Thursday, June 30, 2016

Hillary's Benghazi Betrayal: Politics First

When Your Politics Conflict With the Facts, Change Your Politics, Not the Facts

The "3 a.m." Phone Call?

I'm not sure Granny Clinton is even awake to take 3 p.m. phone calls.

"I pledge allegiance to the Narrative of my own Mad Ambition. And to the video-maker, on whom I will try to pin my own abject failure and dereliction of duty."

FBI: Narrative Control or Investigative Necessity?

Thanks for your service, though

The Orlando Slantinel:

"The FBI has asked law enforcement agencies who responded to Pulse nightclub to withhold records from the public, according to officials. ...

The lawsuit, which was filed in Orange County Circuit Court, moved to federal court after the City of Orlando named the Department of Justice as a defendant in the case. An attorney for the city said the change was made because "the dispute is really between the FBI and the media."

Barbara Petersen, President of the First Amendment Foundation, said the "FBI doesn't have the authority to hijack Florida's constitution, which guarantees us a right of access to all non-exempt public records.""............

I appreciate what the FBI does, but this seems more like an attempt to Control the Narrative inside the Beltway Blob. Sorry if I'm wrong, but after eight years of Obama and his professional liars and terror enablers, we don't believe a word D.C. says.

For example, this-Fix Is In-update from Hot Air:

"As the Daily Caller reports, there was an unofficial, unannounced meeting this week on the tarmac of the airport in Phoenix which, frankly, stinks to high heaven. Attorney General Loretta Lynch had a special visitor on her plane and it was none other than former President Bill Clinton. Are you kidding me?"..................

Maybe instead, you could go arrest that whole damn Family Jihad and wipe out that viper's nest.

Oh--I meant Omar Mateen's family, not the Clinton Crime family--bur either or both will do.

Sorry that Pres. Pat Selfontheback keeps importing more terror suspects that you guys then have to follow. It's almost as if...

Doolittle's Raiders: They Did It For You, Too

President Reagan's Farewell:

"An informed patriotism is what we want. And are we doing a good enough job teaching our children what America is and what she represents in the long history of the world? Those of us who are over 35 or so years of age grew up in a different America. We were taught, very directly, what it means to be an American. And we absorbed, almost in the air, a love of country and an appreciation of its institutions. If you didn't get these things from your family, you got them from the neighborhood, from the father down the street who fought in Korea or the family who lost someone at Anzio. Or you could get a sense of patriotism from school. And if all else failed, you could get a sense of patriotism from the popular culture. The movies celebrated democratic values and implicitly reinforced the idea that America was special. TV was like that, too, through the mid-sixties.

But now, we're about to enter the nineties, and some things have changed. Younger parents aren't sure that an unambivalent appreciation of America is the right thing to teach modern children. And as for those who create the popular culture, well-grounded patriotism is no longer the style. Our spirit is back, but we haven't reinstitutionalized it. We've got to do a better job of getting across that America is freedom--freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of enterprise. And freedom is special and rare. It's fragile; it needs [protection].

So, we've got to teach history based not on what's in fashion but what's important--why the Pilgrims came here, who Jimmy Doolittle was, and what those 30 seconds over Tokyo meant. You know, 4 years ago on the 40th anniversary of D-Day, I read a letter from a young woman writing to her late father, who'd fought on Omaha Beach. Her name was Lisa Zanatta Henn, and she said, "We will always remember, we will never forget what the boys of Normandy did." Well, let's help her keep her word.

If we forget what we did, we won't know who we are.".....................

They didn't even think they could launch those bombers off of such a short deck without drowning. And Jimmy Doolittle didn't just issue orders for the mission--he flew with his men.

And now there is one.

Take a Letter, Sharia: Address it to the Climate

Say 'I won't be coming home. I've been sentenced to the Re-Education Camp.'

"Your Papers?" (Vee don't say "please" anymore--it confuses people zat zey have a choice.)

"Vee did not approve this fog in Washington--round up zee usual suspects! Say, Miss, zat's a lovely gas-guzzler you have zere. Perhaps it caused this weather. It vould be a shame if sumpzink happened to it...""

Ace of Spades:

Not remotely fascist.
"Democratic operatives responsible for creating their party’s platform this year have unanimously adopted a provision calling for the Department of Justice to investigate companies who disagree with Democrats on global warming science. A panel of Democrats voted Friday to approve a final draft of the party’s platform to promote “Progressive Democratic Values,” which apparently includes investigating energy companies who “misled” shareholders about global warming."

"Good Morning, Mr. Bunkerfunk--fill 'er up?"
"Nice weather we're having. Been like this all month, nice and cool."
"Check the oil for you?"
"I hear sirens, Mr. Bunkerfunk--I wonder what's going on?"
"I called the police on you, Goober. You're an oil company stooge. And saying the weather hasn't changed makes you a Climate Change Denier. And saying it's cool means you deny Global Warming!"
"But...but I was just making small talk!"
"There he is, officers--Get the Denier!"
"I was just trying to be friendly! Why the Thunderstorm troopers?"
"You talked about the Weather in Officially Unapproved Terms, Goober. We can't have that. From now on, you will clear all your remarks with the Ministry of Weather Truth first. Is that clear?"
"Clear, Mr. Bunkerfunk. With a chance of afternoon tyranny."
"Take him to the Democrat Climate Camps, officers. And let this be a lesson to you people:

 Keep your small talk to sex and religion--but don't joke about the Weather!"

"What's with these Democrats? Even Barney wouldn't arrest me for Thought Crimes against Gaia!"

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Many Faces of Book: Walls For Me, But Not For Thee

"Wouldn't You Like To Be My Neighbor?"

Not really. For one thing, you hear voices.

Mark Zuckerberg: “I hear fearful voices calling for building walls and distancing people they label as others, for blocking free expression...Instead of building walls, we can build bridges.”

"Free expression"?

"On the sidelines of a United Nations luncheon on Saturday, Merkel was caught on a hot mic pressing Zuckerberg about social media posts about the wave of Syrian refugees entering Germany, the publication reported.

