Thursday, January 19, 2017

People, Get Ready

There's a Train a-Comin'

The truth--not the OfficialTruth(tm)--but the actual truth, is going to start coming out 24 hours from now.

In fact, the lies of the last eight years are already seeping out of the Obama Sewer.

Zero Hedge: "[T]he US government was indeed fabricating student loan default data, making it appear far lower than it was in reality.
An the WSJ reported overnight "many more students have defaulted on or failed to pay back their college loans than the U.S. government previously believed." The admission came last Friday, when the Education Department released a memo saying that it had overstated student loan repayment rates at most colleges and trade schools and provided updated numbers. This also means that the number of loan defaults in various cohorts is far greater than previously revealed. A spokeswoman for the Education Department said that the problem resulted from a "technical programming error."".......

Damn glitches! Its twice as bad as they said.

This is just the first taste of the Officially Revised ObamaHistory(tm) on the way.

Get ready.

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