Thursday, March 30, 2017

Russia Didn't Try to Help Trump; They Tried to Help Themselves, Morons. UPDATED: PROOF OF PRESIDENT COLLUDING WITH RUSSIANS!

It's President's Day!

"Every single day, the Democrats and media get together and decide what the day's Microcycle Narrative Attack on Trump will be. Every single day we're supposed to treat these concocted #FakeNews fictions as matters of grave concern. For the first time in my adult life, I am using this expression non-ironically -- "I just can't even anymore.""--Ace of Spades, Smart Military Blogger

You often hear it said, and said unchallenged, by Democrats and their propaganda arm, the #FakeNews Media:

"Russia was trying to help Donald Trump!"

No, they weren't. Anything Russia did was to help Russia. Period.

In fact, they tried to get the RNC's e-mails, too, but the RNC took cyber-security seriously, unlike the Democrats. The bungler Podesta even handed over his password. But we're not here to discuss the billion rubles Putin gave to John Podesta or the lobbying for Putin's SberBank by Podesta's brother.

The Russians would have loved to have had Trump's e-mails too, and the RNC's, to use against them.

In fact, it appears that while Russia was conducting its Dezinformatsiya Campaign, it was also taken in and fooled by the American #FakeNews Media's own Disinformation Campaign.

Russians assumed like all the other #SmartPeople that the election was over and Hillary Clinton had already won.

It shows the insipid monomania and the total lack of imagination of our Poodle Press Corps; they think everything in the universe revolves around them and their precious binary politics. If Russia hurts Hillary, why, they must be for Trump! Just like if the terrorists hate us, it must be something we did!

Russia does what it does because they think it helps Russia. Period. Terrorists hate us because they're haters. Period. And the #FakeNews Media does what it does because they're partisan Democrat hacks with a byline for cover.

But they're absolutely right about one thing:

There is incontrovertible proof of presidential collusion with the Russians!

"Thanks for all the cash, Mr. President."
"No--thank you and what'$-her-name for all the uranium, Comrade President!"

"Of course I will help you with our Iranian friends--for a price."
"Just name it, Vlad--nothing's too good for my Mullahs!"

"President Rafsanjani, as a fabulous parting gift, I've arranged for Pres. Putin to send you
130 tons of prime natural uranium."

"Thanks, President Obama, for letting Russia sell us these missiles to defend our nuke factory.
And even giving us the money to buy them!"
"I told you I would be more pliable after I fooled the voters one last time."
"I transmitted to Vladimir. He thanks you."
"No need to thank me, Dimitri--I did it for the Ayatollah. And don't worry; NBC won't ask. They're housebroken."

"NBC President Andy Lack here.
President Clinton colluded with President Putin who colluded with 
President Rafsanjani who colluded with President Obama 
who is colluding with me to pin it on the only president who wasn't there: 
President Donald J. Trump.
Is this a great country or what?"


But He can.

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