Saturday, September 30, 2017

Clinton Theater

Weird Dave: Lena Dunham Thinking About Developing Hillary's Self-Pitying Book Into Movie:

"I'm even starting to resemble my hero!"
I've decided to give myself an Awards Show and congratulate myself for my #HeroicResistance to the Clinton Entertainment Crime Family.

And the award for Best Title Suggestion for a Screen Adaptation of an Unreadable Exercise in Blame-Shifting and Public Display of a Psychotic Breakdown, goes! For these suggested Hillary movie titles:

Saving Private Server
Losing Ambassador Stephens
I Spy-Killer
The Russians Are Coming For their Uranium
Gray Lady Down
The Bad and the Ugly
A Fistful of Rubles
For a Few Rubles More...and More...and More...
Rosemary's Fetus
Vertigo--also Cerebral Venous Thrombosis, Hypothyroidism, Coughing Fits and Chronic Money-Grubbing Seizures
Blamer's List
It's A Wonderful Lie
To Kill A Mocking Seth
Raging Drunk
Chinatown Contributions
V is for Vajayjay
Dial A For Arkancide
Annie Hall Monitor
Paris, Texas and Other Places I've Flown To
Life of Brian Williams
Full Medical Jacket
Armenian Sniper
The Big Lewinsky
The Stink
All About Eve Ensler
The Beer Hunter
Some Like It Huang
A Night At the Oprah
Bonnie & Clyde Were Amateurs
The Macedonian Candidate
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner And Not Ever, Ever Leaving?
No Fair Lady
The Suburban Philadelphia Story
Medical Van Driver
Dances With Wolf Blitzer
From Here To Chappaqua
The Spy Who Revised and Extended Me
Election Night of the Living Dead
Who Is Virginia Woolf Afraid Of?
The Sound of Excuses

"I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille."

Friday, September 29, 2017

Take a Knee?

"I Shall Never Prove a Traitor to My Country!"

Mr. Forten Fails to Go to Guantanamo

Fifteen year-old James Forten was a student at Quaker School in Philadelphia. But this was no time for school; his bustling port city, the largest in America, was at war--with the world's only super-power.

James had seen the Founding Fathers as they came and went on their revolutionary business. He'd heard the words of the Declaration and took them to heart. He became a drummer in the Continental Army. Now older, he sought more adventurous service, signing up as a powder boy on the privateer 'Royal Louis'; a dangerous job in the best of circumstances.

On his very first voyage, the 'Royal Louis' was victorious, taking a British Navy brig after a pitched battle. Bringing her back to Philadelphia, the crew received their shares and were hailed as heroes by their fellow citizens. Then, it was back to sea again under Captain Stephen Decatur, Sr.

The Fates of War were not twice kind ; Forten and his fellow crewmen were overwhelmed by the British frigate 'Amphylon' and two other vessels. They found themselves captives of the British, who often regarded American privateers worse than pirates, being rebels as well.

But Forten was befriended aboard by the son of the ship's captain. They played marbles together, and although Forten won, the captain's son had found a friend. He begged his father to bring young James back to England with them, away from all danger. The father agreed. On one condition:

...that James Forten renounce his loyalty to America.

"I shall never prove a traitor to my country," said James--and the Philadelphian boy was now an American man.

Remarkable, yes. But made more so by one fact: James Forten was black. As were 20 of the 200 other crewmen. 


Although undoubtedly regarded by many in Philadelphia as a second-class citizen, he had been a free man there. The British routinely transported black prisoners-of-war to the West Indies to become slaves. The captain gave him the same choice as white prisoners: join the British Navy or languish in the prison boats.

As James had already ruled out treason, the captain transfered him to the 'HMS Jersey', with a letter asking for Forten's humane treatment. About 11,000 POW's lost their lives in these brutal prison ships floating in New York harbor. Their corpses were often dumped overboard into the bay where the Brooklyn Naval Yard stands today.

When an officer was being released in a prisoner exchange, Forten had his chance to escape by hiding in the luggage; but he gave his place to a younger white boy, even helping to carry the contraband luggage down the gang-plank.

Eventually, he was exchanged and released, walking home from New York to Philadelphia.

