Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Real Ladies

What Real Resistance Looks Like

Not the Temper Tantrum anti-Trump "Resistance" on display in Congress last night.

By wearing white, Nancy Pelosi and her gang were trying to evoke the Suffragettes' struggle for voting rights.

They were already pretending that America was still stuck in 1950.

This is a little more accurate:

But now they're even trying to pretend it's 1890. They keep going farther back in time to claim valuable Victim Status.

At President Trump's next triumphant speech, I plan to wear chain mail in honor of the Magna Carta--"1215 Forever!" "Darkness Dies in Runnymede!"

But you don't really have to time-travel to find oppressed women, Nancy. These Democrat women...

...completely backed Barack Obama when he rescued the Castro Military Dictatorship, just as he rescued the Iranian Military Dictatorship. He sold out both the Iranian and Cuban peoples.

...and this is what the Military Dictator does to Cuba's Ladies in White, with the assistance of Nancy Pelosi and her American "Ladies in White." You should be ashamed, Democrats.
American women got the vote a century ago. Cuba's women still don't have voting rights to this very day, except in fake elections.
You helped the Castros do this, Mrs. Pelosi. Your president got nothing for Cuba's women. Zero. Everything went to the dictatorship, and you helped. Take a good look, Democrats, and see what Real Resistance looks like.

Because it damn sure doesn't look like this:

In America, you can even choose whether or not to applaud for the leader's speech.
You take it for granted, but Cubans want that, too, Nancy.
Stop knee-capping Cuban freedom, Democrats.
Alberto de la Cruz:

"Unlike their similarly dressed sisters in Washington D.C., Cuba’s Ladies in White really know what oppression feels like. For years they have been beaten; stoned; tarred; sexually assaulted; imprisoned; and executed by the apartheid Castro regime. Every single day these courageous women put their lives and their families at risk confronting Cuba’s vile and repressive dictatorship. While the women in D.C. last night wore white to garner attention, the women in Cuba wear white to defy a totalitarian regime, knowing their choice of dress will make them targets of a violently repressive State Security apparatus.

Any woman can dress in white, but not every woman who dresses in white is a Lady in White."......

Ours vs. Theirs
"I'm With Theirs!"
More at Babalu:

Another Sunday of violence in Cuba as 30 Ladies in White and dissidents are violently beaten and arrested

Cuba’s Ladies In White Report 50 Arrests This Sunday 

Congratulations to Bill Ayers on his new $30 million-dollar book deal...but we still have to ask:

Q: Given the fact that Obama--with his Ladies in White--rescued the both the Cuban Dictatorship and the Iranian Dictatorship, is he a Communist...or an Islamist?  Marxist...or Muslim Brotherhood?

A: Yes--He's a communist on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. He's a terror symp on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. And on Sunday, he looked at the world on fire and saw that it was good, and had a waffle.

"If I really looked like this, Democrats would do anything to help me."

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