Saturday, October 31, 2020

Sean Connery, 1930-2020

Rest In Peace

Manufactured News Network's WEAKENED UPDATE

MNN: “Democracy Dies In Harry Reid’s Crawlspace Like All the Others”

With Your Weakened Anchor Ajit Praup

MNN BREAKING NEWS…Hunter Biden Retroactively Registers as a Russian Agent Under FARA, the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

The Biden Campaign immediately released this statement:

“It’s now official; the man pictured in photographs of sex and drug abuse was an admitted Russian Agent. The bribery emails were written by a registered Russian Agent and the laptop computer was dropped off at the repair shop by a confirmed Russian Agent. This should put an end to this matter forever.”
Comrade Bidenoff noddin' off

In other news, all of Official Washington is bracing for the mandatory amphibious SWAT assault on Jack Dorsey’s house for Lying to Congress.
Pictured here, Dorsey demonstrated to senators how to pick your nose with a nose-ring

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg testified that he censored the Hunter Biden Bribery story because an mysterious unidentified FBI agent code-named "Chris Wray" warned him it might be Russian election meddling and election meddling is the job of American Intelligence and Big Tech monopolies.  

Everybody knows that. 

* (Tidepod,VA) After Contracting Virus, Gov. Northam Mandates New, Larger Masks for All Virginians

* (Mogadishu, MN) In a preview of what Democrats would like to do nation-wide, Islamo-Communist  Atty. Gen. Keith Ellison used COVIDCONTROL as an excuse to forbid Trump supporters from gathering, even as he encouraged mobs of rioters to burn down Minneapolis. 

President Trump: “I want to thank the thousands of people out side who were barred from entry by radical Democrats. You are American patriots. Thank you very much. When large numbers of rioters and vandals sacked the city of Minneapolis earlier this year, Keith Ellison did not ask them to submit a permit. He told the throngs of violent demonstrators, ‘by all means, exercise your First Amendment rights'. He said that they ripped down your city. Keith Ellison sided with flag-burning extremists over law-abiding Americans. He treats you like second-class citizens. He believes that the pro-American voters have fewer rights than anti-American demonstrators. Keith Ellison and Joe Biden want to imprison you in your homes while letting anarchists, agitators and vandals roam free as they destroy your cities and states...We're not just running against Sleepy Joe; we're running against the arrogant far-Left political class. They want one set of rules for you and none for themselves.” 

"How can I be a wife-beater? I never married the bitch!"

* (Lost Wages, NV) Chief Justice John Roberts has signed a multi-year contract to headline at the essential casino Caesar's Palace with his background singers, The Obama Judges. The nation's top judge will do a variety act including stand-down comedy, vaudeville voir dire, the usual dog and pony show, the old soft shoe, male-pattern baldness, Deep State puppetry, church closings, judicially-assisted vote fraud and his famous wicked impersonation of Ruth Bader-Ginsburg.
Suspect last seen in a sweater stolen from the Perry Como Museum on the Strip.
All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Or the Supreme Court.

* (Gramps Rabid, MI) Gov. Gretchen Whitmer will host the next meeting of the NDGKGA, the National Democrat Granny-Killer Governors Association.

"Even though half the national cause-of-death statistics are phony as hell, all of our unnecessary nursing home deaths are as real as the pennies on Nana's eyelids," said the governor. "We're just proud that we could help get those numbers up."

The Governors' Special Achievement Award For Unresolved Mommy Issues will go to some mentally-ill guy in a dress who We're All Supposed To Pretend Is Normal, Like A Scene From "The Emperor's New Gender". At least he didn't kill his own mom, sending her to a luxury hotel before he locked up other people's parents in COVID Acres Rest Home. 

"If only your grandparents had committed violent crimes, we could have released them from custody!"

