Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Gem

 From Ace of Spades:

How to Survive In the Age of Rage

"Americans experienced the shock of sudden almost-inconceivable horror on 9/11, but progressives experienced something even worse: The feeling that they'd been wrong their whole lives.
We lost two towers and 3000 people that day; they lost their comfortable fictions and pretenses. They had it worse, actually.
And I'll keep saying this until the day I die: They weren't really all that bothered by the loss of life as they were by the loss of certainty. The loss of that feeling of superiority.
They got it back soon enough. Within a year they were back to being very confident about all their fictions and very superior about all of them.
Within a year, they were certain of the progressive cause again, and were back to fighting against the Colonialist White Power Structure.
But the Trump Terrorist Event -- the fact of Trump's victory -- hit them much more deeply than 9/11 did. They didn't just lose two towers and 3000 people on Election Day.
On Election Day, most knew Trump had won, but still held out hope that Hilary wouldn't concede or that Detroit would suddenly "find" 100,000 uncounted votes.
November 9, 2016 was when the actual SMOD -- reality -- hit.
They lost their feeling of control and power over America. And believe me, after 8 years of Obama, and with the social and cultural winds at their back, able to gin up social media hate-mobs against anyone who even said something they didn't like, and able to sic the IRS on conservative groups and get away with it scot-free -- they felt like they were in total control.
And they were right to feel that way: They were in total control.

And now that's gone." .......

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