Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Hey; Hollywood Geniuses!

While You Were Applauding

for the unlimited entry of Iranians into America (and for your own moral vanity), did it ever occur to you that the statement purportedly written by the Iranian film-maker Asghar Farhadi might have been written by his government?

Do you seriously believe he is free to express any political belief whatsoever, just like you can in America? With his family hostage in Iran?

Maybe that's why they kept him away. Or maybe he does believe what was read for him--I'm sure the Revolutionary Government only allows "safe" films and film-makers.

We don't know if those were his words or not. We can't know. And that's the problem in a police state. Yet you applauded anyway.

Here's what thought you were applauding:

But here's what you were really applauding:

The kind of film Iran makes:
"Iranian state television has made a documentary about the death of Neda Agha Soltan,
a young Iranian woman who was shot dead during the June post-election protests in Tehran,
suggesting she was an agent of the United States and Britain who staged her own death.

Neda's last moments were filmed on a cell phone and watched by millions of people around the world,
becoming a symbol of democratic resistance to the regime."

                                     The Washington Post
                        Democracy Dies in State-Approved Art

ps: Heroic Artists of Hollywood; 

The Mullahs were teetering on the brink of survival when your boyfriend rescued them. Iran might well have been free and pluralistic today but for you and your leader. 

Give yourselves another round of applause.

You Had ONE Job-UPDATE:  Sweet Icing on the Cake;

While they were busy mocking Trump for tweeting, the Best Picture screw-up was caused by...distracted tweeting!

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