The Facebook CEO was overheard responding that “we need to do some work” on curtailing anti-immigrant posts about the refugee crisis. “Are you working on this?” Merkel asked in English, to which Zuckerberg replied in the affirmative before the transmission was disrupted."

"Instead of building walls"?

KILAUEA, KAUAI — For years, Kilauea, Kauai resident Gy Hall has enjoyed the view of the ocean and the breeze along Koolau Road. Then, a few weeks ago, a crew started to build a wall which happens to belong to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

“The feeling of it is really oppressive. It’s immense,” Hall said. “It’s really sad that somebody would come in, and buy a huge piece of land and the first thing they do is cut off this view that’s been available and appreciative by the community here for years.”“The feeling of it is really oppressive. It’s immense,” Hall said. “It’s really sad that somebody would come in, and buy a huge piece of land and the first thing they do is cut off this view that’s been available and appreciative by the community here for years.”
"My Own California Wall"

"My Own Personal Hawaii"

"That's not a's what we here at Headquarters like to call a welcoming, life-affirming electrified perimeter security distancing feature. But in an open, nurturing way."

I guess walls aren't that bad when you want to protect your family and property. They're only bad when non-billionaires want to protect their families and property. Got it.

Free the Breeze!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

CNN Drag Strip Groupies Against Global Warming!

Great Birds of Fire: The Science is Settled!

"You smashed my car!"
"It wasn't me, lady--it was, uh ...Wolf Blitzer!"
They call him "Pink Slip" Coumo.

Not because he'll race you for car titles. He just likes wearing pink slips.

Ed Driscoll writes the ticket:

"...sources said, he was drag racing the hot rod. But a friend of the anchor insisted Cuomo never actually raced the car and was just goofing around for photos before he clumsily cracked his radiator by hitting a parked German import. ...
“It was a full-blown drag race . . . Everybody heard it,” said a source. “He lost control and crashed into a parked Mercedes. ..."”

"Late last year on CNN, Cuomo hectored Rep. Steve King (R-IA) on air, asking, “Why won’t you get on board with the science” of global warming? Perhaps King is waiting for Cuomo himself to get onboard. To paraphrase the Insta-Professor, I’ll believe global warming is a crisis, when the people who tell me it’s a crisis act like it’s a crisis themselves – and cease drag racing in their ’69 Firebirds. Do it for Gaia, Chris!

Or do it to avoid the appearance of doubleplus ungood crimethink: “Dem Party Platform Calls For Prosecuting Global Warming Skeptics.”".........

"Smell my exhaust!"

"But, but... she's my Little Duece Coupe--you don't know what she's got!"


When I Was a Kid(tm), we had a name for Drag-Race Deniers like Chris Coumo:

Rat Finks Never Win, Chris. Ask Amanpour.

That was Fun, Fun, Fun.

Cool, Daddy.

DOJ's Unconsciousness-Raising Event

Biased Against Reality

Via Ace:

"The U.S. Justice Department will announce on Monday that more than 33,000 federal agents and prosecutors will receive training aimed at preventing unconscious bias from influencing their law enforcement decisions, department officials told Reuters." ..............

That way, when the police are driving down the street investigating meth sales in the area, and they see some older ladies come out of the church after Wednesday night prayer meeting, and they see a outlaw biker gang loitering outside of the dive bar across the street, they can roust those little old lady meth dealers in their brilliant disguises.

Crack the Church Lady's skull with a nightstick or you'll make the Founders cry! Why? Because of the Bias!, that's why. But do it with love.

The Attorney General has said "...our most effective response to terror and to hatred is compassion, it’s unity, and it’s love.”

But our most effective response is to crush terrorists. That is truly showing compassion, unity and love to their victims and would-be victims.

I'm just biased that way.

7 Reasons the Peasants Revolted

#1. Because You're Revolting

Here's an article by Michael Birnbaum of the Washington Post that allows that maybe, just maybe, there are some semi-legitimate reasons why someone might not appreciate all the wonderful blessings provided by Big Brother the Euro-Blob.

I was shocked to see it on MSN, which is such a reliable house organ of the Ministry of Truth that Joseph Goebbels is jealous. It must have been the shock that made them publish this heresy, so I thought I'd better post it before it went back down the Memory Hole.

"7 reasons why some Europeans hate the E.U.

1. Pay for E.U. bureaucrats
Even as individual nations across Europe have had to impose grinding austerity measures, including slashing pay for government workers, most European Union employees get paid generous wages with special, minimal taxes. The Telegraph — an anti-E.U. newspaper — found in 2014 that many mid-level E.U. workers were taking home more money than British Prime Minister David Cameron.
2. Wasteful travel
By treaty, the European Parliament can only meet in full session in Strasbourg, France. But most of the E.U.’s operation is in Brussels. So one week a month, the whole apparatus — legislators, support staff, lobbyists, journalists and everyone else, 10,000 people in all — travels five hours to Strasbourg. It’s as though Congress could only pass laws one week a month — and it needed to do it in Cleveland. But this parliament has 751 members. Oh, and it can’t propose legislation — it can only approve legislation that comes from the non-elected European Commission. The cost of maintaining two parliamentary seats is estimated at $200 million a year.
3. Overreaching regulation
In Britain, the famous “bendy banana” came to be a symbol of Brussels regulatory overreach, when Brussels set guidelines that bananas should be “free from malformation or abnormal curvature.” Those advocating a British departure from the E.U. said Britons could decide for themselves how bent their bananas could be.
4. Lack of accountability
The big decisions in the E.U. get hammered out behind closed doors, whether it’s inside the European Commission or at meetings of E.U. leaders or ministers. Unlike lawmakers in national legislatures, where much of the sausage-making happens in the open, E.U. leaders bargain in private, then announce their decisions afterward, leaving journalists to play detective to figure out who advocated in the closed conclave.
5. Ignoring rejections from voters
The E.U. has a long history of absorbing national ballot-box defeats, then moving onward to achieve roughly the same result through other means. When voters in France and the Netherlands rejected an E.U. constitution in 2005, E.U. leaders came back two years later with something called the Lisbon Treaty, which implemented many of the same changes but through a different legal path that didn’t require checking with voters first.
6. A Babylon of costly translations
Depending on how you read it, you might find the E.U.’s tendency to translate nearly everything it does into all 24 of its official languages a testimony to its internationalist glory or a wasteful use of resources. By E.U. custom, all public E.U. documents are translated into every language. All high-level E.U. meetings are the same way. The European Commission says it employs 1,750 linguists, 600 full-time interpreters and 3,000 freelancers.
7. Unnecessary bureaucracy
Every E.U. member state gets to appoint a commissioner, whose job is a bit like a cabinet secretary in the United States — a politician charged with administering an agency. But as the E.U. expanded, it needed to dream up new cabinet agencies to match the number of members. So it has one commission for international cooperation and development, another for trade, another for jobs, growth, investment and competitiveness, another for economic and financial affairs, and another for internal market, industry, entrepreneurship and small and medium businesses."................