* In Sports News, there is no Sports News--it's all Hard-Left Politics. Except for this, which is just... American:

Bobby Orr and Brett Favre agree--Herschel and Jim Brown,too: 

Monday, October 26, 2020

Just Us No More

"Our manner of interpreting the Constitution is to begin with the text, and to give that text the meaning that it bore when it was adopted by the people ... This is such a minority position in modern academia and in modern legal circles that on occasion I'm asked when I've given a talk like this a question from the back of the room--'Justice Scalia, when did you first become an originalist?'--as though it is some kind of weird affliction that seizes some people-- 'When did you first start eating human flesh?'"--Justice Antonin Scalia

"Long ago, William Blackstone wrote that "the law of the land...postpones even public necessity to the sacred and inviolable rights of private property." The Framers embodied that principle in the Constitution, allowing the government to take property not for "public necessity," but instead for "public use". Defying this understanding, the Court replaces the Public Use Clause with a 'Public Purpose' Clause (or perhaps the "Diverse and Always Evolving Needs of Society" Clause), a restriction that is satisfied, the Court instructs, so long as the purpose is "legitimate" and the means "not irrational". This deferential shift in phraseology enables the Court to hold, against all common sense, that a costly urban-renewal project whose stated purpose is a vague promise of new jobs and increased tax revenue, but which is also suspiciously agreeable to the Pfizer Corporation, is for a "public use". I cannot agree. If such "economic development" takings are for a "public use", any taking is, and the Court has erased the Public Use Clause from our Constitution, as Justice O'Conner powerfully argues in dissent. I do not believe that this Court can eliminate liberties expressly enumerated in the Constitution and therefore join her dissenting opinion. Regrettably, however, the Court's error runs deeper than this. Today's decision is simply the latest in a string of our cases construing the Public Use Clause to be a virtual nullity, without the slightest nod to its original meaning. In my view, the Public Use Clause, originally understood, is a meaningful limit on the government's eminent domain power. Our cases have strayed from the Clause's original meaning, and I would reconsider them. When faced with a clash of constitutional principle and a line of unreasoned cases wholly divorced from the text, history, and structure of our founding document, we should not hesitate to resolve the tension in favor of the Constitution's original meaning."--Justice Clarence Thomas' Dissent in 'Kelo'

"To engraft on any instrument a substantive exception not found in it, must be admitted to be a matter attended with great difficulty. And the difficulty increases with the importance of the instrument, and the magnitude and complexity of the interests involved in its construction. To allow this to be done with the Constitution, upon reasons purely politicalrenders its judicial interpretation impossible because judicial tribunals, as such, cannot decide upon political considerations. Political reasons have not the requisite certainty to afford rules of juridical interpretation. They are different in different men. They are different in the same men at different times. And when a strict interpretation of the Constitution, according to the fixed rules which govern the interpretation of laws, is abandoned, and the theoretical opinions of individuals are allowed to control its meaning, we have no longer a Constitution; we are under the government of individual men, who for the time being have power to declare what the Constitution is, according to their own views of what it ought to mean. When such a method of interpretation of the Constitution obtains, in place of a republican Government, with limited and defined powers, we have a Government which is merely an exponent of the will of Congress; or what, in my opinion, would not be preferable, an exponent of the individual political opinions of the members of this court.".--Justice Benjamin Curtis' Dissent in 'Dred Scot'.

“I write separately to call attention to this Court’s threat to American democracyIt is not of special importance to me what the law says about marriage. It is of overwhelming importance, however, who it is that rules me. Today’s decree says that my Ruler, and the Ruler of 320 million Americans coast-to-coast, is a majority of the nine lawyers on the Supreme Court. But the Court ends this debate, in an opinion lacking even a thin veneer of law. Buried beneath the mummeries and straining-to-be-memorable passages of the opinion is a candid and startling assertion: No matter what it was the People ratified, the Fourteenth Amendment protects those rights that the Judiciary, in its ‘reasoned judgment,’ thinks the Fourteenth Amendment ought to protect. [T]o allow the policy question of same-sex marriage to be considered and resolved by a select, patrician, highly unrepresentative panel of nine is to violate a principle even more fundamental than no taxation without representation: no social transformation without representation. What really astounds is the hubris reflected in today’s judicial Putsch.”--Justice Scalia's Dissent in 'Obergefell'

Originalism is honoring the words of the social contract we all agreed upon, instead of changing the terms using magic decoder rings that allow liberals and only liberals to see everything they want in it. Originalism is just a fancy word for honesty, integrity, fairness and the Consent of the Governed--you know, the thing.

The President: "Justice Barrett has made clear she will issue rulings based solely upon a faithful reading of the law and the Constitution as written, not legislate from the bench.

