Monday, January 23, 2017

The Paper Chase Lounge

Law Perfessers: If the Trumps Rent a Hotel Room to a Herzegovinian, That's An Unconstitutional Emolument! But If Hillary Rakes In $145 Million From The Russian Uranium Deal She Approved, Why, That's Just Good Government and How Dare You Imply Its Bribery Because Shuddup!

Law Perfessers and Rock Stars: is there anything they don't know? Yep; when to quit.

The same geniuses who tried to keep ROTC recruiters off campus are at it again, targeting President Trump with their super-duper legal ju-jitsu moves.

Via our own professor Glenn Reynolds:

"The Court trashed the four legal theories advanced by the law professors, especially Harvard’s statutory interpretation argument, although six justices went to Harvard Law.

Worse, the case backfired on the learned professors when the Court also went on to say that Congress could probably mandate that colleges permit military recruiters on campus, even if the school does not accept any federal funding – a major and (to them) an unexpected loss..."
"Here is a dime. Call your mother and tell her there are serious doubts about you ever becoming a lawyer.
However, as a Democrat hack, you are already a raging success. Congratulations."

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