He became an apprentice sail-maker. Then foreman. Then an owner; he was a success, a multi-millionaire by today's standards, and employed a large, mixed-race work-force.

He became active in politics, petitioning Congress on behalf of escaped slaves, founding 'The Liberator' with fellow abolitionist Wm. Lloyd Garrison, supporting temperance & women's rights, and was a pillar in his African Methodist Church. The American Anti-Slavery Society was founded in his home.

When he passed in 1842, 5000 people, both black and white, attended his funeral to honor the man.  James Forten: American patriot, civil rights advocate, valued businessman and Christian gentleman.

Perhaps history wouldn't have judged him too harshly had he taken up the offer of the British captain, but his patriotism and integrity forbade it.

Ours is a time when "a real and generous love of our country" is fashionably mocked or at the least, held suspect. America's interests have been sold out for money or ideology at even the highest levels. The very idea of citizenship is constantly being demeaned, degraded and defined downward. Allegedly sane people think nothing of giving over our defense policy to the tender mercies of trans-national Ghanian technocrats, Syrian Ba'ath Party stooges and French diplo-whores.

One can't help but compare Mr. Forten's demeanor to those of certain other personnel, who, like Mr. Forten, volunteered for service in a very different America. Unlike Forten, they actually hoped to be sent to the West Indies, specifically Guantanamo. Not as POWs--but to conspire with the enemy held there. As spies for a medieval death-cult, these 'translators'...even a so-called 'chaplain', betrayed the country to which their lying tongues swore a meaningless oath.

Mr. Forten's American life stands as a four-square, tri-cornered, two-fisted, first-person-singular rebuke to all damned traitors and two and a half centuries later, still shines like a Pole Star, a guide for us all.

Stand up and shine with him, you patriot, you.

(Written in 2003, this article references an incident of espionage at Guantanamo. Eric Holder was still in private practice, his law firm representing detainees and Obama was still an unknown crypto-Communist back-bencher, and helping terrorists to escape was not yet policy.)

By the way, this is what the Democrats' Mainstreaming of Treason looks like--radicalized by an Islamist West Point instructor:
“I’m currently an infantry officer at Ft. Drum, NY assigned to the same brigade that she [convicted traitor  Bradley Manning]  was while enlisted. Every single day I think of the contradictions of being a communist while in this organization, and her [Bradley's] courage and tenacity gives me strength to continue the long march through the institutions. I read Che’s Guerrilla War-an essential text ...Suggest Marighella’s Minimanual of the Urban Guerrilla .. I myself need to read Mao’s On Guerrilla Warfare here soon enough. But, I suppose, more than anything else, the task at hand for all of us is to produce our own text on guerrilla warfare, in the days ahead, yes?”
Thanks, Obama.

You Know Who Did Not Take a Knee?:

James Forten
He took an oath
Did Not Take a Knee:

The 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
They took the Road to Glory
Did Not Take a Knee:

Harriet Tubman
She took a Railroad

Did Not Take a Knee:

The Tuskegee Airmen
They took to the Skies
Did Not Take a Knee:

Command Master Chief / Master Diver Carl Brashear

"Take a knee"? They took Chief Brashear's whole lower leg. He lost it while pulling up a stray nuke off the Atlantic seabed. As a kid growing up on the coast, he may well have saved my life. Maybe yours, too.

Take a knee? Never.

We can talk about anything you want--but not until you take your knee off their flag.

Reagan and Hefner

"I only read it for the articles, Senator."
Background: Hugh Hefner hired Commie screenwriter Dalton Trumbo to write an article entitled "The Oscar Syndrome" for the April 1960 issue of Playboy. Reagan objected to Trumbo's claim of a "witch-hunt", having experienced Trumbo's lies, coercion and Antifa-style Communist mob violence firsthand in Hollywood. Hefner and Reagan corresponded about the subject. Hefner disdained  Soviet-style censorship--yet hired a Soviet pinko to complain about it. Reagan set him straight.

July 4, 1960
Dear Mr. Hefner,

I’ve been a long time answering your letter of May 13 and my selection of – The 4th – as an answering date is coincidence plus the fact that Holidays are free time-days around our house.