The equal, impartial, and constitutional rule of law that we enjoy every day in America is one of the crowning achievements in the history of human civilization. It is the triumph of reason, experience, and the values which are eternal and everlasting. Our devotion to this inheritance is what has made America the most just, exceptional, and glorious nation ever to exist.

I want every American child watching to understand that this is a very special and important ceremony. We are fulfilling the duty that passes to each new generation to sustain the national traditions and virtues that make possible everything we have achieved before that we will do tomorrow.

Because of our Constitution and our culture of freedom, you live in a land where anything is possible and where any dream can come true. No matter who you are, no matter your background, in America, everyone is entitled to equal protection under our laws, and your sacred rights can never, ever be taken away.

The march of liberty that began with the American Revolution continues onward this evening. Tonight at the White House, we carry forward the cause of freedom, equality, and justice for which so many generations of Americans have given so much. We honor the cause for which men died to win the Civil War, and for which they jumped out of airplanes and shed their blood on distant battlefields. We honor the immortal principles that inspired millions in the struggle for Civil Rights, and we take special pride in the nation that inspires billions of people all over the world.

We must never take this radiant inheritance for granted. We must never lose confidence in our history, our heritage, or in our heroes. To reach for the stars, we must stand upon the strong and sturdy foundation built by those incredible Americans who came before.

Justice Barrett, as you take your oath tonight, the legacy of our ancestors falls to you. The American people put their trust in you and their faith in you as you take up the task of defending our laws, our Constitution, and this country that we all love. We ask God to give you wisdom and courage. I know you will make us all very, very proud.

As long as we are loyal to our founding and to our fellow citizens, America’s future will be bright, America’s destiny will be great, and America’s people will forever and always be free. I now ask Justice Thomas to administer the Oath. Thank you very much.".......

"The oath that I have solemnly taken tonight means at its core that I will do my job without any fear or favor and that I will do so independent of both the political branches and my own preferences. I love the Constitution and the democratic republic that it establishes, and I will devote myself to preserving it."--Justice Amy Coney-Barrett

Bribe Biden Better!

"They’re not suppressing this story because they think it’s false. They’re suppressing it because they know its true."--Glenn Reynolds

"“Can I change my vote” surges in Google search after the final debate and Hunter’s Laptop drop."--The Based Grandma

"If the assault on the Electoral College was the game changer for me, a runner up was waking up to implications of the concentration of power in a small number of social media and internet companies who have been weaponized to shut down speech and expression."--William Jacobson

The same people who were paying three hundred dollars a ticket to watch Hamilton's Broadway show a few years ago are now censoring the Free Speech Rights of his two hundred-year-old newspaper and millions of Americans, all in the service of a Globalist tyranny and its corrupt candidates. 

They learned nothing

"After all, Sir, we must submit to this idea, that the true principle of a republic is, that the people should choose whom they please to govern them...The fabric of American empire ought to rest on the solid basis of THE CONSENT OF THE PEOPLE. The streams of national power ought to flow from that pure, original fountain of all legitimate authority--you know, the thing."

Fox today: "Ex-Hunter Biden partner's records show no proof of Joe Biden business ties, but questions remain"
Fox, 1931: "Al "Scarface" Capone's tax records show no proof of bootlegging ties, but questions remain"

Patriot Retort

Manufactured News Network BREAKING NEWS...Acme Hammers Truck Collides With Bleach Bit Software Van in FBI Parking Lot...Government Vehicle Containing Biden/Bobulinski Laptops Hardest Hit...Details Not Forthcoming...

Joe and Vladimir Agree: Hunter Has Been a Very Good Boy!

NBC: "Russian President Putin says he saw nothing criminal in Hunter Biden's past business ties with Ukraine or Russia, marking out his disagreement with one of President Trump's attack lines in the U.S. presidential election."

"Wow--$200 million? Really?"

C-Vine: "According to emails and documents, Yelena Baturina laundered funds into the US in avoidance of sanctions, Devon Archer claimed the firm received $200 million.".......

Liberty Unyielding: “Henniges Automotive was involved most notably in technology for sealing and anti-vibration, which is clearly of interest to complex weapon systems like warships, main battle tanks, self-propelled artillery, and combat aircraft. Besides Hunter Biden’s involvement, the secretiveness of the CFIUS process, which Peter Schweizer calls out, is increasingly disquieting.”.......

