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Denver Sheriff Patrick Firman Drives Getaway Car for Tim Cruz's Killers; Mayor Michael Hancock Acts as Lookout

Chain of Fools

Bill O'Reilly: Sanctuary City Mayor, Police Chief 'Have Blood on Their Hands'

NY Daily News"Valles, who ICE believes is a Mexican national, was released a few days ahead of Christmas — but less than two months later, the teen was charged with felony murder for the Feb. 7 shooting death of Tim Cruz.

...Denver failed to honor a detainer placed on Valles after he was first arrested in October for car theft. The agency initially flagged the suspect as an “immigration enforcement priority” because they believe he is a “known gang member whose gang history is documented in the Colorado gang database.”

A statement from the  Denver Sheriff’s department said it “balances the rights of persons in our custody with requests from other jurisdictions, but we are part of the criminal justice system and do not hold people on civil matters.”

The sheriff’s office continued on to offer its condolences to Cruz’s family..." .......

"Sorry our politics helped kill your family member--Mr. Tim...somebody. You'll get over it. Walk it off. (*Yaaaaawn*) What's for lunch?"

Family of light station rail murder victim 'livid'

"KUSA - Family members of a man killed at an RTD light rail stop tells 9Wants to Know they’re “livid” after learning one of the suspects had been flagged for possible deportation months prior to the murder.

Less than 2 months later, Denver prosecutors believe Valles and Nathan Valdez, 19, went to the RTD light rail station looking to rob someone.

In their first statement on the matter, family members of Tim Cruz, 32, say they believe the system “let them down.”

Cruz was a “unique, big-hearted” man, “His life was cut short by a senseless act,” his family added. “To say we are upset is an understatement.” The family is devastated.

“Our family is in great pain over the loss of Tim. His life was cut short by a senseless act that may have or could have been prevented. Tim will never be forgotten.  He is the world to us, and we are going to miss him,” ...

Valles was also shot.  Police believe Valdez, an American citizen, shot Valles near his left hip after Valles asked Valdez not to shoot [Ed.-at least he tried to stop the shooting. I'll give him that much]. Because prosecutors believe he was taking part in the robbery, a felony, at the time of Cruz’s death, they have charged him with felony murder. The crime carries the same weight and punishment under Colorado law as first-degree murder." .......

Charged who with felony murder? The illegal alien...or Mayor Michael Hancock and Sheriff Patrick Firman? Excuse me for noticing, but aren't they flirting with this, too?:

"A Rule of Law that holds that if a killing occurs during the commission or attempted commission of a felony (a major crime), the person or persons responsible for the felony can be charged with murder. Generally an intent to kill is not necessary for felony-murder. The rule becomes operative when there is a killing during or a death soon after the felony, and there is some causal connection between the felony and the killing."

When these two...

....ganged up with these two...

...our fellow citizen Tim Cruz never stood a chance.

"Forget it, Jake; it's Chinatown."

This really shouldn't surprise anyone.

"He lit up a room anywhere he went." Denver Detective Donny Young with his family
Colorado Alliance:

"In the early morning hours of Mother’s Day 2005, Denver Police Detective Donny Young was assassinated in cold blood by an illegal alien. Young was working off duty in uniform with Detective John Bishop at the Solano Ocampo Hall to earn extra income to support his wife and two young daughters. Illegal alien Raul Gomez-Garcia approached and shot both officers in the back. Detective Young was critically wounded, while Bishop was saved by his bulletproof vest.

Detective Young had received the Medal of Honor Award, 10 official commendations, the Distinguished Service Cross Award, and two letters of commendation.

Killer Gomez-Garcia (aka Garcia-Gomez) fled to Mexico after the murder, where he was arrested and returned to Denver. But the extradition was predicated on an agreement between the Denver District Attorney and Mexico that he would not file charges carrying a life sentence or the death penalty - apparently Mexico is very sensitive to the needs of their criminal class.

Just hours after the heinous assassination, illegal alien Gomez-Garcia reported for a full shift at the Cherry Cricket restaurant where he worked. In order to get the job, he had provided a fraudulent Social Security card which had been used in three states by three other illegals.

The restaurant where Gomez-Garcia worked was owned by none other than Denver’s Mayor John Hickenlooper. Ironically, in December of 2005 Hickenlooper was the keynote speaker at a fundraiser burrito breakfast for El Centro Humanitario para los Trabajadores - Denver’s illegal alien hiring hall. It was later revealed that Gomez-Garcia had been stopped for traffic violations three times.

When asked why Gomez-Garcia had not been turned over to ICE, Hickenlooper replied “these are complicated issues.”" .......

Not for the dead. And their loved ones.

California's voters now living in Denver punished Mayor Hickenlooper--by promoting him to governor.

Another twist: Denver Sheriff's Department fined $10K for hiring only US citizens

"The Denver Sheriff’s Department set out to hire scores of deputies last year to lessen the burden on its staff and cut millions in overtime. It advertised for prospects, and included U.S. citizenship as a requirement.


By this past spring, it had hired 200 deputies.

The Justice Department did not congratulate the agency – instead, it slapped Colorado’s largest sheriff’s department with a $10,000 fine and a host of steps it must take to address what was described as discriminatory hiring." .......

Atty. Gen. Loretta Lynch imposed Obama's policy of giving foreigners a gun and a badge to police Americans, a situation not unlike King George hiring German Hessians to police unruly colonists.

Supposedly, it applied only to legal foreigners, but you can be sure they were hoping to expand it to illegals as well.

Only $10k? This smells like a Blob-ocracy Sweetheart Deal, common at the EPA and other agencies.

It works like this:

Bureaucrats want a certain policy that legislators will not pass. So they get together with activists who want the same thing, maybe even leaking helpful info to them, and tacitly ask to be sued in a friendly judge's court to do that which they want to do anyway. They essentially toss the case, and, Volia!, like magic, new law suddenly appears out of thin air!

No voters or their representatives ever got to vote on it, and nobody can be held accountable, yet there it is: the law of the land!

And that's how the Crooked Game is played, Mr. Hoyle.

From sheriff, to mayor, to governor, to judges, to bureaucrats, to attorney general to president, that's the whole #RiggedSystem that we're up against.

I guess it's not so bad.

Just don't mind the corpses.

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