This article barely covers the true stench of all the graft, corruption, grift, sleaze and tyranny, both monstrous and petty, of the thing. But it's something, I suppose.

This quote by the President of the European Parliament Martin Schultz captures the true democracy-loving spirit of the Crony-crats, though:

"The British have violated the rules. It is not the EU philosophy that the crowd can decide its fate."

No, the Consent of the Governed is not the EU philosophy--which is why the Brits left.

Germans really, REALLY don't like giving back countries they've conquered, do they?

Impeach Judge Henry Franklin Floyd. Impeach Judge Andre M. Davis.

Q: Why Do We Have Judges?

A: Because if we don't punish bad behavior, we'll get more of it.

Then why don't we punish bad behavior by judges themselves? We have all but abolished impeachment for runaway judges, so there are zero consequences for their bad behavior.

Our Founders and Framers knew human nature, and put checks and balances on power because they knew no one could be trusted with unchecked power. We are seeing the awful results of judicial impunity. That must change.

Law360 has details: "The Fourth Circuit said Tuesday that a Virginia school board’s decision to not let a transgender male student use the boys’ bathroom violated Title IX of the education code...

U.S. Circuit Judges Paul V. Niemeyer, Henry Franklin Floyd and Andre M. Davis sat on the panel for the Fourth Circuit."

Judge Neimeyer wisely dissented, but Floyd and Davis overruled the law, the Congress, the Constitution, common sense and human nature.

On process, they ruled

*that "sex" discrimination meant "gender" discrimination, in violation of the clear intent and  meaning of Congress. They should run for office if they want to write and re-write laws.
*that they were protecting the Title IX rights of the transgender student, when in fact they are violating the rights of all the other students.
* that the Equal Protection Clause means men can use the women's bathrooms and showers. If that's Equal Protection, the bank president and the bank robber have equal claim to the vault because they both make their living at the bank.

All of these are species of tyranny, abuses of power.

On the merits, their position would facilitate the rape of women and the molestation of girls, allowing any man who wishes access to the vulnerable. Blinded by their radical ideology, they either don't know or don't care.

Judge Henry Franklin Floyd and Judge Andre M. Davis should be impeached for their arrogance, radicalism and abuse of power. And for scribbling on our Constitution.

American men have got to stand up to protect their wives, daughters, sisters and mothers.

Impeaching these judicial scofflaws would be a very good start.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Obama Surrenders the Internet

Hey--You Didn't Build That!

"You ask, what is our policy? I will say: It is to surrender, by sea, land and air, with all our might and with all the strength that Allah can give me; to degrade a monstrous tyranny called the United States, never surpassed in the dark and lamentable catalogue of human crime. That is our policy. You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word: legacy at all costs, legacy in spite of all workplace violence, legacy, however long and hard the road may be; for without my faux legacy, there is no "there" there."--Winston Stompyfoot Hussein

The Blaze:

"President Barack Obama’s administration is working to hand over management of names and IP addresses to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a global stakeholder group that includes countries like Russia, Iran and China — who don’t recognize the U.S.’s First Amendment.

“From the very first days of the internet, the American government has maintained domain names and ensured equal access to everyone with no censorship whatsoever,” Cruz says in the video. “Obama wants to give that power away.”"...........

Cruz wants a vote--outrage! We can't have voting!

"Supporters of the president’s plan argue that it’s not a big deal and that the changes are mostly logistical."............

You know, like redefining marriage. Or giving Iran nukes. If it's 'no big deal' then why do it?

Another day, another surrender by President Screwitup.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Brexit Victory Lessons

 “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”--Winston Churchill

David Pryce-Jones:
"The EU was a good idea in 1945, but it has long outlived its initial purpose of reconciling Germany and France. What stands out is that heads of state and politicians in Europe have been surreptitiously building a much wider political entity. Voters are not asked for their consent. Absence of legitimacy is the EU’s main feature. Since there is no procedure for the democratic right to throw out the [expletive deleted], the EU has developed into something never seen before in the world, an oligarchy with soft totalitarian symptoms. Conflicting national interests and global economic factors lead inexorably to the hardening of these totalitarian symptoms. ...
The British perceive that this empire must end in full-blown totalitarianism or catastrophic failure, and their vote shows that they want no part of either. Another accident of history underlies the British preference for independence and democracy, never mind if these come at a cost. However, about half a dozen EU countries already look likely to follow the British lead, and if they did so, then the whole mistaken experiment of the EU could fall apart. As long ago as 1805 William Pitt the Younger faced a similar crisis with famous words, “England has saved herself by her exertions, and will, as I trust, save Europe by her example.” Yes, yes, and yes again."......................

Other Lessons in Love of Liberty:

* One Size Does Not Fit All

*The Nation-State is Still the Organizing Principle, Not the Utopian Superstate.

*Brits don't like being called stupid, ignorant racists by their arrogant "betters" for simply wishing to be British.

*Brits don't like to be threatened by an American president, especially one whose insipid incompetence and aggressive ineptitude has led to the largest terrorist-laced refugee flows since World War II.

* Victory, Victory, Victory!

Congratulations, England: A Win For Old Bighty--and Freedom

The Old Lion Still Has Teeth, After All

Winston Churchill, 1946: "There can be no revival of Europe without a spiritually great France and a spiritually great Germany.

The structure of the United States of Europe, if well and truly built, will be such as to make the material strength of a single state less important. Small nations will count as much as large ones and gain their honour by their contribution to the common cause."............

