Saturday, July 9, 2016

Everytime Obama Screws Up, He Wants More Gun Control

Obama's War on Cops Comes Home To Roost

Is it just World-Class Incompetence or some  Cloward–Piven Strategery to overload the system, create a crisis and then "fix" it with a giant Statist Solution, i.e. Obamacare?

I say World-Class Incompetence. But it's debatable.

*Washington: Instead of stopping the entry of ever-more No-Fly Suspects, Democrats have a solution: Gun Control!
*Ft. Hood: Obama orders the FBI to stop violating Maj. Nidal Hassan's rights. After all, chatting with the 9/11 Imam about killing your fellow soldiers is as American as apple pie. After the shooting, they classify it as a dispute about who let the office copier run out of ink. Solution: Gun Control!
*Boston: The Russians, grateful for all of Hillary's sweet American uranium, warn the Feds about the Brothers Tsarnaev. Ho, hum. In the aftermath of the bombing and shootout, a Solution: Gun Control!
*San Bernardino: The Feds actively import terrorists with no vetting. Solution: Gun Control!
*Charleston: Feds screw up Dylan Roof's background check. Solution: Gun Control!
*Orlando: Feds close Mateen investigation, accepting his claim that he was being picked on. With so many other cases being created by Obama letting in new terror sympathizers, investigators must move on. Solution: Gun Control!
*Dallas: Democrats push phony "Hands Up, Don't Shoot!" narrative, coddle pro- cop killer Black Lives Matter mob and then act surprised at this latest attack. Obama gives his "I Blame Cops" Speech as Micah Johnson is loading his rifle. Solution: Gun Control!

This crazed vet should have gotten help at the VA--but they screwed that up, too!

The Obama, Holder, Sharpton & Hillary War on Cops has consequences.

And the Go-To Solution of Gun Control is not the answer.

We need Democrat Control instead.

Affirmative Action Barry: "So, when people say ‘black lives matter,’ it doesn’t mean ‘blue lives’ don’t matter, it just means all lives matter."

The hell it does. When Gov. Whathisface from Maryland was being interviewed by the celebrity illegal alien journalist (hiding in the shadows by interviewing presidential candidates on tv), he was beaten down by Black Lives Matter for saying exactly that.

Hillary is out lecturing "white people" on what they need to do just because she needs votes, which is so creepy it makes my skin crawl. These people have less than zero credibility on race.

More: “I think it’s very hard to untangle the motives of this shooter.”

When a grand jury and the DOJ investigators both exonerate completely Officer Wilson, Obama hints that he was guilty and says "We may never know what really happened".
When Omar Mateen pledges allegiance to ISIS, we just can't say what his motives were.
Now we can't untangle this Dallas racist, either?

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