Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Trump "Crossing the Swamp"

Heh (tm).

“Trump endeavors to cross the ‘swamp’ of Washington DC as he carries the light of truth, hope, and prosperity.
The murky water of the deep state is laced 
with dangerous vermin, perfectly willing to destroy
American prosperity for their personal ideologies
and financial gain."--Jon McNaughton 

BREAKING: President Trump Has Already Met With Iran's Top Nuclear Negotiator at White House!

Pictured here:
President Trump is trying to leverage Russia against China for America's benefit.
President Obama let Russia run wild trying to help Iran against America.
Big difference.

The Strongmen

vs. the Weak Sister

"Look around — strongman politics are ascendant, suddenly, whereby elections and some pretense of democracy are maintained, the form of it, where those in powers seek to undermine every institution or norm that gives democracy meaning.”
That's petty rich for a guy who just wiretapped the opposition candidate in order to rig the election for Bribe Me-Granny. Project much, Barry?

And just for the record, let's see how the Wiretapper-in-Chief stood up to the world's thugs, terrorists, dictators and strongmen:

ps: We're still waiting for the photos of his secret meeting with Fidel when he went to Cuba. I'll bet he gave the old butcher a real tongue-lashing!

Here, we even see Obama kowtowing to the evil dictator of New Jersey:

Here, he bows before the Leader of the Hermit Kingdom of Tampa:

and finally, Obama thoughtfully helps a mildly-retarded elderly couple cross the street:


Sunday, July 22, 2018

Why Won't Robert Mueller Accept the Intelligence Community's Assessment of Carter Page?

Curiouser and Curiouser

We're told that President Trump doesn't accept Brennan, Comey and Clapper's thoughtful and balanced assessment of Russian Meddling. But it's really Robert Mueller who doesn't.

The Intelligence Community clearly stated in their FISA warrant application that one  Carter Ivanovitch Page is a Russian Agent, committing espionage against America.  The man is a menace to society, they say. A threat to all that is good, decent, true and pure. Public Enemy #1, hell-bent on destroying the American Way of Life.

He is so dangerous, they say, that they must put a roving wiretap on him and on anybody associated with him, even if that means the unprecedented and perilous step of wiretapping a presidential candidate and campaign. Justice Demands It! National Security Demands It! And Hillary Demands It! And You Know How She Is!

Yet Bob Mueller barely spoke to the guy. Page flits around without a care, giving national tv interviews, which is kind of odd for a dastardly Russian Super-Agent.

There are no charges against him and none pending. Yet he is the very cause of this massive counter-intelligence investigation, this plot against Democracy Itself!

So why won't Bob Mueller accept the assessment of our Beloved Intelligence Community?

Why, it's almost as if Carter Page was not a Russian Agent at all.

In fact, it seems like he's an American Agent, sent by the FBI. Or even some naif, blundering Inspector Clouseau-like through an investigation. If by "investigation", you mean "frame-up".

In either case, it seems like his presence was used as an excuse to wiretap the opposing party's candidate. And probably on an ex post facto basis.

That is, they were probably wiretapping the Trumps for months, if not years, before Page showed up at the campaign's doorstep.

But that would be criminal, seditious and un-American you say. And you would be right.

Must be just another coincidence. There sure have been a lot of those lately.

I assess.

You have been Assessed by the Best!

Our Heroic Washington Establishment Stands Up to that Evil Bastard Putin!

"It's Different When We Do It!(tm)"

But first, a little trip down Memory Hole Lane.

Democrats have a long and storied history of standing up to the Russian Bear:

1940's: Democrat Advisor Harry Hopkins worked for FDR and Stalin.
...but mostly for Stalin.

Reagan's nemesis, Hollywood Union Boss and Commie Herb Sorrell, arguing with other Democrats
about the propriety of Scarlett Johansson portraying a transgender man

A few years before joining the CIA, John Brennan casts his first vote for Stalinist Gus Hall
...because Khrushchev was just too squishy!

Here, Ted Kennedy admires  Brezhnev's eyebrow, making a mental note to mention it to Justin Trudeau.
Ted conspires with the Soviets to stop missile defense and defeat Reagan.
He didn't want to, but they bribed him with three fingers scotch, neat.
In the waning days of the Soviet Union, Comrade Sanders makes a desperate honeymoon trip to Russia, hoping to get there before all the good Communism is gone. Here, he poses with a completely random Russian family, carefully chosen by his minders.
In America, your friends choose government. In Russia, government chooses your friends!

Unless you're Hillary, in which case your government friends choose you for president.

To commemorate the anniversary of that desperate Soviet honeymoon so long ago, when love and five-year grain quotas were all that mattered, Sen. Sanders will appear in Moscow
with rising Socialist star Ms. Alex-Andrea Occasional-Corecharge.