With two World Wars just behind him and a Cold War looming, Churchill sought to prevent a third war and rebuild Europe.

He called for a United States of Europe. However, the United States as his model still had a federalist system of Federal power balanced against the power of the States as enacted in structure of the Constitution including the Tenth Amendment. That balance of power was largely intact in 1946.

Today, however, states are looked at as mere administrative districts of the Federal Blob--exactly what British voters rejected yesterday.

Churchill had one other condition: that it be "well and truly built". He envisioned a union to keep the National Socialists of Germany defeated and the International Socialists of Russia at bay--not to empower a Superstate Socialism in Brussels.

Lady Thatcher, 1992: 

"This is not so much constructing a common European home — as a Common European Prison.
And it's just not on.
Imagine a European Community of 30 nations, ranging in their economic productivity from Germany to Ukraine, and in their political stability from Britain to Poland,
—all governed from Brussels;
—all enforcing the same conditions at work;
—all having the same worker rights as the German Unions;
—all subject to the same interest rates, monetary, fiscal and economic policies;
—all agreeing on a common Foreign and defence policy;
—and all accepting the authority of an Executive and a remote foreign Parliament over "80&% of economic and social legislation".
Mr Chairman, such a body is an even more utopian enterprise than the Tower of Babel.
For at least the builders of Babel all spoke the same language when they began.
They were, you might say, communautaire.
Mr Chairman, the thinking behind the Commission's proposals is essentially the thinking of "yesterday's tomorrow".
It was how the best minds of Europe saw the future in the ruins after the Second World War.
But they made a central intellectual mistake.
They assumed that the model for future government was that of a centralised bureaucracy that would collect information upwards, make decisions at the top, and then issue orders downwards.
And what seemed the wisdom of the ages in 1945 was in fact a primitive fallacy.
Hierarchical bureaucracy may be a suitable method of organising a small business that is exposed to fierce external competition — but it is a recipe for stagnation and inefficiency in almost every other context.
It can collect and use only a fraction of the information that the market picks up, and acts upon minute by minute — and so it gets it wrong.
The top cannot be sure that its orders are carried out by the bottom.
And the organisation as a whole has no feedback that would indicate whether it is performing well or badly.
Such flaws might be of minor importance in a monastery where, after all, the wishes of the monks are not the criteria of success.
In a Government, however, they produce the economic chaos and alienation we saw under communism.
Yet it is precisely this model of remote, centralised, bureaucratic organisation that the European Commission and its federalist supporters seek to impose on a Community which they acknowledge may soon contain many more countries of widely differing levels of political and economic development, and speaking more than fifteen languages.
"C'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas la politique."
The larger Europe grows, the more diverse must be the forms of co-operation it requires. Instead of a centralised bureaucracy, the model should be a market — not only a market of individuals and companies, but also a market in which the players are governments.
Thus governments would compete with each other for foreign investments, top management and high earners through lower taxes and less regulation.
Such a market would impose a fiscal discipline on governments because they would not want to drive away expertise and business.
It would also help to establish which fiscal and regulatory policies produced the best overall economic results.
No wonder socialists don't like it.
To make such a market work, of course, national governments must retain most of their existing powers in social and economic affairs.
Since these governments are closer and accountable to their voters — it is doubly desirable that we should keep power at the national level."............................
Here, Member of European Parliament Daniel Hannan explains why voters should fire him, why the EU is a Crony Capitalist rat's nest and a Full-Employment Zone for failed lefties to impose their policies on voters despite having lost elections.

Congratulations, Brits--you've struck a blow for Freedom again.

Good Show!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Illegal Government Shut-Down By Stompy-Foot Democrats: Just Like Hillary, We're All Above the Law Now!


"A man's rights rest in three boxes: the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box."--Frederick Douglass, 1867

It's no surprise that after 7 & 1/2 years of a Castro-Lite administration, the House Democrats are acting like the legislature of a Communist Banana Republic that their party has become. Except the public voted for a Republican House, so this has the odor of a beer-hall putsch, mixed with stale bong-water.

Ted Cruz used the rules for his Government Shutdown. Democrats are breaking the law to shut down the House unless they can repeal the Second Amendment by gutting the 5th Amendment:  "No person shall be...deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law..."


"Not 24 hours ago, Senate Democrats had the chance to vote on a bill that would have given them the core of what they want, namely, DOJ power to block gun purchases by anyone on a terror watch list. All they had to do was make a simple concession to due process by requiring the feds to go to court and show their work, proving to a judge within three days of the attempted purchase that the person on the list was actually dangerous. Too many innocent people have been put on watch lists erroneously to grant the federal government power to strip them of their rights with no judicial safeguard. That was the Cornyn bill; it died in the Senate, 53/47, when Democrats refused to give it the 60 votes it needed for cloture. The left killed the bill only because it provided due process to gun owners. Even the ACLU is aghast."...........

These are the people who worry about voting rights of poor people on welfare if they're asked for ID (yet they had to have ID to get benefits!). They stay up all nights worrying about the Iron-Clad Rights of Gitmo Detainees...but your Due Process Rights are a mere technicality subject to Barack Obama's whims.

They might as well repeal the First Amendment, too. That's because when Mateen was refused weaponry at the gun store, he got on his cell phone and used his Free Speech rights to further his terrorist plot in Pashtun--we'll get the sanitized translation any minute now. If only we had Phone Control, we could have listened in and saved many lives.

And we could repeal the Sixth Amendment, too. The FBI could have stopped him cold when they questioned him, if only they could have searched his house without a warrant. We need Privacy Control. Midnight searches save lives, too.

It's not about terrorism. Democrats are fighting so hard because an armed citizenry stands between them and their dream of a full-on One-Party State, the Socialist Utopia.

In other words, the Second Amendment is working JUST AS IT WAS DESIGNED.

The House rabble is hiding behind John Lewis, who once stood up for Civil Rights, but is now sitting down against them. How quickly he forgets:

"A second prominent lawmaker said Friday that he's been subjected to extra security at airports because his name appears on a list designed to prevent terrorists from boarding planes.

Rep. John Lewis, D - Georgia, a nine-term congressman famous for his civil rights work with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., has been stopped 35 to 40 times over the past year, his office said. ...