Your letter has been very much on my mind and I question whether I can answer in a way that will make sense to you. First because I once thought exactly as you think, and second, because no one could have changed my thinking (and some tried).

It took seven months of meeting communists and communist influenced people across a table in almost daily sessions while pickets rioted in front of studio gates, homes were bombed and a great industry almost ground to a halt.

You expressed lack of knowledge about my views, political background, etc. Because so much doubt has been cast on “anti-communist,” inspired by the radicalism of extremists who saw “Reds” under every “cause,” I feel I should reveal where I have stood and now stand.

My first four votes were cast for F. D. R., my fifth for Harry Truman. Following World War II my interest in liberalism and my fear of “neo-fascism” led to my serving on the board of directors of an organization later exposed as a “Communist Front,” namely the “Hollywood Independent Citizens Comm. of the Arts, Sciences & Professions”! Incidentally, Mr. Trumbo was also on that board.

Now you might ask who exposed this organization as a “Front”? It was no crusading committee of Congress, the D. A. R. or the American Legion. A small group of board members disturbed by the things being done in the organization’s name introduced to their fellow board members a mild statement approving our democratic system and free enterprise economy and repudiating communism as a desirable form of government for this country. The suggestion was that by adopting such a policy statement the board would reassure our membership we were liberal but not a “front.” The small group who introduced this measure were such “witch hunters” as James Roosevelt, Dore Schary, Don Hartman, Olivia de Havilland, Johnny Green & myself.

Leaders of the opposition to our statement included Dalton Trumbo, John Howard Lawson and a number of others who have since attained some fame for their refusal to answer questions. I remember one of their group reciting the Soviet Constitution to prove “Russia was more Democratic than the U. S.” Another said if America continued her imperialist policy and as a result wound up in a war with Russia he would be on the side of Russia against the U. S.. We suggested this “policy statement” was perhaps a matter for the whole organization to decide-not just the board. We were told the membership was “not politically sophisticated enough to make such a decision.”

When we resigned the organization went out of existence only to reappear later (minus us) as “Independent Citizens Committee of the Arts, Sciences & Prof.” in support of Henry Wallace and the Progressive Party.

The “seven months” of meetings I mentioned in the first paragraph or two refers to the jurisdictional strike in the Motion Picture business. There are volumes of documentary evidence, testimony of former communists etc. that this whole affair was under the leadership of Harry Bridges and was aimed at an ultimate organizing of everyone in the picture business within Mr. Bridges longshoreman’s union.

Now none of what I’ve said answers your argument that “freedom of speech means freedom to disagree,” does it? Here begins my difficulty. How can I put down in less than “book form” the countless hours of meetings, the honest attempts at compromise, the trying to meet dishonesty, lies and cheating with conduct bound by rules of fair play? How can I make you understand that my feeling now is not prejudice born of this struggle but is realization supported by incontrovertible evidence that the American Communist is in truth a member of a “Russian American Bund” owing his first allegiance to a foreign power?

I, like you, will defend the right of any American to openly practise & preach any political philosophy from monarchy to anarchy. But this is not the case with regard to the communist. He is bound by party discipline to deny he is a communist so that he can by subversion & stealth infuse on an unwilling people the rule of the International Communist Party which is in fact the govt. of Soviet Russia. I say to you that any man still or now a member of the “party” was a man who looked upon the death of American soldiers in Korea as a victory for his side. For proof of this I refer you to some of the ex-communists who fled the party at that time & for that reason, including some of Mr. Trumbo’s companions of the “Unfriendly 10.”

Hollywood has no blacklist, Hollywood does have a list handed to it by millions of “movie goers” who have said “we don’t want and will not pay to see pictures made by or with these people we consider traitors.” On this list were many names of people we in Hollywood felt were wrongly suspect. I personally served on a committee that succeeded in clearing these people. Today any person who feels he is a victim of discrimination because of his political beliefs can avail himself of machinery to solve this problem. I must ask you as a publisher, aside from any questions of political philosophy, should a film producer be accused of bigotry for not hiring an artist when the customers for his product have labeled the artist “poor box office,” regardless of the cause?

