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Under House Arrest in America: Tracing You and Your Contacts

“We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”--Comrade Obama, July 2, 2008, Boulder, Colorado

At this new link, Bill Clinton, Gov. Cuomo and Gov. Newsome propose a standing "Army" of Federal Contact Tracers, perhaps using AmeriCorps. The Mussolini-vibe rolling off Cuomo is unmistakable.

PIX 11:

NEW YORK — Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has been enlisted to help create a “tracing army” that will find COVID-19 infected people and get them into isolation, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday. ...
The tracing army will be coordinated within the tri-state area and downstate New York because people across the tri-state come in contact with others outside of one community.
About 35,000 CUNY and SUNY students in the medical field will also serve as tracers, according to Cuomo. ...

In New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio also announced a "test and trace" plan with the goal of making testing available to every community. The plan would include immediate assessment of people who test positive for COVID-19, isolation and support at homes, hospitals or hotels, and rapidly tracing, assessing and quarantining people who came in close contact with the patient.
“We have to have all the building blocks in place” to reduce the spread in the future, according to de Blasio. ...
The three-parts Cuomo summed up simply, at his daily briefing on Wednesday morning, in Albany.
"Testing, tracing, and then isolating," the governor said..."

So Cuomo's 35 thousand college students and the 10 thousand additional NYC tracers hired by di Blasio will decide if you are under house arrest. What could possibly go wrong?

John Cardillo: Nothing to see here.

--from Mayor Varren Vilhelm, Jr., who honeymooned in Havana.

Why Cuomo? di Blasio is the incompetent mayor. Besides, the governor is kinda' busy, sending infected elders and infected workers into old folks' homes

But at least they'll be traced!
"You vill show us your contacts, pleez."
ABC: "A report co-authored by university health experts and a group representing state and territorial health officials estimates that in order to “trace all contacts, safely isolate the sick, and quarantine those exposed,” the country needs to add 100,000 contact tracers to the current effort, to the tune of $3.6 billion dollars. Former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director and New York City health commissioner Tom Friedman said he believes the country needs “an army of 300,000 people.” 
Vice President Pence said this week that the CDC would be deploying teams of 10 to 12 people to each state to assist the local efforts on 12-to 18-month rotations, and recently CDC Director Robert Redfield suggested his agency would work with states to deploy many more people. But some lawmakers say the federal government will need to do much more for contact tracing in order to help states safely re-open the country.
Gov. Gavin Newsom of California announced Wednesday afternoon that the state is building a massive army of 10,000 tracers as part of its efforts to prepare the state for future reentry. Newsom added that tracing is "not just about numbers," but also "about quality," explaining that the state is implementing systems to ensure good information is collected. 
Massachusetts is in its second week of a contact tracing program that’s among the most aggressive in the nation. The state has hired more than 300 people to begin tracing and in the first week of the program contact investigators reached 765 Massachusetts residents who have tested positive. 
Those 765 people have identified more than 1,000 close contacts, meaning someone they spent more than 15 minutes within six feet of during the three days before their positive test, an illustration of the race the contract tracers are in against the potential spread of the virus. Contact tracers have reached 626 of those second-order contacts. 
Massachusetts also says they have nearly 2,000 volunteers prepared to assist their contact tracing investigation. The state has partnered with various public and private institutions across the state through the launch of the “Community Tracing Collaborative,” according to Omar Cabrera, a spokesperson for the health department. Cabrera said the program has already received 13,000 applications for both paid and unpaid positions and is looking to hire up to 1,000 additional people. 
Dr. Joia Mukherjee, the chief medical officer for the Boston-based Partners in Health, the nonprofit working with Massachusetts on the state’s coronavirus contact tracing program, said investing the stimulus money into “hiring millions of people to do contact tracing, putting hoteliers and hotel workers back to worth providing housing and isolation, putting restaurateurs and line cooks back to work by providing food to people who need to stay in quarantine,” could potentially shorten the epidemic. 
“This is really doable, the contact tracing piece,” Mukherjee said. “But it has to be heavily invested in.” 
Maryland and Minnesota already have contact tracing teams in place, but health officials from both states said they would need hundreds more people to be effective. Maryland estimates it will need to quadruple staffing from 250 contact tracers to close to 1,000. Minnesota health officials said they’ll need to increase their contact tracing staff which is currently about 100 people, seven fold. North Carolina’s health department spokesperson also said the state will need “a much larger team” going forward. 
“Where the personnel would come from, that’s part of the planning effort,” said Doug Schultz, a spokesman for the Minnesota Health Department. 
In New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio said “thousands and thousands” of contact tracers would be put to work identifying potential coronavirus carriers who will be isolated in hotels bought out by the city. 

In Rhode Island, 100 members of the National Guard are assisting the effort alongside 140 staffers from the health department. The state is also partnering with the global software company SalesForce which is creating a database to allow for the Guard and their department of health “to do contact tracing more efficiently and effectively.”...….

Via Ace:
226 Everybody, we Really Need to fight tooth and toenail against this "Contact Tracing" bullshit.