CFIUS is also the inter-agency mechanism that the Obama/Biden/Clinton Crime Family used to sell our uranium to Putin and our ports to China.

News Punch: "Moments after the deal closed, Archer set to work drafting a letter to U.S. Ambassador to China Max Baucus (who happened to be a longtime friend of the Biden family). Archer’s letter was an invitation to Ambassador Baucus to attend a banquet celebration for the deal with esteemed guest including BHR’s communist state-owned “strategic partners” and investors".......

Kim Strassel:

"1) On this question of Joe Biden being somehow exonerated on the China deal, how so? WSJ news story correctly notes that his name isn't on documents. But those docs also suggest special care had been taken to make sure his name WASN'T visible.
2) The doc w/proposed equity stakes said Hunter was going to hold 10% for the "big guy." Tony Bobulinski, Hunter's partner, says the big guy is Joe--and Bobulinski presumably told that to the FBI today. Got to wonder why he'd risk a false statement charge if that wasn't true. 3) Note that Hunter's two other partners (Gilliar and Walker)did not respond to WSJ news question about who was "the big guy." A 2017 text from Gilliar warns Bobulinski: "don't mention Joe being involved." 4) Bobulinski also presumably telling FBI he met with Joe, and that Joe was at some level aware of the deal. Note also that Biden camp did not provide answer to the WSJ news question about that meeting. 5) So here are the right questions for Joe:

a) are you "big guy"? b) While Chinese $$ never materialized, were u at one point--via a Hunter--in line to have an equity share? c) Did u meet with Hunter's partner? d)how does any this comport w/ your claims to not talk biz w/Hunter?".......

Bootlegging wasn’t listed on Al Capone’s employment history. And the Tarmac Meeting wasn’t on Loretta Lynch’s schedule either.

Sex and drugs are flashy but the real issue is the Blackmail, Bribery and National Security betrayals. God forbid that the dual-use technology the Bidens sold could one day be used to target American troops. Biden screams about "suckers and losers" as if it were a real quote, while selling fighter jet stabilizers to the Chinese Navy. This is how Joe Biden respects the military.

How did they ever convince themselves this was okay? 

Or this:  Leaked Phone Call: Hunter Biden Says His Business "secondary to Partner" is the "F***ing Spy King of China"

Sex and drugs are powerful lures, but come in second to money and power it would seem.

el Bandito Hunter: “I really appreciate you letting me stay at your resort villa… but I have brought every single person you have ever asked me to bring to the F’ing WHite House and the Vice President’s house and the inauguration and then you go silent – I don’t hear from you for month$.” 

BattleSwarm's you don't have to.
"Five former CIA Directors say Russia made Hunter smoke crack and bang hookers. He likes to Taiwan on. But I'm building a wall around my DuPont mansion--and China will pay for it!"

Guiliani and Bongino via the Thinker.

Ace: Tomorrow Night, Tucker Carlson Will Play Tony Bobulinski's Recordings of Biden Operatives Calling Him on the Phone -- and Begging Him to be Silent About Biden Crime Family Corruption

"...So remember, kids: pumpkins are for closers. Now go have some fun!"

Friday, October 23, 2020

President Trump Comes Home To Florida

To Vote For YOU!

"Joe Biden is a corrupt politician and he’s COMPROMISED. China is desperate for Biden to win because if Biden Wins, CHINA WINS – and China will OWN AMERICA. This corruption is EXACTLY why I decided to run for President in the first place. For years, I watched one betrayal after another, as politicians like Joe Biden sold out American Workers at every turn—shattering the lives of millions of American families while THEIR families raked in millions of dollars. I could not sit by and watch THEM take advantage of YOU anymore. They are coming after me because I am standing in their way, and standing guard for this Country

we LOVE!

If I do not sound like a typical Washington politician, it’s because I’m NOT a politician. If I do not always play by the rules of the Washington Establishment, it’s because I was elected to fight for YOU, harder than anyone ever has before!

Treehouse: Big Tech Panicking – Trump’s Grassroots MAGA Army Working Around Platform Controls…

"Remember Poland circa early ’80’s when it was said: “we took to the streets and realized for the first time there were more of us than them”?… and thus the government control over the Polish people almost immediately started to collapse.   Well, the control of the manipulative narrative engineers is suffering a similar fate in this election as the MAGA coalition assembles in astonishing scale.

