Friday, February 24, 2017

Chief Executive Blasts Government PR Offices, Ordering Them to Spin; Gives Fiery Speech at CPAC

How 'Bout That Trump?

NY Post:  

"The Chief Executive's office has warned public-relations officers at 55 agencies to start churning out a lot more good news about the administration — or else.

Communications director James Allen delivered the stern message in a conference call last week, leaving some of the agency officials rattled.

“If you don’t generate more press releases...changes will be made!”

"I don't like being threatened," said one official.' .......

The Chief spoke at CPAC:

"While we celebrate our recent political victory we must understand there's much work before us: to gain control again of government, to reward personal initiative and risk-taking in the marketplace, to revitalize our system of federalism, to strengthen the private institutions that make up the independent sector of our society, and to make our own spiritual affirmation in the face of those who would deny man has a place before God. Not easy tasks perhaps. But I would remind you as I did on January 20th, they're not impossible, because, after all, we're Americans."

And by the way, the Chief Executive mentioned in the first article? That was Gov. Coumo. That's Andrew, not Chris; Chris is the brother who has way too many opinions on 12 year-old girls for a full-grown man. And Andrew's the brother who has the same opinions and a travel ban on North Carolina but not Cuba.

And the other chief exec? Ronald Reagan at CPAC in 1981.

But How 'Bout That Trump?

Now I see why they're so addicted to Fake News. It's kinda' fun to make it up.

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