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When Democrats Assassinated Lincoln, They Attacked Cabinet Secretaries Then, Too

Habits Old and New

"You dislike the emancipation proclamation; and, perhaps, would have it retracted. You say it is unconstitutional -- I think differently. I think the constitution invests its commander-in-chief, with the law of war, in time of war."--Republican President Abraham Lincoln, August 26, 1863 Letter to James Conkling

PBS:  "On March 4th, [Republican] President Abraham Lincoln delivers his second inaugural address to a crowd of 50,000 in front of the newly completed iron dome of the U.S. Capitol. Nationally known stage actor John Wilkes Booth and several other Confederate sympathizers are among the crowd. Booth will later claim he had “a splendid chance… to kill the president where he stood.”

Chasing Lincoln's Killers: "The plan originally was for Booth and his
henchmen, to ambush Lincoln's carriage at gunpoint on a deserted road. Lincoln would be their hostage; unfortunately the plans got mixed up. While all the men laid on the road in silence, Lincoln was giving a speech at the hotel Booth was staying at. This plan failed. Another of Booth's plans was to go straight into the president's office, and just shoot him. His only downfall, how would he get out? The third plan, Booth would assassinate Lincoln in Ford's Theater, Lewis Powell would kill Secretary of State Seward, and Atzerodt would kill Vice-President Johnson. Atzerodt didn't want to do his assignment, though. Booth threatened to kill Johnson himself, but blame the whole thing on Atzerodt, so he would be hanged. None of the conspirators knew it, but Booth had already implicated them all. He slipped a note to a fellow actor that was to be put in the newspaper tomorrow, showing their faces, and sealing their fate. The only part that succeeded was Booth killing Lincoln. Powell failed at killing Seward; Atzerodt abandoned his mission for drinking." .......

CBS News:

"Overshadowed by the mortal attack on President Abraham Lincoln on April 14, 1865, was another assassination attempt by the same band of conspirators. Unlike John Wilkes Booth, the Secretary of State's assailant would prove much less effective.

But not for lack of trying. In his attempt to murder Secretary William Seward, Lewis Powell would inflict serious injuries on eight people,  including four of Seward's children, a bodyguard, and a messenger. ...

Powell pushed his way past and rushed up to the third floor, where he encountered Frederick Seward (William's son, and the Assistant Secretary of State). Powell tried to shoot him, but when his gun misfired he struck Frederick with it, fracturing his skull. ... Four people -- Powell, Herold, George Atzerodt (who had been assigned to assassinate Vice President Andrew Johnson) and Surratt -- were hanged as co-conspirators on July 7, 1865." .......

Lewis Powell, Cover Photo, Rolling Stone, Apr. 1865 issue

An interesting footnote:

PBS: "Nov. 27, 1866: A ninth conspirator, fugitive John Surratt, is captured in Alexandria, Egypt. He will be tried but acquitted with a hung jury, and survive another 50 years until 1916."

Or, as the judge-bombing Obama-ghostwriter Bill Ayers said of himself, "Guilty as sin, free as a bird!" Ayers is still involved in organizing Leftist riots today, as is his invention, Comrade O.


"Democrats have a long history of blocking school entrances going back to Democrat Governor George Wallace and his stand at the schoolhouse door to stop desegregation efforts.
However, perhaps the most disturbing part of the event was witnessing the Washington DC Police units stand down and support for the law breaking protest groups. As you can see in the captured videos below, the Washington DC police are willing to allow political violence.  Then again, the Tuscaloosa local police stood with George Wallace too…" .......
NY Post: School Door Assault On DeVos Is A New Low For The Left:

"The video of a mob physically denying DeVos access to the school should shock the conscience of Democratic Party leaders and of AFT chief Randi Weingarten.
One person was arrested; DC Metro police are reportedly determining whether DeVos was physically assaulted.
Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser felt obliged to weigh in via Twitter: “We do not condone violence toward anyone,” and “We welcome Betsy DeVos & anyone who wants to learn more about our schools.” Weingarten herself tweeted: “We don’t condone such acts. We want her to go to [public schools].”
But the fact is, her union set up the protest of DeVos’ visit to a public school — and then failed to control the protesters it recruited for the stunt."

Via Ace's:
Legal Insurrection provides concise legal analysis: "What a freaking disgrace."

He's lucky I wasn't driving.

Stopping a motorcade is a classic terrorist move as a precursor to an attack, as John Wilkes Booth knew well. And BlackLiesMatter is a pro-assassination movement.

Clearly this incident in itself doesn't rise to the level of the Lincoln Assassination. But the spirit of rebellion in the air has more than a wretched whiff of the 1860's--and the 1960's, too.

And none of the glorious Spirit of 1776--unless you count Benedict Arnold.

We must beef up security for public officials, campuses and events because Democrats are fresh out of self-control again. It's sad, shabby, squalid, criminal and un-American, but there it is.

By the way, how did the terrorist killer Powell get anywhere near the Cabinet Secretary in the first place, you may ask?

CBS: "Powell deserted and made his way to Alexandria, Va., where he claimed to be a civilian refugee."

But...but..."so-called" Judge Robart said that never happens!

Afghan-UPDATE: Well, whaddaya know; the jerk blocking the motorcade is an Afghan refugee! That's gratitude for ya.
"I know what you mean, bro; I had the "so-called" Justice Taney."

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