I realize I’ve presented my case poorly due to the limitations of pen & paper so may I ask one favor? Will you call the F. B. I. there in Chicago ask for the anti-communist detail, then tell him of our correspondence (show him my letter if you like) and ask his views on this subject of communism as a political belief or a fifth column device of Russia.  Now my apologies for having taken so long in answering your letter and my appreciation for your having taken the time to write in the first place.


Ronald Reagan

And #That'sHowYouGotReagan!

Voice Votes vs. Voters Voices: Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble

Tres Bien Ensemble

Michelle Obama: "Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice."

Black people don't all think alike and neither do women. And saying that they should all think alike is just a stone's throw from saying "They all look alike".


"The Left is like the sorting hat from Harry Potter" that placed Hogwarts students in one of the four class houses, Eddie Zipperer, an assistant professor of political science at Georgia Military College, told LifeZette in an email, noting that the Left enjoys "defining people and then pigeonholing those people."

"If you're a woman, abortion and free birth control are all that should matter to you. If you're Hispanic, illegal immigration is all you can care about. If you're black, your life should revolve around historical injustices," Zipperer said of the Left's pigeonholing. "Care about how much you pay in taxes? You're a traitor to the cause. Care about getting inner city kids who want to succeed into better schools? Traitor."

"This is an intimidation tactic, and it's shameful," Zipperer added. "Before the 19th amendment, the country was full of people who believed women shouldn't vote because they would only vote how some man told them to. So, their vote would be redundant. The argument was stupid then, and it's stupid now.".......

Exactly. Obama is echoing the opponents of Female Voting: "Women are too stupid and cowed to vote on their own!"

And this from a woman who had a thousand-dollar-a-day (including weekends and holidays!) make-work PR gig at a Chicago hospital, just because her husband was a senator. That money was meant to go to Chicago's sick kids, not to fluff a senator's wife.

In fact, it is Queen Michelle who is telling her lowly female subjects how to vote, not their husbands.

She is trying to intimidate them into compliance: "Get back in line! You're not a real woman unless you obey! Your vote is property of the Democrat Party and women are Property of the State!" Those arguments sound familiar. Obama deserves her own Confederate statue: Gen. Michelle Bedford Rainforest.

Women didn't "vote against their own voice", lady; their vote was their voice.

You just don't like the sound of other women's freedom.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Servers R' Us

Awan...Awan...funny; that doesn't sound Russian...

Obstructing Justice: Promising the Capitol Police Chief "Consequences", but no Truth
Ace: The Awan Clan Moved "Massive" Amounts of Data off DNC Servers, Tapping Them in an Unauthorized Way 5,400 Times;  Democrats Say They Were Just Doing a Child's "Homework" on the Servers

Yes--and the child was Hamza bin Laden.

"I've sent you a lawyer, Imran. And our Media Arm is still working the News Black-Out.
Just keep your mouth shut and everything will be fine, Seth...I mean, Imran."

Where the Senator's True

Here I Come--Alabama!

Justice Scalia called the Supreme Court "a threat to democracy". He said their marriage decree was a "putsch", "lacking even the thin veneer of law".

Alabama's Chief Justice Moore concurred and it cost him his job on Alabama's Supreme Court.

Just as US Atty. Jim Comey traded his non-prosecution of the Clinton/Rodham Pardon Sellers in exchange for the FBI Directorship, Alabama Atty. Gen. Luther Strange traded his non-prosecution of a crooked governor for an appointment to the Senate. Super-Swampy!

Strange traded his principles for a job, whereas Moore traded his job for his principles.

And Alabama saw through the Swamp Gas and gave the President a real ally today--a Republican Senate nominee who has read, understands and defends the Constitution. Awesome!

Expect the kitchen sink from Democrats. They won't even have any rocks to crawl back under by the time Justice Moore wins.

Comey, the Clintons and Strange are out. Trump, Moore and Gorsuch are in--and Corker's leaving. See ya', phony.

You've "helped" enough, Sen. Caddyshack Go-fer
Take a Nomi-Knee, people: It's a good day for our new team, the DC Drainers.

