Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Al Capone Presidential Library

The next time you see Stompy-Foot Democrats staging their Bong-Water Putsch on the House floor to disarm America, ask yourself this:

Why is the Obama Library to be built in Chicago?

After all, he was born in Hawaii, schooled in an Indonesian madrassa, prepped at the Ivy League and only later chose Chicago. Why?

Obama chose Chicago because Communist Agitator Community Organizer  Saul Alinsky chose Chicago.

And Alinsky chose Chicago because Al Capone chose Chicago.

And Capone "organized communities" there through intimidation, fear, coercion and violence, which Alinsky admired and took as his political model.

Of course Hillary famously wrote her college thesis on Alinsky as well. Birds of a feather and all that.

The Other McCain points us to Anita MonCrief's kickstarter fund for her Alinsky project--very worthwhile!

Here's an interesting piece by the Z-Man on the Obama Omerta Crime Family trying to out-maneuver and out-mobster the Clinton Crony Crime Family: 

"They thought they had found a clever way to keep the Clintons in a box after the election. They did not want them running around criticizing Obama to their buddies in the press, so they put her in a job that would keep her inside the tent, but outside the country most of the time. After all, the action was going to be on the domestic side. What harm could she do?" ................

What could she do but harm? What did P.J. O'Rourke say? "Age, Guile and Unhinged Greed Beat Youth, Innocence, a Bad Haircut and a Misspent Islamo/Communist Youth"? I paraphrase.

The Clintons had perfected the art of monetizing every aspect of government by the time they left the White House Bed & Breakfast. They are drawn to large piles of money as a New York City sewer rat is drawn to a sidewalk pizza crust. And they descended on Obama's rookie mob like a flesh-eating bacteria on Michael Moore.

If they ever get their paws on the Golden Goose again, Putin will end up with the Statue of Liberty.

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