If gay men weren't required to do any of this for AIDS, like hell should all of us be forced to participate in this nonsense for a COLD virus.

And it is absolutely useless to "contact trace" any pathogen that is transmitted like this: on literally any available surface for hours/days, as well as random near misses on the street. It's Im-Possible. It would be a medically Useless, grossly intrusive, tyrannical invasion of our lives and privacy.

Not to mention, it would set all of us against each other. I've already dealt with 3 Leftoids in my apt. building shunning and bullying me After doing a full 16 days of self-quarantine: this will mean open season on all of us who have had the Chinese Death Cooties.
No. Thank. You.

Posted by: Beverly

How would this even work when 15% of the population has already been exposed?

You know, I've had enough database searches on citizens by government surveillance operatives to last a lifetime. I don't remenber voting for an Army of Surveillence Workers with arrest powers. 

Do you?
"Me, either!"--local surfer M. Flynn, evading Gov. Newsome's Surf Police

Gov. Nuisance orders a revenge-closing of Orange County beaches only. 
Orange County sheriff says he will not enforce it.

The Constitutional Option For Optional Constitution--UPDATE:

"Justice Samuel Alito this week ordered the Pennsylvania government to respond to arguments from a variety of Pennsylvanians asking the Supreme Court to halt enforcement of Gov. Tom Wolf's strict stay-at-home order, aimed at fighting the coronavirus, because they say it is unconstitutional. The Pennsylvanians behind the suit – called petitioners in Supreme Court parlance – are arguing that their rights under the First, Fifth and 14th Amendments have been violated through Wolf's order. The petition lays out a variety of grounds on which it says the order is unconstitutional."

"Just Like 'Nam": Against All Viruses, Foreign and Domestic

Democrats Decided That America Should Lose Then, Too

"If an American President loses more Americans over the course 6 weeks than died in the entirety of the Vietnam War, does he deserve to be re-elected?"

You could hear the hate dripping off of Olivia Nuzzi when she asked it.

Yet she thought Obama deserved re-election when he "lost" thousands and thousands of Americans to H1-N1. On the day we reached ten thousand deaths, Obama finally declared a National Emergency--and promptly went golfing. She never asked him, though. It would never even have occurred to her to do so.

Nor would she ever ask China's Xi, even though if there is a president who "lost" them, it is President Xi. But Democrats never blame China. 

L'il Jimmy Acosta also tried his version of "MUH Grim Milestones!(tm.)" and he failed, too. He failed because President Trump has done everything humanly possible to stop the suffering from the very beginning--and Americans know it.

But the insipid question does show what is truly important to Democrats about this virus: beating President Trump at all costs. In other words, the Usual.

Let's leave aside for now the fact that anyone who ever coughed was included in those padded numbers. Of course it is a gutter question by a stupid hack, comparing the Virus to Vietnam, using our honored dead as props to smear a president. Presidents don't "lose" epidemic patients, except in the heads of deranged journalists and Democrat politicians--but I repeat myself.

But, on second thought, in Vietnam, we fought against Asian Communists and their American Communist allies to stop the spread of death and the imposition of tyranny on a brave country called South Vietnam, while protestors took to the streets here at home.

Today, we are again fighting against Asian Communists and their American Communist allies to stop the spread of death and the imposition of tyranny in a brave country called the United States, where protesters are once again in America's streets.

Whaddaya know? Olivia Nuzzi is right;

It's Just Like 'Nam after all.

Watching Over Us


Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Dr. Anecdotal Fauci, the Wuhan Bat-Lab Bagman UPDATE: $7.4 Million and Counting

Time To Come Clean, Tony: Enough is Enough
See if you can name all these people who...

a.) ...funded the Wuhan Bat-Lab for a decade--possibly against orders and despite safety warnings.

b.) ...are, astonishingly enough, also in charge of our medical response to that same Wuhan Bat-Lab virus!

c.) ...told the President to shut down the economy because of 2.2 million looming deaths.

d.) ...never told the President about funding the Wuhan Lab and have never explained it to America.

Who are these people?

A: Those people are...all Tony Fauci.

"They don't ask me questions, either, Tony. Shhhhh..."
This is the only question that even came sorta close:

Apr. 17: Q: Mr. President, I wanted to ask Dr. Fauci. Can you address the suggestions or concerns that this virus was somehow manmade, possibly came out of a laboratory in China? Have you studied this virus? What are the prospects of that?"

DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease: "There was a study, recently, that we could make available to you where a group of highly qualified evolutionary virologists looked at the sequences there and sequences in bats as they evolve, and the mutations that it took to get to the point where it is now is totally consistent with the genome of the species from an animal to a human. So, I mean, the paper will be available. I don’t have the authors right now. But we can make that available to you.”

