Monday, January 2, 2017

Springtime for Hitler: Obama's Auschwitz Line

"Don't be afraid to see what you see."--Ronald Reagan

"We'll always have Paris Conference, ja?"

"Obama’s Next ‘Last’ Betrayal", Jed Babbin:

"The Paris resolution will either demand Israel recognize a Palestinian state with borders conforming to the pre-1967 war borders or will do so on behalf of the nations in attendance. It may set a deadline for Israel to do so.

The Paris agreement may go even farther. It could state that if Israel doesn’t agree to recognize that form of a two-state solution by the deadline, international sanctions will be used to compel Israeli compliance with the measure. Such sanctions could threaten Israel’s economy and its military.

If the Paris resolution contains any of those decisions — and it will contain at least some — Trump will tweet against it and demand that the UN reject it. He tried that tactic on the December 23 UN resolution to no effect. He’ll have no better luck this time.

Trump is reportedly trying to get Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to attend his inauguration. Let’s hope he succeeds. The best thing Trump could do would be to directly address Netanyahu in his inauguration speech, telling him that the Paris resolution and whatever the UN does with it are contrary to U.S. policy and that we reject whatever terms the Paris group and the UN demand.

On January 20, Trump won’t be able to do more and shouldn’t do less. But beginning on January 21, he can — diplomatically and otherwise — face down Israel’s enemies. He should, for one simple reason: they are our enemies as well.".......

They're our enemies--but Barack Hussein Obama's allies.

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