Monday, January 16, 2017

Wet Foot, Dry Foot, Red Foot, Redder Foot

Parting Gift for Mi Fidel

Babalu Blog:

"During the last two years of his presidency, Obama made his stance on Cuba crystal clear. While Cubans have been fighting for human rights, freedom, and the end of apartheid in Cuba for more than a half-century, paying for that struggle with their lives, those causes are of no concern whatsoever to the president. Instead, his focus is on sustaining and defending the murderously repressive apartheid regime. In fact, Obama is so deeply devoted to this goal that with just eight days left in his presidency, he took one last shot at killing the remaining hopes for freedom the Cuban people may have had."........

Comrade O believes Cuba's regime is the moral equal of America, which is not true. And that he is the moral equal of communist military dictators--which is true.

Obama is returning innocent Cuban escapees to their Communist jailers at the same time he is freeing guilty Islamo-terrorists from his Cuban prison at Gitmo.

And that begs the only remaining question about our first truly Anti-American president:

Q: Is he Islamist...or Communist? Marxist...or Muslim Brotherhood?

A: Yes.

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