators would discover the shenanigans of the old investigators. Putting Strzok and Page on the team was the FBI's way of protecting itself.

Politically, America is a bitterly divided 50/50 nation, where a few hundred thousand votes in a dwindling number of swing states determines control of the national (it's no longer really "federal") government. That places an ever greater burden on the professional civil service to behave professionally, and to be perceived as behaving professionally. Mueller, Comey, McCabe, Ohr, Strzok, Page and the rest have engineered a situation that ensures half the country will never accept the legitimacy of whatever their "investigation" concludes.

So Mueller and his team have made things worse. Thanks a lot, corruptocrats.

It is not unreasonable to conclude that this pseudo-investigation is an elaborate bit of FBI dinner theatre to obscure Strzok and others' attempt to subvert the election. What Strzok and Ohr have done is far worse than anything Flynn and Papadopoulos did: why should only the latter face jail time?
If Hillary had won, Bruce Ohr would be the Attorney General today.
And Peter Strozk would be the Director of the FBI--at the new Seth Rich Memorial Justice Building.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Judge Roy Moore, Civil Rights Hero

and the Next United States Senator from the Sovereign State of Alabama

When the Supreme Court stole the Civil Rights of Americans to govern themselves, Justice Scalia called the Court "a threat to American democracy" and their marriage decree "a judicial Putsch".

Judge Roy Moore was one of the very few who, at the risk of his job, stood up to the threat and defied the Putsch. That's the real reason for this phony smear campaign.

Civil Rights are not the property of Al Sharpton, the Mattress Girl, Bradley/Chelsea Manning, Kate Steinle's killer and the latest 'Splodey Dope du Jour in the New York Subway.

The Left says Civil Rights are their party favors, to be handed out to their preferred identity groups. But though they are almost always spoken of in those terms, Civil Rights are not the personal property of the Left. That is a lie, meant to minimize and steal your Rights away from you.
It's Your Constitution, not Their's
Every American possesses every civil right.

You have a civil right to keep and bear arms, to have honest elections, to not be discriminated against by government race quotas, to have your country's sovereignty respected, to decide what constitutes marriage without a bunch of liars imposing their personal morality on everyone and calling it "law".

You even have a right to run for president or report the news without being wiretapped by Barack Obama.

John Lewis stood up to Democrat police chiefs sixty years ago for voting rights, but he has stood against most other civil rights ever since. Judge Moore however is still standing up for the true Civil Rights of Americans, even when it costs him.

Roy Moore is a Civil Rights hero.

And while we're at it, so are the 101st Airborne.

Donald J. TrumpVerified account @realDonaldTrump 43 minutes ago

The people of Alabama will do the right thing. Doug Jones is Pro-Abortion, weak on Crime, Military and Illegal Immigration, Bad for Gun Owners and Veterans and against the WALL. Jones is a Pelosi/Schumer Puppet. Roy Moore will always vote with us. VOTE ROY MOORE!

Election UPDATE: Funny; both Strange and Jones got the job dishonestly.

Trump should not have listened to the GOPe-whisperers and endorsed Strange in the primaries. Instead, he endorsed Moore later, and on purely political grounds rather than smashing the Smear Campaigners in the teeth.

And then he should have campaigned for Roy in Alabama instead of at arm's length in Pensacola. Be bold, Mr. President.

The Professional Liars teamed up with the Uni-Party and manipulated just enough voters to win one for Alinsky. I expect we'll see little else but Smear Campaigns from now on.

The air bubbles were still seeping out of Mary Jo Kopechne's lungs when Ted Kennedy was already back at the party pad, plotting strategies with his lawyers. Yet Mitch McConnell carried his jock strap for years.

If Luther Strange had principles, he would be Alabama's senator today. And if Mitch had principles, so would Roy Moore.

I'm awaiting Mitch's Ethics Hearing on Sen. Blumenthal. He dated a teenager with the family's permission despite being a Democrat prosecutor 15 years her senior. Evidently, he wanted to marry a beautiful young wife of his own faith who didn't have a lot of emotional baggage from previous relationships. Why, that's just crazy!

Like Roy Moore, he found who he was looking for and married her. But, hey, a pedophile is a pedophile. Convene the hearing, Mitch.

When Gerry Studds was rampaging through the teen-age pages, the Washington Post told us to mind our own business. It's almost as if they have a double standard. Can't have that.

Exit question: If Blumenthal and Moore are pedophiles, what is Mohammed?

Judge Moore responds: "Abortion, sodomy and materialism have taken the place of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."