Lewis contacted the Department of Transportation, the Department of Homeland Security and executives at various airlines in a so-far fruitless effort to get his name off the list, said spokeswoman Brenda Jones.

Instead, Lewis got a letter from the Transportation Security Administration that he can present to ticket agents indicating he has cleared an identity check with the agency. But the letter warns he might still be subject to extra security checks before being allowed to fly.

Other airline passengers have been given similar letters after they've complained to the TSA.

The letter given to others reads in part, "While TSA cannot ensure that this procedure will relieve all delays, we hope it will facilitate [a] more efficient check-in procedure for you."

Jones said Lewis' office has been contacted by another man named John Lewis seeking assistance from the congressman because he, too, has faced extra screening.

Lewis is frustrated by the experience, Jones said.

In one incident, security officials took "every single item" out of his luggage, she said. Another time, after he was allowed to board, security officials questioned him at his seat."..............

If that's how they treat a Congressman, what do you think it will be like for the average peasant?

But John Lewis is not the only one with Civil Rights experience.

Condi Rice:

[Birmingham, Alabama, 1963] ..."[A]fter the first explosion, Daddy just went outside and sat on the porch with his gun on his lap. He sat there all night looking for white night riders.

Eventually Daddy and the men of the neighborhood formed a watch. They would take shifts at the head of the entrances to our streets. Occasionally they would fire a gun into the air to scare off intruders, but they never actually shot anyone. Because of this experience, I'm a fierce defender of the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms.

Had my father and his neighbors registered their weapons, Bull Connor surely would have confiscated them or worse. The Constitution speaks of the right to a well-regulated militia. The inspiration for this was the Founding Fathers' fear of the government. They insisted that citizens have the right, if necessary, to resist the authorities themselves. What better example of responsible gun ownership is there than what the men of my neighborhood did in response to the KKK and Bull Connor?"
Source: My Extraordinary Family, by Condi Rice, p. 94 , Jan 10, 2012

The event that seared its way most powerfully into Rice’s memory was the 1963 bombing of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church. She heard the blast. Rice recalls the terror she felt as an eight-year-old. “These terrible events burned into my consciousness,” she remembers. And, as America shook its head in disbelief at the murder of four girls, Condi was mourning the two she knew personally--including Denise McNair, her kindergarten classmate. “I remember more than anything the coffins, the small coffins, and the sense that Birmingham was not a very safe place.“
 Armed with a shotgun, her father joined the other men of the black community in night patrols to keep the KKK out of the neighborhood. It was in the crucible of that experience that Condoleezza developed her opposition to gun control and came to value what she sees as the Second Amendment guarantee of the ”right to bear arms.“
Source: Condi vs. Hillary, by Dick Morris, p. 71-72 , Oct 11, 2005
"I also don’t think we get to pick and choose in the Constitution. The Second Amendment is as important as the First Amendment. My father and his friends defended our community in 1962 and 1963 against white nightriders sitting there armed. And so I’m very concerned about any abridgement of the Second Amendment. I am a Second Amendment absolutist."
Source: Draft Condi website,, “Issues” , May 11, 2005
Stop the Brutal 'Sit-In Against Freedom' Grandstanding
"...When the good old ship of Zion comes along, to be ready to step

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Not All Democrats Are Terrorists, But All Terrorists are Democrats

Or at least a lot of them.

There are some Democrats, including the Times, trying to pin this terrorist action on Republicans rather than on ISIS, which perfectly illustrates their own pathology.

They've tried to do it since the '30's by pawning off their National Socialists and Collectivist Fascists on conservatives.

Then they tried again with Communist Lee Harvey Oswald in the '60's. "The Paranoid Style" tried to blame those awful Texas conservatives for the actions of a Castro groupie.

And now with these Islamo-Nazis.

News Flash: This whole family is a rat's nest of Democrat/Terror Enablers. They registered as Democrats, voted as Democrat, they contributed to Democrats and they're not the only terrorists who are, either. Clean up your own trash, Democrats, and don't dump it on our door.
Thank you.--The Management.

This is becoming a National Rorsarch Test:

Republicans blame ISIS and the CINC who won't take them on
Democrats blame Republicans
CAIR blames Islamophobes.
Feminists blame men.
LGBTs blame Christians
Gun-grabbers blame the NRA
Black Lives Matter blames white people
Environmentalists blame Global Warming
Glen Beck blames Woodrow Wilson
Obama Blames America, etc.

That's what attacking the Second Amendment is; blaming America and her law-abiding citizens. Which is so much easier than taking on evil bastards overseas who need killing, especially when you are a card-carrying Blame-America-Firster.

Former Democrat Jeanne Kirkpatrick:

"They said that saving Grenada from terror and totalitarianism was the wrong thing to do - they didn't blame Cuba or the communists for threatening American students and murdering Grenadians - they blamed the United States instead. But then, somehow, they always blame America first.

When our Marines, sent to Lebanon on a multinational peacekeeping mission with the consent of the United States Congress, were murdered in their sleep, the "blame America first crowd" didn't blame the terrorists who murdered the Marines, they blamed the United States.
But then, they always blame America first."


You never hear those phrases. "-phobe" is reserved for Preferred Victims Only. A phobia is a hysterical, unreasoned fear. But what if we really thought about it, considered your point of view and disagree on the merits? That's not a phobia--it's freedom.

You also never hear "We're all traditional marriage supporters now!" when the Southern Poverty Law Center winds up some psycho killer and sends him over to the Family Research Council.

Instead of blaming each other after the fact, we should stop ISIS before the fact.

But that's just the way I am.

For that, I blame my parents.

Obama: We'll Be Lying to You in Two Languages Now, Because One Just Isn't Enough for All the Lies

Q: What's wrong with this USAToday article?

...Omar Mateen calmly claimed credit for the massacre and identified himself as an "Islamic soldier'' while calling on U.S. authorities to stop the bombing in Iraq and Syria, according to partial transcripts of the attacker's telephone contacts with dispatchers and crisis negotiators released on Monday.
"Praise be to God, and prayers as well as peace be upon the prophet of God,'' Mateen told a 911 dispatcher in Arabic just after 2:30 a.m., June 12.

