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When #ResistanceBarbie Meets Klaus Barbie: "Resistance is hard!"

Do the Math--if You Can Count to Six Million
The Bielski Brothers and the “Otriad”
Partisans operating in the forest of Belarus

Claudette Blance, an intelligence officer in the French Resistance (Maquis)
and a lieutenant in the Free French Army

Italian Resistance

Jewish Resistance Fighters, France, 1944
Roger Simon: Left's Use of Term 'Resistance' to Oppose Trump Is Appalling and Anti-Semitic:

"[S]ometimes the "appropriation" of a term rises to a level considerably more serious than undergraduate "microagressions" -- and such an instance is the use of the term "Resistance" by people in opposition, violent and otherwise, to Donald Trump and his administration.
They are, of course, comparing themselves to the French Resistance of World War II.  Not only is this the most self-aggrandizing form of "cultural appropriation" imaginable, it is also -- not even by inference, but directly and insultingly -- anti-Semitic. It trivializes the unspeakable horror Jews and millions of others went through then.
The original "Résistance" began in June 1940 when Nazi Germany defeated France and took over that country, installing a puppet government (Vichy).  This, on the face of it, makes any comparison to the presidency of Donald Trump, who was duly elected, absurd, but let's add just a few facts.  At the outset, mid-1940, buildings throughout France were renamed, books were banned, art was stolen and taken to Germany, and people disappeared. (A number of Germans and Austrians had escaped to France in the 1930s. Too bad for them.)   Further, in October of that year, under the statut des Juifs, Jews were forbidden to practice the professions -- law, medicine, etc. -- and Jewish-owned businesses were confiscated and placed under "Aryan" control.  The Jews were also banned from public places such as cinemas, museums and parks and only allowed to ride on the last carriage of the Paris metro.  Mandatory armbands followed shortly thereafter. ...
As most literate people know -- well, some anyway -- it didn't get better from there. In all this there were brave people like the legendary Maquis guerrilla fighters who battled the Nazis in rural France as well as numerous collaborators who, hopefully, are rotting in Hell.  This real "Resistance" -- this life-and-death struggle between good and evil -- was going on all over the Continent while the ghastly "Final Solution" played out in the background.
Has any of that -- anything remotely like that -- happened here under the new administration? ...

On 6 April 1944, SS First Lieutenant Klaus Barbie raided a children's home in Izieu, France, where Jewish children had been hidden. Barbie arrested everyone present, all 44 children and 7 adult staff members. The next day, the Gestapo transported the arrestees to Drancy. From there, all the children and staff were deported to Auschwitz. None of them survived.
What is there about Trump or what he is doing that brooks any sort of comparison to the Nazi period and World War II, when an estimated 50 to 80 million people died?  Why is it that the likes of Snoop Dogg feel this man must be assassinated?  Why is Barbra Streisand gaining weight?  Have all these people had a collective lobotomy?
In a way, yes. Their brains have been fried by their own delusions. They are searching for a justification of their own existences, a way to feel superior and guilt-free for their own lives which are a thousand times better and luckier than almost anyone in the history of the human race.  Rather than feeling grateful, rather than merely opposing some or even all of Trump's policies, they despise and demonize him so that they can feel somehow victimized. (See, we've got it bad. We have to deal with Goering... er, Trump.... More truffles on the pasta, Wolfgang.) This describes not just multi-millionaires like Snoop and Barbra -- who have undoubtedly only gotten richer from the stock market since Trump was elected -- but millions of people from the soi-disant feminist who parades around in a pussy hat while disdaining the true fighter for women Ayaan Hirsi Ali to the wannabe anarchists smashing windows who wouldn't know Kropotkin from a Quarter Pounder with Cheese.".......

"Resistance"? Yeah--like a resistance to antibiotics.