They will compete against each other in the Bug-Eyed Bolshevik Stare-Off, to be held at Lenin's Tomb, a.k.a. "Bernie's Burlington East Bed & Breakfast".
But enough background.

We're told by Official Washington that President Trump's meeting with Vladimir Putin is unprecedented, dangerous, even treasonous. Really?

Hmmm...that's odd.

Seems like other Republican presidents tried to get along with him.
Well, then how about Democrats?

They are Certified Tough Guys(tm) when it comes to Putin. Hillary and her employees at CrowdStrike have issued a Declaration of War with Russia, just as the Living Constitution provides for. They won't let anybody see the evidence for it, though, but they are tough. Tough, Tough, Tough!

Just ask them:

"Don't piss me off, Vlad, or I'll sell you another 20% of America's uranium!"

Business partners in Joule Nuclear Energy 

Half-million dollar speeches at Putin's Moscow banks

"Can't you just give me the money. Vlad?  Do I really have to stand up there and blather on for a half-hour?"

'Ring my bell!"

You can sense the seething rage just beneath the glazed surface of Cuck Schemer's soggy cruller.

John worked for Putin at Joule Energy, while Tony was an unregistered lobbyist for Putin's SberBank.
Mueller has given Tony Podesta immunity to testify against Manafort--but he could just as easily have given Manafort immunity to testify against Podesta.

Or, better yet, give them both immunity to testify against Mueller!

"Say...where's your wife?"

"$145 million? Really?"

Nancy reads Ivan the Riot Act! Way to #Resist, Babushka!

Democrats lured the Russian Ambassador into their deadly trap by giving him a seat of honor at the recent State of the Union Address. Afterward, they stoned him to death in the parking lot, causing an international incident.

"Oh, cut it out!"
Funny--they don't seem angry. Just crazy.