One of the best features of this uncoordinated eruption of patriotism is the lack of any controlling apparatus. It really is totally organic and therefore impossible to stop; and then there’s the element where Generation Z is stepping in to enhance the old school approach.

Generation Z dominates the social media platform TikTok; and what Brad Parscale did with Facebook in 2016 Generation-Z is doing organically with TikTok videos in 2020.

The MAGA movement on that platform is stunningly effective as they take 60 second videos of MAGA-people, MAGA-places and MAGA-events and then rebroadcast the content adding their own MAGA-centric enhancements and soundtracks.

The result is an astoundingly positive and targeted message -happening in real life- that is also being expanded by TikTock and has the center control agents of Big Tech totally caught off guard.

MAGA-TikTok is now an army of users generating content and it’s bleeding over to other platforms and now starting to swarm Twitter and Facebook.  Google is trying to tamp it down via controls on YouTube but the scale, just like the MAGA parades themselves, is overwhelming.

I cannot even believe I am saying this… but the MAGA movement in-person and in the digital sphere is actually, well, WINNING.

The American people are all-in, right now when it matters most; the Monster Vote is also clearly evident.   Spontaneous acts of patriotism are now considered representative of the counter-culture; people of all colors, races, creeds and orientations are united under the Red, White and Blue MAGA banner; and all of this was initiated organically by an American President who just transparently loves this country.

MAGA bitches, this is just awesome." .......

Franchise Player--UPDATE:

“It was a very secure vote. Everything was perfect. It’s an honor to be voting."

"I voted for a guy named

Like the man said, "Let’s finish this.” So we can begin again.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Let It Fall Down, Let It Fall Down

"Rubin Carter was falsely tried
The crime was murder “one,” guess who testified?
Bello and Bradley and they both baldly lied
And the newspapers, they all went along for the ride
How can the life of such a man
Be in the palm of some fool’s hand?
To see him obviously framed
Couldn’t help but make me feel ashamed to live in a land
Where justice is a game
Now all the criminals in their coats and their ties
Are free to drink martinis and watch the sun rise"

--Bob Dylan, "Hurricane" 

"Turning and turning in the widening gyre   
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere   
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst   
Are full of passionate intensity."
--William Butler Yeats, "The Second Coming"

"We've reached the point in our nation's history where one computer repair guy in Delaware has done more to stop corruption than the entire federal law enforcement community."--Emerald Robinson

Xi Whiz and his Employees of the Month

Excerpts from Kurt Schlichter's brilliant and sadly accurate column: Conservatism Now Means Defeating the Establishment

"Look around you at the smoldering ruins of American society, and it’s clear that you owe our garbage Establishment nothing.

Not loyalty.

Not respect.

Not obedience.


It has failed you. And now it is dead to you.

Tear it all down.

Rip out its rotten foundations.

Burn the poisonous debris.

Rebuild it on a foundation of the Constitution.

There was once a social contract out there that we all thought we all signed on to. It was imperfect, as all human endeavors are, but on the whole it worked.

Until now. Our institutions are run by people who didn’t build them. They inherited them, and like the vast majority of heirs, they are screw-ups. Newspapers still call themselves “newspapers,” but technology has eliminated the “papers” part, while their gross political partisanship has eliminated the “news” part. What’s this mean? It means that we cannot count on the institutions to do their job – that is, to do those things we need them to do – because their real job is now perpetuating their operators’ grift. The biggest corruption story of all time – a vice president running an influence peddling ring for foreigners – and the media’s response is to tell us there’s nothing to see. And then, when the tech fascists decided to suppress the news, the media actively supported this censorship.

The Establishment has failed. It failed to meet its most basic obligations. What’s this mean?

That means you’re free.

You owe it nothing, not respect, deference, or obedience.

So don’t give it any of these.

See, the Establishment succeeds in spite of its manifest incompetence and greed because of inertia. It perpetuates because we go along with it as if everything is normal. It counts on us thinking what we are witnessing are merely the occasional blips and problems inherent in any human endeavor instead of the systemic failure that it demonstrates. This rot is real and dramatic and, untreated, will be fatal to our country. Remember the Romans? You start changing the rules and sooner or later instead of a Republic you have an emperor who marries his horse.

