Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Accidental Tourist: Che's Revenge

Clueless in Havana...

But then, there's a lot of that going around. Just kidding--Comrade O knows exactly what he's doing there. Even if this flailing frequent flyer doesn't.

Cold Fury fisks Alice in Dunderland's Big Commie Adventure:

"Once settled in and calmed down, we decided to go explore Havana’s nightlife. Everyone back home exclaimed that Havana has some of the best nightlife in the world. I later realized that those people were on drugs because Havana is so boring at night that it’s just ridiculous. We first stopped by the Hotel Libre to grab a quick bite from their restaurant. Being managed by an international hotel chain, you’d think that the food would be okay. Well, to no one’s surprise, it was terrible. Whatever my friends ordered wasn’t edible so they just ate what I ordered and to be clear, I ordered spaghetti without sauce. It was just white spaghetti. By 11PM the same day we arrived, we were now reveling at how good this white spaghetti was. Cuba officially destroyed us."

Communism destroys everything, genius. Always has, always will; it’s baked right into the ideological cake. You’re damned lucky you were allowed to leave at all; plenty like you haven’t been, and many thousands of Cubans have died trying, you know.

"About 40 minutes of waiting later, we decided to just leave the club and walk around the city. I did read about a quaint little cafe called “Woohoo” and it happened to be along the way that we were walking so we walked in and got a table. I didn’t know this at the time but most of these restaurants and places are government owned. It seems the only way to get real food is to go into someone’s home and have them cook meals for you. To cut it short, the food was also terrible. I mean, how does one mess up a brownie anyways?"
Easy: you give the Almighty State control over making them, that’s how. And: “government owned”? HELLOOOOO! COMMUNISM, you dolt. Read up on it sometime, when you get back to a country that has affordable, uncensored internet access more than a couple of unpredictable hours a day.
"Mulling over the entire experience we had, one thing that really irritated me was the currency. For a country like Cuba to value their currency on a 1:1 basis with the US Dollar or even 10% less than the Euro is absolutely appalling. For the infrastructure, transportation and even food to be as expensive as it was, everything should have been leaps and bounds better than what it was."
And it would have been, in a free country with open markets and competition to weed out the mediocrities, and a society wherein success, initiative, and ambition are celebrated and not punished. Sadly, people like you have pushed us way too far to the wrong end of that equation. But we’re going to be fixing at least some of that in the next few years, whether you like it or not. You’re welcome. ...

I can’t even believe I’m having to repeat this shit at all; once upon a time in this country, you breathed in these simple, uncomplicated truths in your 6th grade civics class. And if that didn’t do it, it would be covered in history classes that taught something other than “Washington and Jefferson owned slaves! Disregard everything they ever said!” The truth about communism was widely known, as was the truth about our own admittedly imperfect but still vastly superior system, proof of which superiority you could see all around you any time you cared to bother opening your eyes and looking.".......

Read it all.
The Cuban Auto-Metaphor: Pushing Castro's Broken-Down Hearse Across the Finish Line to Hell

CIVICS UPDATE for the Dis-Educated:

"Shorn of all side issues and extraneous matter, the problem underlying all others is the worldwide contest for the hearts and minds of mankind. Do we find the answers to human misery in freedom as it is known, or do we sink into the deadly dullness of the Socialist ant heap?
Those who suggest that the latter is some kind of solution are, I think, open to challenge. Let’s have no more theorizing when actual comparison is possible. There is in the world a great nation, larger than ours in territory and populated with 250 million capable people. It is rich in resources and has had more than 50 uninterrupted years to practice socialism without opposition.
We could match them, but it would take a little doing on our part. We’d have to cut our paychecks back by 75 percent; move 60 million workers back to the farm; abandon two-thirds of our steel-making capacity; destroy 40 million television sets; tear up 14 of every 15 miles of highway; junk 19 of every 20 automobiles; tear up two-thirds of our railroad track; knock down 70 percent of our houses; and rip out nine out of every 10 telephones. Then, all we have to do is find a capitalist country to sell us wheat on credit to keep us from starving!".......

When Comrade O went Argentina, he told the schoolkids there that, like him, they were free to choose "what works" from Communism or capitalism; that's child abuse by someone who never worked a real day in his sorry life. 

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