Monday, September 25, 2017

This NFL Debacle is All the President's Fault--President Obama's. UPDATED: The Hills Are a Lie

They're Not Kneeling
"I can't say enough in praise of our military -- Army rangers and paratroopers, Navy, Marine, and Air Force personnel -- those who planned a brilliant campaign and those who carried it out. Almost instantly, our military seized the two airports, secured the campus where most of our students were, and are now in the mopping-up phase. It should be noted that in all the planning, a top priority was to minimize risk, to avoid casualties to our own men and also the Grenadian forces as much as humanly possible. But there were casualties, and we all owe a debt to those who lost their lives or were wounded. They were few in number, but even one is a tragic price to pay."--President Ronald Reagan, 1983
* Staff Sgt. Gary L. Epps, Horton, Ala.
* Spec.4 Philip S. Grenier, Worcester, Mass.
* Spec.4 Kevin J. Lannon, Dayton, Ohio.
* Pvt. Marlin R. Maynard, Altus, Ark.
* Sgt. Stephen E. Slater, Lacey, Wash.
* Pvt. Mark A. Rademacher, Aurora, N.Y.
* Capt. Michael F. Ritz, Petersburg, Va.
* Pfc. Mark O. Yamane, Seattle, Wash.
* Machinist Mate Kenneth J. Butcher, West Islip, N.Y. 
* Quartermaster 1C Even E. Lundberg, Kodiak, Alaska
* Hull Tech. 1C Stephen L. Morris, , Plainfield, N.J.
* Senior chief engineman Robert R. Schamberger, Oakland, N.J.
* Maj. John Patrick Giguere, North Carolina
* Capt. Keith J. Lucas, Illinois
* Sgt. Sean Patrick Luketina, North Carolina
* PFC Dinesh Lal Rajbhandary, Massachusetts
* Capt. Michael Francis Ritz, Virginia
* First Lieutenant Jeffrey R. Scharver, Silver Star Pilot
* Capt. Jeb F. Seagle, Jacksonville, N.C. * Spec. 5 Randy E. Cline, Cloverdale, Ind. .....................

This NFL mess is all the President's fault--President Obama.

The Big Lie of the Obama-Holder-Sharpton-CNN War on Cops undergirds this whole sorry episode. Kaepernick was merely following their "leadership".

President Trump merely said that a son of a bitch should be fired for kneeling during the anthem and that people should walk out to stop it. 

And that criticism makes whole teams turn their back on the nation's anthem and hide in tunnels like rats, because he hurt their widdle feewings?

Despite the deaths of American servicemen in Grenada--or maybe because of it--Obama stood up for the Anthem--the Cuban Communist Anthem. And you brats can't even stand for the American anthem?

Thing is, both then as now, Rangers Lead the Way.

The Sound of Music-UPDATE:
Ace: "People watch tv shows and sports for escapism. As the Democrat-Entertainment complex has decided to offer instead No-Escapism -- never a moment's respite from the propaganda of the hard left -- they are no longer providing the only thing people go to them for.".......
My great-aunt honeymooned in pre-war Europe. I asked her if she ever wanted to go back, and she said no, she wanted to remember it the way it was.
So it is with the NFL. We want to remember it the way it was
It reminds me of Rolfe Gruber in The Sound of Music; the telegram delivery-boy who dances with Liesel in the gazebo. As Europe slides downhill, he morphs into a young party member. Caught while escaping, Christopher Plummer as Herr Von Trapp takes Rolfe's pistol away, saying "You'll never be one of them". His pride hurt, Rolfe blows the whistle on the family anyway, even on the girl he once loved.
President Trump just took the NFL's pistol--and, stung, they blew the whistle just like Rolfe.

Speaking of musicals, America devised a system that sent you to college and pays you lavishly to chase an oblong ball through piles sweaty men while wearing brightly-colored spandex. Would it really kill you to stand there respectfully for a couple of minutes?

A: Yes, evidently it would kill them. The only Steeler who stood up has now been forced to apologize. Public Recantation always was a Party favorite.
"Ve make it our business to know everything about everyone."
America has come to this; a war veteran is coerced into apologizing for saluting the flag.