Of course they appropriated the word. This is the same crowd that appropriated the word "Denier" from Nazi lies of Holocaust Denial to hurl at Climate Skeptics. If you have doubts that they really know the temperature in downtown Sioux City on the afternoon of May 23rd a century from now, you are a Nazi. Yet they supported giving billions of dollars and enriched uranium to the Mullahs of Iran, who are actual Holocaust Deniers.

Our support for Trump is our Resistance to that moral rot, lunacy and, yes, treason. If that kind of treachery is not treason, then the word should be stricken from our dictionaries.

Newsflash: You're not the Resistance; if anybody in America is, we are. #TheResistance is who elected Donald Trump.

Now you're protesting at airports, demanding unlimited immigration into America by millions, even billions, many of whom who share those anti-Semitic views and make excuses for terrorism. We say "Make America Great Again" while you're screaming "Make America Aleppo!"

That's not "Resistance". It's a mental tic. It's a political bowel irritation.

It's #DemocratDiaperRash.

If you want to riot because Bribe-Me Granny lost, maybe you should take it up with her owners. We didn't throw a National Temper Tantrum when your Communist boyfriend won, even as he left the nation in shambles and the world in flames.

The #RealPhony Leader of the so-called "Resistance"
That's not Resistance. It's #Collaboration.

This is Resistance:

"Three FW 190s came in from the rear and cut my elevator cables. I snap-rolled with the rudder and jumped at 18,000 feet. I took off my dinghy-pack, oxygen mask, and helmet in the air; and then, as I was whirling on my back and began to feel dizzy, I pulled the ripcord at 8,000 feet. An FW 190 dove at me, but when he was about 2,000 yards from me a P51 came in on his tail and blew him to pieces.
I landed into a forest-clearing in which there was a solitary sapling about twenty feet tall. I grabbed the top of the sapling as I passed it and swung gently to the ground. My chute was hung up in the tree, however, I hid my mae west and started off to the south-east, for I thought that I was in the forbidden zone. Before I had gone 200 feet half a dozen Frenchmen ran up to me. Some of them got my chute down, and one of the men took me by the arm and led me to a house some 200 yards away. There I was given food and civilian clothes. A gendarme was seen approaching the house at this moment, and so I was quickly hidden in the barn. When the gendarme left I was brought back into the house where one of the men who had left the group now returned and gave me a note in English telling me to trust the people in whose hands I was. I was then taken to another house about a kilometer away, and from there my journey was arranged."  The house to which Yeager was taken was actually a hotel run by an English-speaking French woman and her daughter. The next morning the man who took Yeager to the hotel returned and took the pilot to the home of a ""fleshy, white-haired man and his family" where Yeager spent one night. The British debriefing officer continues the report whose content masks the life-threatening danger each of Yeager's benefactors places himself into.
"The next morning the same guide returned and took him by bicycle to a young couple of 35 years with a son, Jean, five years old who live in a farmhouse off RN133 near the lake at Font Guillem au Pujo between Pompogne and Houeilles. Here Yeager lived for seven days. Then a farmer from Houeilles took him to a house half a km. from Nerac. This is the house of the regional maquis (French Resistance) chief, Gabriel; and here Dr. Henri -, the doctor of all the maquis in this part of the country, lives when he is in the vicinity. After Yeager had been here a few days, Dr. Henri arrived in the Franbel (the name of a local pencil company) lorry and went after Nahl and the six sergeants with him whom he then brought to the maquis near Nerac. He then went back to Castel Jaloux and from there brought Seidel to the maquis.
On 25 March the Franbel lorry brought Nall, Seidel, and the six sergeants from the maquis, picked up Yeager, Dr. Henri and a Belgian lieutenant and drove to a farmhouse 4 kms. S. of Nerac. From this point Yeager's journey was the same as that of Seidel and Nall.".......