Conservatism is no longer about conserving; it’s about ripping apart the whole corrupt system and overthrowing the garbage Establishment."
.......Read it all.

Rest In Peace, Sergeant

From the Cold Dead Hand of George Soros

"HPD Sergeant Harold Preston was killed in the line of duty today.  Sgt. Preston has been with the Houston Police Department for 41-years and was due to retire at year-end. As tragic as that is, his death was 100% preventable.  His partner also was shot and will survive his injuries. In addition, the shooters own 14-year-old son was shot. The suspect, Elmer Manzano, a convicted felon with multiple prior assaults on his record was in custody, detailed just a day before this tragedy occurred. On October 18, HPD Officers responded to a call from Mrs. Santos, stated that her ex-husband, Elmer Manzano, was at the location brandishing a gun threatening Mrs. Santos and her children. HPD Officers took Elmer Manzano into custody that day but Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg declined to take charges, instructing Officers to release him,  and return the six bullets he had in his pocket, he was also allowed to keep his gun which he claimed was locked in his safe.  Had charges been accepted, Mr. Manzano might be back on the street, but his gun and ammunition would have been seized and held as evidence. No gun would have meant no dead officer and injured officer.

Today, responding to another call from Mrs. Santos, Officers responded.  Mr. Manzano answered the door with gunshots at point-blank range.  The two officers and Manzano’s 14-year-old son were hit. 100% preventable.  The actions of Harris County DA Kim Ogg are inexcusable.  While Mr. Manzano pulled the trigger, Kim Ogg put the gun in his hands.  Her actions are directly responsible for the death of HPD Sergeant Harold Preston.

Citizens mourn the tragic and senseless loss of HPD Sergeant Preston  They have an opportunity to ensure this does not happen again. DA Ogg’s fate is in the hands of Harris County voters NOW. She is on the ballot today. Vote to keep your streets, your neighborhoods, your homes, and your family safe.  Vote to keep the men and women of law enforcement from preventable perils.  Vote to hold Kim Ogg responsible for HPD Sergeant Preston’s death.".......

Another $oros Cop-Killer

American Greatness: Did Joe Biden Take a Bribe?

"Federal law defines “bribery of a public official” as when a “public official . . . receives, accepts, or agrees to receive or accept anything of value . . . in return for being influenced in the performance of any official act.” Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani claims to have a screenshot of a text message from Hunter revealing that he was expected to pay for family expenses and give the elder Biden half his salary. This text appears to be evidence that the Democrats’ standard-bearer took a piece of Hunter’s salary (in-kind and directly), which seems to meet the bribery statute’s terms “receive” or “accept” something “of value.” The emails show Burisma asking Hunter to intercede to protect Burisma from prosecutors. Then the emails show Burisma thanking Hunter for setting up a meeting with Joe Biden. The text message and the Washington Post reporting show that Hunter may have shared his Burisma money with his father. And we know Biden threatened to withhold aid from Ukraine unless it fired the prosecutor tormenting Burisma. That looks like bribery." .......
"Hold on--I'm getting a message on Nellie's shortwave..."

Andrew Pollack: "After my daughter was murdered, I wanted to know everything that went wrong. And I exposed it all in my book Why Meadow DiedI learned that our school districts had a policy to allow convicted rapists and murderers back into normal classrooms. That it gave students three free misdemeanors every single year. That principals were systematically sweeping problems under the rug to make themselves look good under “restorative justice” discipline policies. That the district took a kid who told them he wanted to kill, that he dreamt of being covered in blood, and put him in school with my daughter. ...

You see, Broward County was ground zero for these “restorative justice” policies that got rid of consequences and let dangerous behavior run wild because school bureaucrats thought it was the way to fight “systemic racism.” The Obama administration took Broward’s policies and coerced school districts serving millions of students across the country to adopt them. President Trump put an end to that, but if Biden is elected, the dangerous policies that caused Parkland will be forced into your kids’ school. 

But the danger goes beyond just those discipline policies. The ideology behind these policies – and behind the Broward school district’s behavior – is a politically correct cancer known as “Critical Race Theory” or “anti-racism.” The logic, if you can call it that, goes like this: “We are fighting racism. Anyone who disagrees with us, therefore, is racist. And racists are evil.”