A: The quotation marks.

They are not quoting Mateen. They are quoting the government bureaucrat who changed Mateen's words for you.

Mateen called himself a "jihadi", not an "Islamic soldier",

Mateen said "Allah", not "God". He knew both words and chose "Allah". But your government chose to change it for you.

Why? Several reasons:

* They desperately want terrorism to be practiced equally by the Amish, Buddhists and Muslims. If you notice that it is not, you're a bigot. Facts are racist things, hater.
* They're trying to spare the religious sensibilities of Muslims. Compare this tender solicitude with how they force nuns to buy abortions. And they wonder why people think he's a Muslim.
*'soldier' sounds more legit than 'jihadi'. And who's against 'God'?
* They think Americans--but not jihadis!--are ignorant rednecks who will start shooting up the joint, targeting everybody with a turban should they hear an Arabic word.

First of all, thanks to the government's insane policies, we already know way more Arabic than we should. Little Buford is not going to grab his AK-49-ers George Bush-Master Race Assault Rifle Cannon Machine Gun Pistol Mean-Looking Weapon and go on a rampage.

And our Buford probably already served two tours in the Middle East and knows more about the Sunni-Shia situation than most of Washington's Cocktail Commandos.

Ace of Spades:

The FBI, DoJ Cave, Release Complete Unredacted Mateen 911 Transcripts

But insist on replacing 'Allah' with 'God' in the Arabic translation."...........

Don't try to de-Islam-ify Islamist terrorism. Don't try to calm us down. Don't try to sell us on your "acceptable Level of Terrorism".

And don't translate for us. We already don't believe an Allahdam word you say in English, you [redacted] [redacted] of [redacted].

You can "quote" me.

UPDATE: The Attorney General is going to Orlando today to discuss [redacted] with [omitted].

Monday, June 20, 2016

We've Had Rights to Free Speech, to Bear Arms and to Due Process For Centuries--'Til Now?

Is Liberty Control What We Need?

Congress, rather than debating why we keep bringing in more terror suspects all the time, is right now debating how much Due Process terror suspects are entitled to. Also cub scouts:

"...he was a baby and she could not get a seat for him on their flight to Florida at an airport kiosk; airline officials explained that his name “was on the list,”...

The first time he was patted down, at Newark Liberty International Airport, Mikey was 2. He cried."

At this rate, we're going to have to quadruple the FBI just to keep up. And provide lollipops, too. Great.

Bill Gertz:

"A new Department of Homeland Security report urges rejecting use of Islamic terms such as “jihad” and “sharia” in programs aimed at countering terrorist radicalization among American youth. ,,,

Under the section on terminology, the report calls for rejecting use of an “us versus them” mentality by shunning Islamic language in “Countering Violent Extremism” programs, or CVE, the Obama administration’s euphemism that seeks to avoid references to Islam.

Under a section on recommended actions on terminology, the report says DHS should “reject religiously-charged terminology and problematic positioning by using plain meaning American English.”

Government agencies should employ “American English instead of religious, legal and cultural terms like ‘jihad,’ ‘sharia,’ ‘takfir’ or ‘umma,’” states the June 2016 report by the Council’s countering violent extremism subcommittee.".................

Oh, please. This is the government that wants us to explain to a 5 year-old girl why there are men in her bathroom--but we can't quote the jihadi who calls it an act jihad on social media, while we're still mopping up the blood?

This, btw, is the Homeland Security Committee with a member who says her homeland is Syria forever. And celebrates 9/11 as a good thing, just like Omar Mateen did.  And another Muslim Homeland Security Advisor who says Israel bombed the World Trade Center and "If You See Something, Say Nothing." Which doesn't make sense: if Israel was behind all the terrorism, why he would he remain silent?

But since the Blobocracy has ordered us not to discuss the terms ‘jihad,’ ‘sharia,’ ‘takfir’ and ‘umma', let's now discuss the terms ‘jihad,’ ‘sharia,’ ‘takfir’ and ‘umma.’ 

Gertz again: "Jihad is the Islamic concept of holy war that is the primary call to arms for Islamic terrorist groups around the world, including the Islamic State, al Qaeda, and the Muslim Brotherhood. Sharia law is the anti-democratic Islamic supremacist legal code that critics say has prevented U.S. Muslims from assimilating into American society. Takfir is the Arabic term for apostasy, and umma is the word used to describe the entire Muslim community. ...

Rep. Mike Pompeo (R., Kansas) ...“Jihadists are the ones who have made this fight ‘us vs. them’ with every violent terrorist attack—from bringing down the World Trade Center towers, killing American soldiers overseas, beheading journalists, or shooting Americans in Orlando,” he added. “DHS’s emphasis here on political correctness is absolutely dangerous and places America and our military at risk.” ...

“Over and over again, we have seen the Obama administration having ample information to stop a terrorist attack, and yet because of the political correctness, because of the ideology of this administration that won’t even say the word ’jihad,’ won’t even say the words ’radical Islamic terrorism,’ they look the other way and the attacks go forward,” Cruz said in a Senate floor speech Thursday.

Sebastian Gorka, a counterterrorism expert, said that banning the jihadist terminology is similar to “Newspeak,” the fictional language used for totalitarian control in George Orwell’s book 1984.

“This is simply outrageous from the perspective of national security,” said Gorka, the Horner chair of military theory at Marine Corps University.

“Banning words that our political elite don’t like is not only a contravention of the First Amendment, it directly endangers the lives of Americans. When the enemy that slaughters our citizens in Orlando, San Bernardino, and Boston calls themselves ‘jihadis’ no one, not even the president, has the right to censor that reality and give them another name.”

Mark Steyn: "The arithmetic isn't complicated...the more Islam, the fewer gays.

The pro-Taliban dad has assured us that his pro-ISIS son isn't radical. That's the madness of the world we live in.

I listen to people say 'oh, we're now going to have to have metal detectors in night clubs, security in nightclubs.' Ok, so what happens next? They blow up a bakery, they blow up a little pastry shop, so then you're gonna have to have metal detectors to get into the pastry shop.