"He waited until the last possible moment to open his parachute, then scanned the ground below as he descended. German troops seemed to be everywhere. After sweating out the ride down, he found himself in a forested area. Chuck rolled up his parachute and took cover in the heavy brush.
The next morning, as a French woodcutter made his way through the area, a pistol-wielding Chuck approached. His objective now was to avoid being captured at all costs and make his way into neutral Spain. He needed the help of the French underground if he was to succeed.
The startled woodcutter spoke no English, but understood that the young flier needed assistance. Soon, Chuck was under the watchful eyes of the Maquis – the French resistance movement. He spent the next few weeks traveling with the Maquis through the French countryside. He showed them how to set various timings for fuses on plastic explosives, something he had done years before with his Dad in the natural gas fields.
On 23 March, 1944, Chuck and three other downed American fliers were driven to the edge of the Pyrenees Mountains. The range forms a geographic barrier between France and Spain. Once on the other side, the men would be in neutral territory.
Chuck and a B-24 navigator would make the journey together. After four days of steady climbing through knee-deep snow and a relentless, freezing wind, the men were exhausted. They found a deserted cabin and decided to rest a while. The other airman hung his wet socks on a bush outside the cabin. He and Chuck were too tired to realize what a mistake that was.
Chuck was awakened by the sound of bullets hitting the cabin. A German patrol had passed by, seen the socks, and started shooting. The two men dove out a back window. Chuck threw his injured comrade on a snow-covered log slide and jumped on with him. The men ended up in a deep creek several thousand feet below the cabin. Once on the bank, Chuck tended to the other airman’s wound. Without Chuck he would have perished. Chuck then proceeded to drag his injured comrade back up the mountain.
Cold, wet, hungry, and with every muscle in his body aching, Chuck inched along. He did not stop for fear of falling asleep and letting go of his injured comrade. Finally, and practically without realizing it, Chuck reached the summit. Far below he could see a road. He pushed the unconscious airman down the slope and followed behind. Chuck left his injured comrade at the side of the road where border patrols could find him, and continued south. Now in Spain, he would soon have to turn himself in to the authorities.".......

"While escaping over the Pyrenees Mountains into Spain his companion, another evading pilot, Lt. Patterson, they were discovered in a remote mountain hut. They jumped out the back window but Patterson was shot in the knee. Yeager threw him down an ice slide (used to send trees down the mountain), and followed himself, to evade the Germans. After hauling Patterson out of the icy river at the bottom of the slide, Yeager had to amputate his leg, by cutting off the remaining tendon and muscle below the knee with a pocket knife and apply a tourniquet. He then carried his unconscious companion to safety and internment by the Spanish.
Yeager made it back to England only to be told that the rules forbade ex evaders from combat missions over enemy territory, in case they were captured by the Germans and revealed details about the French Resistance. Yeager “raised hell” about this and eventually ended up in a personal meeting with General Eisenhower, the Supreme Allied Commander. He got himself back flying.".......

And this is Resistance:

Mademoiselle Sainson, a Resistance helper, took two Americans for a walk.
When they ran into Italian soldiers, she asked them to pose for pictures with the group.
They did, assuming the Americans were French.

Albert-Marie Edmond Guérisse, aka “Patrick O’Leary,” organized the Pat Line (for escapees).
Betrayed in 1943, he endured Gestapo torture and a concentration camp
without revealing his comrades. He survived the war.
Like their western European counterparts, resistance fighters in the Balkan
 offered assistance to downed Airmen. Pictured here is one of the crewmen, Robert W. Glasby,
at the partisan hospital in Zgornji Hrastnik. (U.S. Air Force)

Simone Schloss, a Jewish member of the French resistance
You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Grow up.

#TheHipsterResistance-UPDATE: Prof. Reynolds: 

"Also, losing the last election “amounted to the bombing of Dresden in the last election. Trump committed Dresden. No one is in the mood be accommodating or easy.”

Democratic president Franklin Delano Roosevelt committed Dresden, which involved burning thousands of people to death. Donald Trump just undermined your fragile self-image.".......

“Nevertheless, she #Resisted."

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