President Trump has promised to put an end to indoctrination through Critical Race Theory. But if Biden is elected, it will almost certainly become a mandatory feature of American public education. 

If Biden is elected president, your children will be less safe in school. They will be taught Black Lives Matter ideology. And your kids’ teachers will be trained to understand any objection that you have to anything that they do is a sign that you are a white supremacist. And if your kid ends up getting murdered in school, and you have a problem with it, they’ll attack you." .......

Chris Wray was too busy trying to frame the President to answer frantic callers from Marjorie Stoneman-Douglas. 17 dead kids and he didn't even miss lunch.
Rest In Peace, Sister
Legal Insurrection: "Filling the vacancy now is protection against … John Roberts. From Obamacare to the recent religious liberty lockdown cases, the Chief Justice has shown himself to be unreliable and subject to pressure campaigns. Particularly when the 2020 election cases (which there will be) make their way to the Supreme Court, a rogue Roberts could result in a 4-4 deadlock, which means the appeals court decision stands. A 6-3 Supreme Court nullifies Rogue Roberts. My point was just proven. Roberts joined the three liberals to reject a stay (in two cases, here and here) of a Pennsylvania Supreme Court Order that permits mail-in ballots to be counted if received three days after Election Day — even if the envelope has no postmark. That’s right, even if there is no postmark. Justices Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, and Kavanaugh would have granted the stay.".......

We do not have Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges. What we have is an extraordinary group of dedicated judges doing their level best to do rig the 2020 election and overthrow President Trump--why should the CIA and the FBI have all the fun?"--Obama Judge John Roberts

I quote from memory. Boss Tweed's. Channeling Josef Stalin.

The corrupt Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that the Pandemic was an immediate emergency like a flood even though the mails have been operating all year. A corrupt 4-4 Supreme Court rushed through this transparent vote fraud before a ninth Justice could be seated. It allows ballots to be dumped in mailboxes for several days after the election with no postmarks or matching signatures after Democrats see how many more votes they need. The Constitution itself says States shall run these elections, not crooked partisan hack judges.

Ace: "The Omaha Man Who Shot a BLM Attacker in a Videotaped Open-and-Shut Case of Self-Defense Was Indicted to Appease the Mob.
That Man Has Now Committed Suicide.

BLM will attack you, and unless you allow yourself to be murdered or to have your head bashed in and left with brain damage, the agents of the state will then act as BLM's enforcement officers and imprison you for defying the illegal demands of BLM.

It's now legal to resist a police officer but it's illegal to resist a BLM rioter and street thug?

Had enough yet?".......

"LEARNING POINT: Note how you are dehumanized into a “white nationalist” for wanting to protect your rights and property and exercise your power within the Constitution’s framework. They are building a moral framework to disenfranchise and oppress you. Get woke. Get ready."--Kurt Schlichter

The Murder of Jake Gardner: Say His Name. He Can't Breathe Either

Jake Gardner committed suicide.

A Black Lives Murders-mob attacked the Marine’s business, assaulted his 70-year old dad and tried to murder him. He was forced to shoot his attacker, a rioter doing his best Derek Chauvin impersonation, trying to choke the very life out of Gardner. 

The case was ruled self-defense as it clearly was. A week later, however, a screaming lynch mob showed up at the DA's home extorting DA Donald Kleine to reopen the case. He caved in to the New Klan. Judge Shelley Stratman sent the case to black activist US ATTY Frederick Franklin.

Franklin reversed it completely and charged Gardner with 95 years in jail. The Marine snapped at politicians playing with his life. You don't fuck with a man's life like that, especially a Marine who is a better man than you'll ever be. 
The death certificate may say suicide, but he was killed by our shit “Justice" System. The
 verdict: Death By Two-Tiered Justice with Systemic Riotism.

This Marine took everything Saddam Hussein could dish out in Iraq. He stood up to a Black Lives Murders-mob at his business while gangsters attacked his family. But he couldn't withstand a bunch of scumbag lawyers and corrupt politicians who told him he was free and then changed their minds, based on no new evidence, just coercion from a racist lynch mob. The Rough Beast finally slouched its way to Omaha.

“Who Breaks a Butterfly upon a Wheel?” ACowards and zealots.

Congratulations. You've finished the lynching that the bloodthirsty mob started. And called it "law".
 Rest In Peace, Marine