Friday, January 20, 2017

Our Benedict Arnold: Eight Years a Traitor

Of Riddance & Rubbish

"To love their country has been considered as virtue in men, whose love could not be otherwise than blind, because their preference was made without, a comparison; but it has never been my fortune to find, either in ancient or modern writers, any honourable mention of those, who have, with equal blindness, hated their country."--Samuel Johnson

Benedict Arnold sold out America for money and power. Barack Hussein Obama sold out America for free.

Our long national Communist Affirmative Action-hire is over. He leaves a world is in flames, our enemies strengthened, a country divided and a doubled-in-size $20 Trillion national debt. A complete and unrelenting failure, the Worst President in History.

 Begone, moral dwarf. Out, damned stain on the Nation. Make way, traitor. Your day is done.

Thank God Almighty.

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