Instead of having all these individual perimeters around every Dunkin Donuts franchise or every gas station, or every J.C. Penny, why not have just one big perimeter around the country? We could call it a border! And we could have, like, a border security!"................

The King of Jordan says Islam is in a Civil War. They need to win their war first, not bring it to our shores.

Jihad Watch: "51% of U.S. Muslims want Sharia 

Omar Ahmad, co-founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the top Muslim lobby group in Washington: “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Quran should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”"......

Sharia isn't just a personal code of conduct. It involves the immoral coercion and subjugation of others.

John Adams said: "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

He wasn't just saying play nice with others. He meant that a free state cannot exist when a certain number of citizens are subversive; criminals, communists, pirates, mobsters, terrorist sympathizers, etc..
If every other boat in the harbor is a pirate ship, you can't have freedom of the seas.
If every other phone call is a Tony Soprano ordering a hit, you can't have freedom to privacy.
If every other gun purchase is an Omar Mateen or Tashfin Malik, you can't have liberty of Arms.

If it reaches critical mass, say, 51%, you lose your free state and get a Security State.  

Our Rights to bear Arms.
To Free Speech.
To Due Process.
To Control Our Own Borders, Citizenship and Destiny.
And Sometimes, Our Very Right to Be, to Stay Alive and to simply live another day.

This administration keeps making us choose between the "umma" and our most cherished and ancient rights, between Sharia and the Constitution, between "an acceptable level of terrorism" and Liberty Control.

I made my choice. In 1776.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day, Dads

“So he returned home to his father. And while he was still a long way off, his father saw him coming. Filled with love and compassion, he ran to his son, embraced him, and kissed him."--Luke 15:20

That's how our Heavenly Father loves us.

And now, a Founding Father's Day moment:

"For true patriots to be silent, is dangerous."-- Samuel Adams, 1766

Thanks, Dad.

The Real Orlando Victims?

Islam, Of Course.

Even before the terrorist attack, Omar Mateen's brother-in-law Mustafa Abasin had posted all kinds of Islamo-victimhood claims. He's taken to the Democrat Grievance Culture so thoroughly, he should run for Debbie Wasserman-Schulz's job. He's taken to it like Bill Clinton offering to mentor at a Troubled Girls with Daddy Issues Conference.

In fact, Mustafa Abasin is a Trump-hating Pro-Taliban Democrat contributor. Fixated on AIDS. Who had his jihadi-in-law sign over his share of the family house just before the Jihad. I'm sure he didn't have anything to do with the family business this awful terrorist attack. And the father is just as bad.

From 2003, Mark Steyn :

"A man from West Africa came into the shop and "shook the store owner's hand powerfully until the owner felt his penis melt into his body.""

"I know the feeling. The same thing happened to me after shaking hands with Sen. Clinton."

"It is, in that sense, the perfect emblematic tale of Islamic victimhood: The foreigners have made us impotent!"

"One of the things I'd feel humiliated about if I lived in the Arab world is that almost all the forms of expression of my anti-Westernism are themselves Western in origin. Pan-Arabism was old-school 19th century nationalism of the type that eventually unified the various German and Italian statelets. Nasserism was transplanted European socialism, Baathism a local anachronistic variant on 'tween-wars Fascist movements. The Arabs even swiped Jew hatred from the Europeans. Though there was certainly friction between Jews and Muslims before the 20th century, it took the Europeans to package a disorganized, free-lance dislike of Jews into a big-time ideology with the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Mein Kampf and all the rest."

"Even Islamic fundamentalism, though ostensibly a rare example of a homegrown toxin, has, as a practical matter, more in common with European revolutionary movements than with traditional expressions of Islam..."

"There's something pathetic about a culture so ignorant even its pathologies have to be imported."...........

And then exported to Orlando.

And even to Canada to be internalized there:

 “It went from being a gay vigil to being a vigil for Islam.”

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Obama: "...Why (is it) that we think our liberty requires these repeated tragedies? That’s not the meaning of liberty."

Try these:

"...Why (is it) that we think our liberty requires me to crush ISIS? That’s not the meaning of liberty."

"...Why (is it) that we think our liberty requires me to stop flooding the country with Sharia-supporters? That’s not the meaning of liberty."

"...Why (is it) that we think our liberty requires me to do my job? That’s not the meaning of liberty."

The "meaning of liberty" is altering the Bill of Rights?



UPDATE: I recently wrote about having the Second Amendment Lib 'splained to me:

""The militia is not the people. The militia is the State Guard. And the State Guard is the State National Guard, And the State National Guard is the Federal National Guard. And the National Guard is the Federal Government. Therefore, the 2nd Amendment really means that the Federal Government and only the Federal Government has the Right to Keep and Bear Arms."

Which is the exact opposite of what it really means, explained the Queen to Alice."

Well, here it is: "What America’s gun fanatics won't tell you. The Second Amendment doesn’t give you the right to own a gun"

The author says only the National Guard (now under Obama's control) has a right to own guns. He may not even think police can have guns.

If Granny fends off a knife-wielding home invader with her snubnose .38, she's an anti-Constitutional monster who is a "deserter" because she's not in the Guard.

Hell, they don't even call Bo Bergdahl a deserter.

The Founders evidently wanted her assaulted. If you're too old to enlist, too bad. Do your patriotic duty and die, Granny!

The entire Bill of Rights are limitations on government, not limitations on citizen's rights. The Founders knew Governments grab power and were trying to stop it, not enshrine it. If the Second Amendment is actually a gun ban like this fanatic says, then why didn't the Founders confiscate guns back then?

Hands Off, Statists!

(the linked article uses this image of Hamilton):

"America is a Gun-Free Zone? I brought cannons to the Princeton campus, pistols to Weehauken and muskets to Broadway! Don't ever use my picture to try to infringe the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, you jerk!"

Soda Taxes Credulity

"We must enact Federal Backside Checks to purchase these brutal Assault Sodas!"

"Yesterday Philadelphia became the first major city in the United States to impose a special tax on soft drinks, but as enacted it has nothing to do with reducing obesity, the usual rationale for such levies. Unlike Berkeley, where voters approved a one-cent-per-ounce tax on sugar-sweetened drinks in 2014, Philadelphia will tax low-calorie and zero-calorie beverages at the same rate as regular soda. ...

