Monday, February 27, 2017

Voter ID For Me, But Not For Thee, My Imaginary Friends

It's a Poll Tax! Water Fountains! Selma! Nevermind!

The American Mirror:

“Pursuant to the rules of procedure, the chair has the discretion as to the voting mechanism,” chairwoman Donna Brazile said.
“And it’s my determination, based on the system that we tested this morning, that I would like to use paper ballots. And I’ll tell you why.
“We have to make sure that we can not just count the ballots but verify every name and signature,” Brazile said as party members began applauding. “And I want to make sure that at the conclusion of all of our votes, that you, the members of this party, will be able to review those ballots.” .......

The result of Brazile's voter ID law was an honest and fair DNC Chairman election that elected Tom Perez--this Tom Perez:

“We sued Texas and we won...What would be wrong with more voter ID laws? The ones that exist in general are a violation of the U.S. Constitution. The Republican Party by in large has chosen to disenfranchise people in this country simply because of the color of their skin.”

But when it's your career on the line, voter ID is awesome, fair and transparent? Chairman, please.

                                   The Washington Post
                           Democracy Dies in Democracy

Lone Star-UPDATE: Dallas CBS Local:

"The U.S. Justice Department said Monday it is abandoning its longstanding opposition to a key aspect of Texas’ toughest-in-the-nation voter ID law, costing voting rights groups their most important ally and possibly encouraging other conservative states to toughen their own election rules with President Donald Trump in charge.
It’s a dramatic break from the agency’s position under President Barack Obama, which spent years arguing that the voter ID law passed in 2011 by Texas’ Republican-controlled Legislature was intended to disenfranchise poor and minority voters.
“It’s a complete 180,” said Danielle Lang of the Washington-based Campaign Legal Center. “We can’t make heads or tails of any factual reason for the change. There has been no new evidence that’s come to light.”.......

He destroyed the Klan once already. And prosecuted Democrat fraudsters
who were stealing elections from black voters. There's your New Light.

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