Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"More Votes Than Voters": Illegal Alien Voting "There's No Evidence--Cos' We Won't Look For Any!" (Updated)



"TRUMP WINS POPULAR VOTE! In Which Rahm Emmanuel Explains Why We Need The Electoral College
Simply Put, We Can't Abolish the Electoral College Because Democrats Are Liars and Cheats

Look at this map:

Now look at this map:
Trump 306 / Clinton 232--the exact opposite of what they told us
and tried to make happen with their dishonest partisan hack "journalism"
The top map are states that give drivers' licenses to illegals. The bottom are Hillary's Electoral College states in blue. They're almost identical.

California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Vermont and Washington and DC all give out drivers' licenses to foreign nationals, thus enabling them to register and vote. Oregon did too, until voters struck it down.

Until you can show me that the massive voter fraud perpetrated by Democrats like Gov. Jerry Brown of California (where licenses are purposely stripped of any indication of nationality) didn't pad the popular vote totals, I'll assume Donald Trump won the popular vote, too. The American popular vote:
And that's not even counting the Democrat Vote Fraud from dead people, house pets and imaginary friends
Mayor Rahm Emmanuel: "Chicago will always be a sanctuary city."

He is saying that Chicago has its own foreign policy which you must pay for. But more than that, he is saying, like the other Sanctuary City mayors and Sanctuary State governors like Jerry Brown, that they have the right to mint new citizens and swell the voter rolls with them.

And you want me to throw my vote in with these fraudsters in a national popular vote? Never.

A national vote would mean a single national standard--and Democrat Cheaters don't even abide by the standards we have now. HOW MANY MORE FAKE VOTES WOULD THEY MANUFACTURE IF THEY KNEW AN ELECTION COULD LITERALLY COME DOWN TO A SINGLE VOTE?

Let's say you, me and Paul are having an election. You and Paul vote one way and I vote the other. But I also let my two buddies from Kazakhstan vote illegally.  Guess what...I win!

Now I haven't denied you your Right to Vote. You voted. But I've robbed you of your vote just as surely as if you had to pay a Poll Tax or pass the Grandfather Test or any of the other old Democrat dirty tricks used to steal elections. Old Habits, etc.

Vote Fraud is a Civil Rights Issue and Democrats are violating your Civil Rights by cancelling your vote with fraudulent votes.

They do it by both handing out IDs to the ineligible and/or demanding that no IDs should be required. And this fraud is in addition to other types, such as double voting, roving vans full of voters going from precinct to precinct, machine tampering, felons, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.

Hillary lost the Electoral College and the Popular Vote. And now they want to tamper with the Constitution to enact the Democrats' favorite program of all:


Never. Never. Never." ...............................
Journalism: Another One of the "Jobs Americans Won't Do"--Who Knew?
We thank the President-Elect for reading Rest in the Vine, because yesterday he tweeted this:

“In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally."

Also this: "Serious voter fraud in Virginia, New Hampshire and California - so why isn't the media reporting on this? Serious bias - big problem!"

The Leg-Humping Media all wet their pants.

They were all asking Trump for proof. They said there is no fraud. Well, where is the proof of that? They assert, as fact, that Trump is wrong and there is no illegal voting. Based on what? The hard-hitting investigative journalism they haven't done?

Has even one of these so-called "reporters" ever walked over to Gov. Jerry Brown's office and asked "How many drivers licenses have you given to foreign nationals? Is it ten...or ten million? And can we cross-check it against the voter rolls?"

It never occurred to them to ask. They're just not very darned curious for people who call themselves "reporters". OR MAYBE IT OCCURRED TO THEM THAT THEY SHOULDN'T ASK. EVER.

In other words "We haven't done our jobs for years--but you should investigate this for us, Donald!"

We have governments, local, state and federal, that...

* turned the Border Patrol into a Bellhop Service
* hire jetliners to go to foreign countries and bring illegal immigrants back here
* demand police departments hire illegal cops
* give out drivers licenses and register foreign voters
* are minting their own citizens and conducting their own foreign policy
* refuse to help the American government but assist foreign governments
* have even made a shambles of legal immigration
* routinely hand out visas to terrorists (that's not an Oldsmobile on your chest, OSU students--that's your government at work!)
* won't even deport foreign criminals after they have raped, robbed and murdered their way across America

And you're telling me that there is no voter fraud because these same governments which encourage, aid and abet illegal immigration and vote fraud haven't mentioned any problems?

And the reporters who refuse to ask any tough questions--except maybe the ones Podesta wrote for them--they know all the answers?

And that people who ignore dozens of our other laws are, for some unknown reason, scrupulously obeying all our Honor System voting laws?

Reporter, please.


Who knows? You might actually enjoy fact-finding for a change, after all these years of fact-burying."............................

UPDATE: The Awfully Uncurious AWOL-Media is demanding an investigation into illegal alien voter fraud. Fine with me.

What if Jeff Sessions started comparing drivers licenses to voter rolls? And what if state officials were engaged in a wink-and-a-nod scheme to let foreign nationals vote? That would be a RICO-sized Voting Rights Act violation.

Somebody should look into it since everybody in our Poodle Press Corps has evidently retired. Well, almost everybody.

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