KERNEN: This morning you tweeted – interesting tweet – second meeting, potentially, with -- with Vladimir Putin. Is that in the works? Is it planned? Has it been talked about?
PRESIDENT TRUMP: We – yeah, I would say it’s in the works. Look, we had a tremendous discussion on many things: terrorism, Syria, the Middle East overall, Iran. We talked about, as an example, nuclear proliferation. There’s nothing – to me, there’s nothing more important than that. We had a tremendous meeting. We had a – I think it was a very good press conference. I mean, except for the fake news, I really think I did really well at the press conference. Hey – We got along very well. Look, the fact is we got along very well. We, I think could do great things for his country, but for our country. I’m interested in our country. I’m also interested in the world. I’d like to see peace. And I think we could do great things for the world. I think we can do -- now, that includes China. That includes others. I’m doing very well, getting along with countries. Getting along is a good thing, not a bad thing. But, I think I’d have a good relationship with Putin.
KERNEN: And – and – you, you have a personal relationship with people that I’ve seen --As far as the end game with Russia, there’s lots of things that you think we can do in terms of making the world safer with Russia. So, the personal relationship --
PRESIDENT TRUMP: And by the way, that’s good for everybody.
KERNEN: But the relationship you have with Putin, the tone, which was relativity conciliatory for what some people say is an enemy or an adversary. Can that tone totally be explained by you wanting to do the best things for the country or is there some something underlying that?
PRESIDENT TRUMP: No. I have nothing to do with Russia. I never did.
KERNEN: So it’s totally just –
PRESIDENT TRUMP: That other deal is a big hoax. It’s a hoax. It’s a Russia-- It’s called the Democrat hoax. It’s a big fat hoax. I have nothing to do with Russia. And I think you know that. You would know. You’ve known me for a very long time.
KERNEN: I know how you are with people and I could see that knowing—
PRESIDENT TRUMP: You think I’m dealing in Russia?
KERNEN: -- Knowing what you want to accomplish, in foreign policy and domestically--I could see, I could see that tone not necessarily having anything to do with, other than wanting the best thing for the country —
PRESIDENT TRUMP: So I had a meeting that lasted for more than two hours. It wasn’t always conciliatory in that meeting.
KERNEN: Right. That hasn’t come out. Did you --
PRESIDENT TRUMP: No, but we discussed many of the points I just said.
PRESIDENT TRUMP: I mean, basically that’s what we discussed. We discussed lots of great things for both countries, frankly. But there are things that we can do for both countries that are very good. Now, we then go to a news conference. I mean I had these -- some of these fools from the media saying, “Why didn’t you stand there, look him in the face, walk over to him, and start shouting at him?” I said, “Are these people crazy? I want to make a deal.” I want to make a deal. You can’t do that. And we’ve been having a bad relationship with Russia for many years. And you know, that may be wrong. I -- it may be that you can’t do anything and -- that’s very possible. But I’m different than other presidents. I’m a dealmaker. I’ve made deals all my life. I do really well. I make great deals. You know it because you’ve covered them for a long time Joe. And I think if we can get along with Russia and other countries….
KERNEN: Does it help with China to have Russia as almost as a -- to set them (against each other)...
PRESIDENT TRUMP: It doesn’t hurt, okay. It doesn’t hurt.
KERNEN: And that was in your mind as well?
PRESIDENT TRUMP: Maybe, in the computer. I mean maybe. It’s -- probably doesn’t hurt you know. But I’m not even looking at it that way. I’m just saying if we can do certain things on terrorism, as an example… we found out that in St. Petersburg a little more than a year a ago there was going to be a very major terrorist attack. St. Petersburg, Russia. We called them and let them know. They were able to nab this very vicious gang of terrorists. They got them. I assume they’re some place right now that maybe you don’t even want to know about. I don’t know what they did with them. Okay? And I don’t care.
PRESIDENT TRUMP: They thanked us profusely. This was gonna be a major attack. We found out about it and we gave them that information. That's a good thing. And Putin, called me up. President Putin called me up and he said "I wanna thank you very much. That would've been a major attack in St. Petersburg." We informed them. I don't think anybody even knows about that. These are good things. They inform us. They can inform us. Getting along is a good thing, not a bad thing. The fake news they want to make it like where there's like a big confrontation. I don't want to play that game. I don't want to go into that game.
KERNEN: Any timeline on the next meeting, Mr. President?
PRESIDENT TRUMP: Let me just say this –With that being said, I have been far tougher on Russia than any president in many, many years. Maybe ever. Even, even the big fight I have with Germany over the fact that they're taking natural gas –
KERNEN: Right.
PRESIDENT TRUMP: They're taking energy from Russia. Paying them billions of dollars. I said, “Wait a minute - we're supposed to be protecting you from Russia, and you're paying them billions of dollars. What's that all about?” Now, do you think that's a positive for Russia? I'm talking them out of things that they – where they're giving billions of dollars. It's ridiculous, by the way, that that's happening. And then on top of that Germany pays a fraction of what they should be paying for defense. We're supposed to defend them. So they're paying Russia and we're supposed to defend them from Russia. So just - you just look at that point. But look at the sanctions I've put on. Look at the diplomats I threw out. Look at all of the things that I've done. Nobody else did what I've done. Obama didn't do it. Obama was a patsy for Russia. He was a total patsy. Look at the statement he made, when he thought the mics were turned off, okay? The stupid statement he made. Nobody does a big deal about that. Getting along with President Putin, getting along with Russia is a positive, not a negative.
KERNEN: Alright.
PRESIDENT TRUMP: Now, with that being said, if that doesn't work out, I'll be the worst enemy he's ever had. The worst he's ever had.
KERNEN: I don't want to end it on that note -- but we – we do have to end it – but --
PRESIDENT TRUMP: But I think he knows that -- I'll be his worst nightmare. But I don't think it'll be that way. I actually think we'll have a good relationship.
KERNEN: Well, I think it’d be, you know, it – it’s obviously in the – the two last nuclear Super Powers, or at least the two largest –90% (of the world's nuclear weapons) think of it, the two countries.
KERNEN: Alright. Mr. President –
PRESIDENT TRUMP: Thank you very much.
KERNEN: Thank you. I appreciate it very much. Thank you.".......

Sunday, July 15, 2018

So-So Soviet: Who Are the Real Russians Here?


They keep telling me they're prosecuting Russians--but it seems more like they're impersonating them!

Mueller and Rosenstein are running D.C.'s only Deep State Dizinformation Drag Club for Soviet Impersonators. Bob 'n Rod are transitioning to tyranny--but they do a great version of "It''s Raining Mens Rea"!

Or as Yakoff Smirnoff would say, "In Russia, Drag Club clubs and drags you."

I forget: Was it the Commies or the Deep State who...

...ignored crimes by high Party officials while framing innocent opposition party leaders?

...use the Surveillence State and informants against reformers?

...keep old charges in their back pockets for decades in case they're needed later?

...throw political prisoners in dungeons without trial?

...collude with pro-Regime Media to propagandize the masses?

...rig investigations and conduct show trials?

...conspire with corrupt judges to rubber-stamp warrants?

...accuse their opponents of exactly what they are themselves doing?

...choose the person to be investigated before finding--or inventing--a crime to be investigated?

...come into power by election and then work to ensure honest elections never take place again?

...bring every organ of State Power to bear against one individual, the smallest majority?

