Monday, March 20, 2017

National Art for the Endowments

I Prefer My Art Linklettered

Don Surber, who--get this--wrote an entire book without any government funding!--offers this free of charge:

"Concern trolling by Marxist members of the media since we elected Donald Trump president greatly amuses me.

Typical of these trolls was Ezra Klein's piece, "Defunding the Corporation for Public Broadcasting won’t kill PBS. It will hurt Trump voters."".......

Yes, Ezra; it will hurt--but we're willing to take the hit. ForTheChildren(tm).

We'll muddle through somehow. Or puddle through. Whatever.

Ours Framers gave a system of Limited Government, in which the job of the State was to do only the limited tasks that individuals could not accomplish for themselves, such as a nuclear submarine program--but not a theater program of smearing one's nether-regions with chocolate syrup while writhing on the stage. We now have an Unlimited Government which tries to do almost everything, and consequently does almost nothing well, except accumulating debt, now at $20 Trillion and climbing. And Democrats oppose even these modest cuts, wanting only to further slash our National Defense, which is the single true obligation of the Federal Government.

"It's not tyranny we desire; it's a just, limited, federal government."--Alexander Hamilton

"They somehow made a play about me without Federal Funding. You can do it, too!" 

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