Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Gold-Plated Liars: Hillary Clinton's Moral University

Get Bent, America

Who can forget the immortal words of Rev. Martin Luther King?:

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends away from justice in Hillary Clinton's case."

Not John Kass:

The moral universe of Hillary Clinton

"The arc of the moral universe is long," shouted the freshly unindicted Hillary Clinton at a Democratic rally in North Carolina, with President Barack Obama at her side and the FBI behind her in her dust, "but it bends toward justice."

She nodded in triumphant agreement with herself, her head moving up and down, chin stabbing the air, a righteous bobblehead Hillary reaching for the presidency of the United States.

Clinton attributed the phrase to Obama, but he'd taken it from Martin Luther King Jr., who years before had taken it from the abolitionist Theodore Parker, who didn't live to see justice bend, dying before the Civil War.

Morality is just a word to some, a word for politicians at rallies to rationalize the grabbing of power. And if there's one thing the Clintons are about, besides lies, it is power.

So if this truly were a moral universe, those words would have turned to wasps in Hillary's mouth.

But they didn't." ..........................

Which can only mean one thing; she got to the wasps.

Forget Trump University; at least you signed up voluntarily to go there.

But we're all mandatory attendees of Hillary Clinton's Moral University. And the lessons we keep learning:

#The Fix Is In, #The Fix Is Still In and #The Fix Will Always Be In.

Go Arc-Benders!

A.F. Branco provides The University's Logo:

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