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Medal of Conduct Winners, Then & Now

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WSVN 7 News Miami: Plantation teen returns Korean War medal to Daytona Beach family

"Fifteen-year-old Hudson DuCharme collects military gear, and he showed 7News some of his favorite items. “This is an unopened can of bandages from World War II. Unopened,” he said as he held the golden container...

DuCharme doesn’t keep all the military items he finds. Sometimes he returns them to their original owners, which is what he did with a 68-year-old Medal of Conduct from the Korean War.

DuCharme finds most of his treasures at the Swap Shop in Fort Lauderdale, which is where he found the medal. “I noticed, when I picked it up, it had a name on the back,” he said. “That’s what caught my eye about this.”

The name on the back was Irving S. Brown, with the year 1949 inscribed below it. DuCharme posted photos of the medal on Facebook and got in touch with Vicky Kanger, Brown’s daughter.

Kanger didn’t hesitate to drive down from Daytona Beach to pick it up.

7News captured the moment DuCharme handed over the medal to Kanger. “This was your father’s medal,” said the teen.

“Oh, thank you,” said Kanger as she reached in for a hug.

Brown’s daughter later revealed the medal has deep sentimental value. “It’s actually the only thing I have of my father,” she said. ...

DuCharme said there was no question in his mind about where the medal belongs. “It’s the right thing to do. That’s all you have to do,” he said, “Do what you’re supposed to do, and do the right things.”.......

Q: What kind of kid would do something like this today?

"7News interviewed DuCharme back in July 2016 when the City of Plantation asked him to find another place to hang the U.S. flags with which he lines his street. City officials compromised, and he was able to keep the flags hoisted." .......
A: That kind.

His parents should be proud.

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