Fauci sure was in a hurry to deny that the virus was manipulated at his favorite foreign playground.
Where is that study? I want that paper.
When was it done? Just before the Pandemic?
Where was it done? In Wuhan?
Who are these virologists? Americans? Chinese?
Who paid for it? You, Dr. Fauci? China? Bill Gates?
Your damn right I want to see this paper.
"The way you shut down all those questions and destroyed all those documents 
was just magnificent, Madame Secretary!"
Does he mean these papers?:

NIH, Apr. 4, 2018: “The study investigators identified SADS-CoV on four pig farms in China’s Guangdong Province. The work was a collaboration among scientists from EcoHealth Alliance, Duke-NUS Medical School, Wuhan Institute of Virology and other organizations, and was funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases [Anthony Fauci, Dir.], part of the National Institutes of Health. The research is published in the journal Nature.
Monkey Business Insider: “He underscored in his remarks that studies of the virus’ genome have strongly indicated that it was transmitted from an animal to a human rather than created or enhanced in a laboratory setting, as a review in a scientific journal found.  “We do not believe that any type of laboratory-based scenario is plausible,” an analysis published in Nature Medicine in mid-March said. The study, led by computational biologist Kristian Andersen of the Scripps Research Institute in California, compared COVID-19 to the six other coronaviruses known to infect humans. The analysis explicitly states that the evidence shows SARS-CoV-2 “is not a purposefully manipulated virus.””

I don’t know if he was referring to this study or studies, but I do know he hid his involvement with Wuhan funding. Rudy Guiliani says Obama banned the funding--but Fauci did it anyway. We'll have to see if that is true or merely an alibi put out by Obamunists. 

He sure was in a hurry to give them an alibi and a clean bill of health at that Briefing. And he has not come clean with the public yet. From his long experience in prosecuting mobsters, Rudy senses something amiss:

Hizzonor: "Back in 2014, the Obama administration prohibited the U.S. from giving any money to any laboratory, including in the U.S., that was fooling around with these viruses. Prohibited! Despite that, Dr. Fauci gave $3.7 million to the Wuhan laboratory--even after the State Department issued reports about how unsafe that laboratory was, and how suspicious they were in the way in which they were developing a virus that could be transmitted to humans, we never pulled that money. Something here is going on, John. I don’t want to make any accusations. But there was more knowledge about what was going on in China with our scientific people than they disclosed to us when this first came out. Just think of it: If this laboratory turns out to be the place where the virus came from, we paid for it. We paid for the damn virus that’s killing us.” 

That's what I said, Mr. Mayor.

"Today, if I were U.S. attorney, I’d open an investigation into the Wuhan laboratory. And I’d want to know what did we know? How much did we know about how bad the practices were there? Who knew about it? And who sent them money anyway? And that person would sure as heck be in front of a grand jury trying to explain to me — what are you asleep?” 

Yes--lulled into nappytime by a warm tongue-bath from Bill Gates.

""China did a lot of things right at the beginning, like any country where a virus first shows up," he said. "They can look back and say where they missed some things. You know, some countries did respond very quickly and get their testing in place, and they avoided the incredible economic pain. It’s sad that even the U.S. that you would have expected to do this well did it particularly poorly. But it’s not time to talk about that. This is the time to take the great science we have, the fact we’re in this together, fixed testing, treatments, and get that vaccine, and minimize the trillions of dollars and many things you that you can’t even dimensionalize, in economic terms, that are awful about the situation we’re in. So, that’s a distraction. I think there’s a lot of incorrect and unfair things said, but it’s not even time for that discussion.""

China "missed some things" says Bhopal Bill. Like warning the world they were about to kill hundreds of thousands of people? Hacker, please.

A $100 million-dollar Conflict of Interest...
Anecdotal Fauci has held his post since 1984. He's been on the government tit for 52 years now. Only J. Edgar Hoover went longer, at 55 years. Hoover did a lot of good things in his career, but he eventually lost the thread, began thinking of himself as a prince in his own little fiefdom and forgot who he was working for. And why.

After you fully explain to America your role in this debacle, it's time for you to go, too, Tony.

You’ve helped enough.

"The Obama administration gave them a grant of $3.7 million. We will end that grant very quickly. A lot of strange things are happening, but there is a lot of investigation going on and we are going to find out." 

Bat-Fund--UPDATE: NY Post: "Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases had shelled out a total of $7.4 million to the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab — which has become the focus of theories about the origin of COVID-19, according to Newsweek.

The National Institutes of Health, which oversees the NIAID, shut down all funding to the lab last week.

At this time, NIH does not believe that the current project outcomes align with the program goals and agency priorities,” a deputy director at the agency wrote in a letter obtained by Politico. “Scientific research indicates that there is no evidence that suggests the virus was created in a laboratory.”"
If you say so, pal.

Oh look, Dr. Fauci is in the Oval Office today touting a $1000 a pill drug after he's spent weeks bashing a 10 cents a pill drug.
10:30 AM · Apr 29, 2020
When I heard him pimping the Fall Outbreak!--Fear Porn, I knew he was $elling $omething.

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons backs Hydroxychlorquine and it's 91% success rate, while a conflicted Fauci sells his dusty $1,000 Ebola dose.