Auf Wiedersehen, NFL.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Good News

Revelation 1  The Message Bible (MSG)
1-2 A revealing of Jesus, the Messiah. God gave it to make plain to his servants what is about to happen. He published and delivered it by Angel to his servant John. And John told everything he saw: God’s Word— the witness of Jesus Christ!
How blessed the reader! How blessed the hearers and keepers of these oracle words, all the words written in this book!
Time is just about up.

His Eyes Pouring Fire-Blaze

4-7 I, John, am writing this to the seven churches in Asia province: All the best to you from The God Who Is, The God Who Was, and The God About to Arrive, and from the Seven Spirits assembled before his throne, and from Jesus Christ—Loyal Witness, Firstborn from the dead, Ruler of all earthly kings.
Glory and strength to Christ, who loves us,
    who blood-washed our sins from our lives,
Who made us a Kingdom, Priests for his Father,
    forever—and yes, he’s on his way!
Riding the clouds, he’ll be seen by every eye,
    those who mocked and killed him will see him,
People from all nations and all times
    will tear their clothes in lament.
    Oh, Yes.
The Master declares, “I’m A to Z. I’m The God Who Is, The God Who Was, and The God About to Arrive. I’m the Sovereign-Strong.”
Thank You Heavenly Father that in these times of shaking, we can look up to You, Lord Jesus Christ in confident hope and expectation of good days. In Jesus' Name we pray, Amen and amen!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Are You Sure You Want to Make Football About Politics Too? UPDATED: That's Why They Call It Soldier Field

You May Not Like That Play 

1.) Kaepernick was offered nearly a million to play this year but chose rabble-rousing over showcasing his mediocre talent. His other mediocre talent, I mean.

2.) Wait 'til the other players realize he's costing them money.

3.) What if your dentist told you he couldn't work until you listened to him rant first?

4.) If players want to make comments off the field or write op-eds, that's one thing. But they are hijacking a public event that other people are invested in for their own private purpose.  Everybody in the stadium, in America, has some beef with society. Should we all just sit down? There goes one more act of unity when we can't spare any.

5.) The Talking Heads who dislike President Trump's suggestion about firing all tried to get Officer Darren Wilson fired, even jailed--an innocent man, defending himself. And many of them incited the murder of police. Nor did they mind when the IRS was quashing dissent.

6.) Roger Goodell is a virtue-signaling vulture. He had no problem with a Salute to the Black Panthers and bashed North Carolina for their Bathroom Bill, but he doesn't send his own kids where they'll have to shower with men. Nor has he opened up NFL stadium bathrooms to all comers. But it's good enough for your wives and daughters.

7.) I'm down to watching hometeam games only. And if they start protesting, I'll pull the plug on that, too.

If you de-fun football, we'll defund you. We're not playing anymore.

Are you?

A62-63 League Game Operations Manual:
“The National Anthem must be played prior to every NFL game, and all players must be on the sideline for the National Anthem. During the National Anthem, players on the field and bench area should stand at attention, face the flag, hold helmets in their left hand, and refrain from talking. The home team should ensure that the American flag is in good condition. It should be pointed out to players and coaches that we continue to be judged by the public in this area of respect for the flag and our country. Failure to be on the field by the start of the National Anthem may result in discipline, such as fines, suspensions, and/or the forfeiture of draft choice(s) for violations of the above, including first offenses.”

Figures: Just like The Swamp, they don't live by their own rules.
Jim Treacher @jtLOL
"If you guys really think #Resisting the National Anthem is the way to go, I'm all for it.
I never want you to win another election."

UPDATE: That's Why They Call It Soldier Field:
Were there even enough fans in the stands to "boo" them?


what a small, small man

When McCain last asked voters for a job, he said he was going to repeal and replace. In fact, he wasn't just opposed, he was "leading the fight to stop Obamacare".

Is this what 'leading the fight to stop Obamacare' looks like? 'Cos it sure looks like leading the fight to save Obamacare. Exactly like it.

So now McCain says that if he wrote a perfect bill himself, one that would save lives and help strapped families save money and unleash small businesses, he wouldn't vote for his own bill unless Democrats gave him permission?

