Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Nurse Ratchet Effect: Exit Stage Left

I was puzzled.

In the bad old days (that Obama seems hell-bent on resurrecting), the Communists had a one-way ratchet policy for their victim nations.

JFK: "We cannot negotiate with those who say "What's mine is mine, and what's yours is negotiable.""

No country, once captured by Communists could ever be allowed to return to freedom.

Similarly, Islamists hold the same view. Western Journalism:

"...the country is considered an eternal part of Dar Islam (the house of Islam) because Spain was once part of the caliphate. ...

Moreover, the Islamic State announced at the beginning of 2016 that it intended to re-impose Muslim rule over Spain. The Jihadist group released a video that showed an ancient map of El-Andalus (Spain) and declared that the time had come to expand the Caliphate in North Africa and southern Europe.

ISIS kept word when it came to North Africa. The organization is busy taking over Libya and has already carried out attacks against Tunisia. But with Spain, it’s quite a different story. Last year Spanish police delivered a blow to ISIS’ aspirations when it cracked down on supporters of the Islamic State and arrested more than 90 Islamists.

As for ISIS’ promise to flood Spain with thousands of Muslim refugees, that didn’t work out either." ................

Even though Obama insists on calling Spain "Andalusia", Spain is having none of it. They told Islamists demanding a "Right of Return" to stuff it. They prefer freedom.

And then I understood the opposition to Brexit perfectly.

But America has just had it's first Islamo/Communist administration.

Will we be allowed to escape?

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