Thursday, March 2, 2017

Our Lawless Courts: Berkeley's Own Judge Donna Ryu Delivers Bart Simpson Justice for Orlando

"We're From the Judiciary and We're Here to Help!"
You've helped enough.
But help who?

Conservative Review: Rogue California judge releases Orlando ISIS terrorist’s wife on bail  

"Judge Donna Ryu held the opinion that Salman is not connected to the Islamic State terror group — though her husband killed and injured dozens after swearing allegiance to the group before his onslaught — and did not have radical views, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Ryu also claims that Salman is not a flight risk nor does she threaten public safety. “I find at this time the weight of the evidence is debatable,” the judge commented. 

Texting While Shooting can endanger others!

Prosecutors strongly cautioned against releasing Salman on bail.

On June 12, 2016, Omar Mateen — Salman’s deceased husband — committed the worst terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11. The Department of Justice claims that Salman helped her husband commit that massacre. She has been charged with aiding and abetting and provision of material support to a foreign terrorist organization. Salman was involved in several suspicious activities in the run-up to the terrorist attack. For one, she was with her husband when he cased the scene in Orlando. Just days prior to the nightclub assault, Salman helped her husband stock up on ammunition, received access to his bank account, and was added to his life insurance policy.".......

But there's no insurance policy for committing terrorist mass-murder quite like getting a Leftist Democrat judge to drive the getaway car for you.

Another day, another Berkeley Democrat helps the killers. ho hum.

Bart with the Partial Commander-in-Chief,
a duty shared with our All-Knowing Judges

"Federal Judges and Rock Stars--Is There Anything They Don't Know About National Security?"


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