Even these modest reforms are too much for Sen. No. Since McCain has set an impossible Goldilocks standard--not too hot, not too cold, but jussss' right!--it is "incumbent" on him to meet that standard.

So let's see your bill, Senator. The one that will get 60 or 70 votes in the Senate. You say that's the only one you can support, so write it and show us. Liar.

What a horse's ass.

I'm so sorry I ever supported him. It will never happen again. In fact, I'm now leading the fight to repeal and replace John McCain.

"And this's for real."

And while we're at it, Just Do It, Mr. President:

Donald J. TrumpVerified account @realDonaldTrump Jul 29
If a new HealthCare Bill is not approved quickly, BAILOUTS for Insurance Companies and BAILOUTS for Members of Congress will end very soon!

You want bi-partisan? Hold a very public contest, Mr. President. 

Ask Americans if you should cancel the Royal $5,000 per person-Exemption that Congress and their employees get--or extend it to every other American, so we can all live under the same law for a change.

Friday, September 22, 2017

The Unmasking of the Un-U.N.

Bringing Tears to Their Eyes

Fausta looks at President Trump's UN presentation:

"Bonus: He did not need to say, “Let me be clear.” He was."

She also makes this important point:

"The purpose of the UN, as delineated in the speech.
Elliot Abrams (h/t Just One Minute) explains it (emphasis added),
He reminded the delegates that the United Nations was never meant to be a gigantic bureaucracy that would steadily become a world government. Rather, he said, it is an association of sovereign states whose strength depends “on the independent strength of its members.” Its success, he argued, depends on their success at governing well as “strong, sovereign, and independent nations.”
Trump cleverly turned patriotism — love of one’s own country, and what he called the necessary basis for sacrifice and “all that is best in the human spirit” — into the basis for international cooperation to solve problems that nations must face together
Latin Americans view the UN and other international, non-elected, supra-national organizations (such as the International Court of Justice) as saviors of sorts – regardless of corruption and other scandals. They would do well to live by this instead...".......


The Iran Deal was a treaty Iran negotiated with itself. Both the American people and the Iranian people were shut out of the process. Obama's role was to make it look like there were two parties to the negotiations and get the best possible deal for Iran without giving the game away by making the treason too obvious.

Let me be clear:

The goal of the Deal is to give Iran political cover until it gets nukes. EVERYTHING ELSE IS JUST WORDS TO DISGUISE THAT CENTRAL FACT.

It is not meant to paralyze Iran--it is meant to paralyze the West. Much of OfficialWashington(tm)--those not actively on #TeamAyatollah, I mean--cling in vain to this scrap of paper. But that is all it is, and all it will ever be.

As a bottom-line business guy, Trump is not invested in their fiction. But as a bottom-line patriot, he is invested in America.
Are you?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Wiretapper's Ball UPDATED: "Why Obama Really Spied on Trump"

Cockroach Coup-UPDATE: Mueller and his team of swell Hillary donors almost have to indict someone now, just to cover-up Obama's criminal wiretapping on behalf of the Clinton campaign. The FBI had investigations of both campaigns; one to bury Hillary's crimes and one to invent Trump's.

BTW, I'm no fan of Manafort's work for Putin stooges in the Ukraine. But whatever he did pales into nothingness compared to what the Podestas, the Clintons and Obama did for Putin: business partners in Joule Energy, lobbying for SberBank sanctions relief, transferring hi-tech dual-use technology at Skolkovo, selling 20% of America's uranium supply, letting Russia establish military bases in the Middle East for the first time in a half-century while barrel-bombing civilians. Not to mention letting Putin take over the White House's computers with impunity. That's because Obama needed Russia's help with the Iran Surrender.

Hey, I know; let's investigate what happened in June, 2016! :

On an unknown date in June, the FISA court turns down a request for the first time in many years, a request to wiretap the Trumps. Despite the judge's unprecedented ruling, Lynch wiretapped the Trumps anyway.

On June 3, Rob Goldstone emails Trump, Jr., using words that seem designed to justify a FISA warrant. A meeting is set up with the lawyer Veselnitskaya, who had been personally granted a special visa parole by Lynch. It would have been rude not to talk to her after all the trouble Lynch took to send her over to Trump Tower.