What was once a supposedly noble effort to save poor people from their own bad habits has become nothing more than a money grab. In a way, that's encouraging, because Philadelphians clearly rebelled at the notion that taxes should be used to manipulate people's dietary choices, especially when poor people of color are the main targets. The condescending paternalism of Nutter's tax proposal turned people off so much that he could not get it approved."

Sorry, Reason, but it looks like to me that they kept the sin tax on sugary soda and added a yuppie fairness tax on diet soda, the worst of two worlds. Just like they favor a VAT and an income tax.

Funny how we tax some sins--but others are strictly off-limits.

"I reserve the right to tax your bad behavior, sinner--but my bad behavior is my body, my choice!"
My foibles are a taxable event but your's are enshrined in the Constitution, visible only with Anthony Kennedy's Secret Decoder ring.

Since "we all pay for BlobCare", maybe Philly should enact a sin tax on risky boxing!

"It's chicken shit, Champ! Chicken shit, I tell you!"

"I can't drink this pop until I run down to City Hall and pay the new tax."

"Yay--City Hall Wins Again!"

Friday, June 17, 2016

The State Deptartment is More Hawkish Than Obama

France Is More Hawkish Than Obama.

Hell, Barney the Dinosaur is more hawkish than Obama. You don't see Barney drawing meaningless Purple Lines in the sand.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

What Do Laila Alawa and Omar Mateen Have In Common?

A: They both celebrated after 9/11. Which Officially Never Happens(tm).

What is the difference between Laila Alawa and Omar Mateen?

A: One is a Homeland Security menace...and the other is a Homeland Security Advisor. 

Daily Caller:

"One of the sitting members on the Homeland Security Advisory Council’s (HSAC) Subcommittee on Countering Violent Extremism is a 25-year-old immigrant of Syrian heritage who said that the 9/11 attacks “changed the world for good” and has consistently disparaged America, free speech and white people on social media. Laila Alawa was one of just 15 people tapped to serve on the newly-formed HSAC Subcommittee on Countering Violent Extremism in 2015 — the same year she became an American citizen."............

It stands to reason that if "9/11 changed the world for [the] good", then we should do it again--and she would be working to accomplish that goal. 

"Just last week, the subcommittee submitted a report to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, recommending that the DHS avoid using Muslim terminology like the words “sharia” and “jihad” when discussing terrorism." ................

Yep--working to accomplish that goal.

What's amazing is that somewhere, some putative grown-up like Sec. Jeh Johnson said "Get me Laila Alawa! This is just the kind of fresh, outside-the-box thinking we need to turn America into a secure, stable well-ordered society just like Syria!"

"Alawa says she immigrated into the U.S. when she was ten years old. Her family had already left Syria by the time she was born. “But I will always be Syrian. I will always be from Syria. I will always be of Syria,” she wrote in November 2015, calling the country her “homeland.”"

Wait a minute--a Homeland Security Adviser...who says her homeland is Syria? And is still on her parent's insurance?

After reading some of her tweets, I realized this was a child, not anybody who was going to keep others safe, unless ISIS fears snark. "Listen to the children--they will lead you, grasshopper."

It's like "Lord of the Flies". The Administration is probably violating their own child labor policies. Now we know what security policy would look like if it were written by Barney the Dinosaur and Achmed the Palestinian Mouse. That is, if the report wasn't already written months ago in Valerie Jarret's office.

Democrats have gone Harry Truman dropping the A-Bomb to a Mean Girl dropping F-bombs.

"[Her tweet]: "9/11 changed the world for good and there's just no other way to say it. I just hope we can continue to have open conversations about our differences.""

Sure we can. If we're not busy jumping from the 29th floor.

At least she won't be lonely; here's another Homeland Security Advisor who says Israel bombed the World Trade Center and "If You See Something, Say Nothing."

Maybe Obama should just name Omar Mateen a Posthumous Homeland Security Advisor. He thought "out-of-the-box", too.

And right into the casket.

Donald Trump: "There Is Something Going On."

And On. And On. And On. And...

The Donald: "We're led by a man that either is not tough, not smart, or he's got something else in mind. And the something else in mind, you know, people can't believe it, people cannot believe that President Obama is acting the way he acts and can't even mention the words 'radical Islamic terrorism. There's something going on — it's inconceivable. There's something going on. He doesn't get it, or he gets it better than anybody understands. It's one or the other, and either one is unacceptable. There are a lot of people who think maybe he doesn't want to get it. A lot of people think maybe he doesn't want to know about it."

Trump is saying what everybody else in Official Washington is to afraid to say. They're even to afraid to think it--hell, some of them are afraid to fall asleep because they might ask themselves The Question in their dreams:

"If he's not a terrorist sympathizer, how would his policies look any different if he was?"

The Donald is saying out loud that the Emperor Has No Clothes--except some old turbans and robes he keeps laying around for cordial visits with friends and family.

But it doesn't make Obama a terrorist sympathizer just because...

* he attended an Islamic elementary school.
* he's returning hardened terrorists back to the battlefield.
* he speaks ill of Christianity and positively of Islam every chance he gets.
* he handed our Surge Victory in Iraq over IS and Iran.
* he's hostile to Israel and friendly to her enemies.
* he helped the Muslim Brotherhood take over Egypt, giving them weapons, jets and a billion dollars.
* he's the Father of Iran's Nuclear Program.
* he's flooding the country with terrorist sympathizers, abandoning our borders and giving visas to terrorists.
* he is, as Ted Cruz put it, "If this deal goes through the Obama administration becomes the leading financier of terrorism against Americans in the world. I’ve heard this referred to before as the “Jihadist Stimulus Bill.”
* he has handcuffed law enforcement, blinded our intelligence agencies, crippled the military and surrendered diplomatically.
* he refuses to crush ISIS, which "is a recruiting tool" he seems unconcerned about.
* he even covers up Christian symbols when he speaks but proudly displays Islamic symbols.

There are a thousand other examples, but Obama is not a terrorist mole.

He's a Communist. Sleep well, D.C..

UPDATE: Okay, he's a Communist Islamo-Sympathizer.

Fixed it.