Of course Russian intelligence officers meddled in the election--but not nearly as much as American intelligence officers meddled in the election.

Will the real Russian please stand up?

...because it's getting kinda' hard to tell!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Where Are the Indictments For the American Intelligence Officers Who Meddled, Mr. Rosenstein?

"Throughout history, the attachment of even the humblest people to their freedom, above all their freedom to earn their livings how and where they please, has come as an unpleasant shock to condescending ideologues. We need not suppose that the exercise of freedom is bought at the expense of any deserving class or interest — only of those with the itch to tyrannize. The virtue we should cherish most is the courage to resist violence, especially if this involves flying in the face of public opinion which, in its fear, and in its anxiety for peace, is willing to appease the violators. Above all, violence should never be allowed to pay, or be seen to pay."--Historian Paul Johnson

Nor should the violence to our system by the Deep State Coup Attempt be allowed to pay, or be seen to pay.

Rod Rosenstein just indicted 12 Russian intelligence officers for meddling in our election--great. 

But where are the indictments for the American intelligence officers who meddled in our election? That is much, MUCH worse. We expect bad behavior from Russians. But from Americans, it is sedition. It is the rejection of the peaceful transfer of power established by our Constitution and George Washington himself. 

And how did they do the necessary computer analysis without examining the DNC server? Did they take CrowdStrike's word for it? CrowdStrike are Hillary Clinton's employees. That means these indictments are based on Hillary's word. Which is worthless.

Rosenstein then handed the indictments off to the National Security Division--the same group that spied on Donald Trump with phony FISA warrants--one of which was signed by Rod Rosenstein!

This is all pure agit-prop. 

Obama, Brennan, Comey, Lynch and Hillary all conspired to criminally subvert the 2016 election. If it goes unanswered, that means Democrats will do it again if given the chance. And we just saw them all clapping for the criminal Strzok like barking seals at feeding time. If Democrats are not weaned from their tyrannical impulse to rig elections using the CIA and FBI (and State and the DOJ and the FISA Court , etc.) then we are into "All enemies, both foreign and domestic"-territory.

Do you really want to go there?

Justice must be done, and be seen to be done. Actual justice, not this Rosenstein farce.

The Power to Spy Was Like Catnip to Communists
Silence of the 'Bams--UPDATE: Don Surber:

"On Thursday, [Americans} got to see Strzok up close-and-personal and were shocked to see someone closer to Hannibal Lector than Clarice Starling. ...

He showed himself to be a smug insider who sneered at congressmen. Of course he tried to stop the election of President Trump.

His testimony may have sunk the already listing Mueller investigation.

Indeed, Mueller scrambled the next day to announce 12 useless indictments against Russians who will never be extradited and tried. Knowing he will never have to prove his case, he could accuse them of anything. He was diverting attention from the collapse in credibility of his top FBI agent in the case originally.".......

Saturday, July 7, 2018

#FakeLaw: Perkins Coie, the Law Firm Under Investigation by Rep. Jordan's Committee for the Phony Trump Dossier, Decides to Write a Jordan Dossier, Too

And Its Just as Phony as the Last One
Dewey, Smearem & Howe!
The Swamp has hissed its hatred by vomiting up yet another pre-manufactured smear campaign. That must mean the Committee is getting closer to The Boyfriend.

Evidently, some leftist administrator at Ohio State hired Clinton Inc.'s law firm (or did they hire him?) to investigate former OSU coach Committee Chairman Jim Jordan.

They even sent an email to a non-existent address and then claimed Rep. Jordan was dodging questions. The most well-connected Democrat law firm in DC can't look up an email address at house.gov? Liars. This is all narrative-building, using a widow-bilking con man perp as the beard.

Former Soviet Wrestling Champ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn:
....the Deep State.

PJM: "Perkins Coie, you may recall, has was hired by the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign to funnel money to Fusion GPS. FEC filings show that the Clinton campaign and the DNC paid Perkins Coie a combined $12.4 million in 2016. Marc Elias, general counsel to Hillary for America and a partner at Perkins Coie, retained Fusion GPS in April 2016 to dig up dirt on President Trump. A political group tied to the former president -- Obama for America (OFA) -- paid nearly a million dollars to the same law firm.
Perkins Coie also retained CrowdStrike, a cybersecurity outfit, to look into the DNC’s servers after they had been hacked in 2016.
So far, Perkins Coie has interviewed more than 150 former OSU students and witnesses, according to the Columbus Dispatch.".......

Just more agit-prop from Democrats, the Pee-Pee Party.

"Speaker Jim Jordan? NOOOOOOOOO!!!"

Undo the Coup: Rep. Jim Jordan Does His Job