On June 9, the meeting takes place, but there is no opposition research presented as promised, only Magnitsky Act issues.

On June 14, Veselnitskaya appears at the Congressional Hearing with Obama's Russian ambassador.

On June 20, the Hillary/Comey/Steele Dossier alleges whatever Hillary twisted hallucinations dreamed-up

And on June 27, Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch hold their Tarmac Summit, even though his alleged wife is "allegedly" under the alleged Lynch/Comey pretend-investigation. But, hey, sometimes you just don't want to discuss wiretapping the opposing political campaign on the phone.

Somebody might be listening.

Whaddaya know? Trump was right. Again.

Don Surber: "The media's wiretap dancing": "A Democratic president spied on a Republican presidential candidate’s campaign using a law a Democratic Congress passed and a Democratic president signed 38 years earlier in the name of preventing Watergate-style abuses.
The Obama administration monitored the political opposition’s private conversations, and then passed along transcripts of those conversations to administration-friendly journalists. This not only was an abuse of presidential power, but also an abuse of the power of the press.
Call it wiretapping or intercepting, the press knew perfectly well the Obama administration spied on political opponents, because the Obama administration shared these goodies with the press. Witness the Inauguration Day story in the Times, which used the word “wiretapped” in its front-page headline.
Far from being a member of a free press, the Times acted as a propaganda tool for a past regime waging a campaign to discredit its successor. Other news organizations followed the lead of the Times.
The press had no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia, but promoted a steady stream of Fake News about Russia. The Fake News media was determined to bring down a duly elected president.
Meanwhile, evidence of electoral eavesdropping by Democrats abounded. Yet the press ignored this actual political scandal, because even after Obama left the White House a Fake News media was reluctant to cast him in a bad light.

The next few weeks should be interesting."

Daniel Greenfield: Why Obama Really Spied on Trump

"Either the investigation gets results. Or its perpetrators are left hanging in the wind. If McMaster is fired, which on purely statistical grounds he probably will be, and a Trump loyalist who wasn’t targeted by the surveillance operation becomes the next National Security Adviser and brings in Trump loyalists, as Flynn tried to do, then it’s over.
And the Dems finally get their Watergate. Except the star won’t be Trump, it will be Obama. Rice, Power, Lynch and the rest of the gang will be the new Haldeman, Ehrlichman and Mitchell.
Once Obama and his allies launched their domestic surveillance operation, they crossed the Rubicon. And there was no way back. They had to destroy President Trump or risk going to jail.
The more crimes they committed by spying on the opposition, the more urgently they needed to bring down Trump. The consequences of each crime that they had committed spurred them on to commit worse crimes to save themselves from going to jail. It’s the same old story when it comes to criminals.
Each act of illegal surveillance became more blatant. And when illegal surveillance couldn’t stop Trump’s victory, they had to double down on the illegal surveillance for a coup.
The more Obama spied on Trump, the more he had to keep doing it. This time it was bound to pay off.
Obama and his allies had violated the norms so often for their policy goals that they couldn’t afford to be replaced by anyone but one of their own. The more Obama relied on the imperial presidency of executive orders, the less he could afford to be replaced by anyone who would undo them.  The more his staffers lied and broke the law on everything from the government shutdown to the Iran nuke sellout, the more desperately they needed to pull out all the stops to keep Trump out of office. And the more they did it, the more they couldn’t afford not to do it. Abuse of power locks you into the loop familiar to all dictators. You can’t stop riding the tiger. Once you start, you can’t afford to stop.
If you want to understand why Samantha Power was unmasking names, that’s why. The hysterical obsession with destroying Trump comes from the top down. It’s not just ideology. It’s wealthy and powerful men and women who ran the country and are terrified that their crimes will be exposed.
It’s why the media increasingly sounds like the propaganda organs of a Communist country. Why there are street riots and why the internet is being censored by Google and Facebook’s “fact checking” allies.
It’s not just ideology. It’s raw fear.

The left is sitting on the biggest crime committed by a sitting president. The only way to cover it up is to destroy his Republican successor. 
A turning point in history is here. 
If Obama goes down, the left will go down with him. If his coup succeeds, then America ends."