Monday, February 6, 2017

Recruiting Tool Time

"I know that I am leaving the winning side for the losing side, but it is better to die on the losing side than to live under Communism."--Witness, 1952 by Whittaker Chambers, who un-recruited himself from the Communist Underground. Try it sometime, Democrats!

I'm over it: "(Fill-in-the-blank) is a recruiting tool for ISIS!"

First, if these Democrat experts know so much about recruiting, how come so few of them ever served in the military?

Second, staying up all night wetting your bed and worrying about what makes terrorists upset is, in itself, a recruiting tool. It shows weakness and appeasement; always provocative.

Encryption and the internet is the actual tool used to recruit.

"Gitmo is a recruiting tool!" claimed Comrade Obama and his minions endlessly. Really?

There was no Gitmo when the PLO's Sirhan Sirhan murdered Bobby Kennedy. Or when Arafat and Black September murdered Ambassador Cleo Noel. Or when the Iranians took our hostages or when they bombed the Marine Barracks in Lebanon. Or at Lockerbie. Or the first World Trade Center Bombing. Or the African Embassy Bombings. Or the USS Cole attack. Or the Second World Trade Center Bombing on 9/11. No Gitmo. Yet plenty of recruits.

It's like saying the county jail causes liquor store robberies.

"Waterboarding is a recruiting tool!" Waterboarding gave us the courier who led us to bin Laden. Say what you will, but UBL isn't recruiting any more. Unless you count the reef-building fish swimming through his ribcage.

Now: "The travel ban is a recruiting tool!"

Actually, it keeps recruiters--and potential recruitees--out of the United States.

Commando raids? Also a tool. Saying "Radical Islamic Terrorism"? Ditto.

Let's review:  Naming  the enemy, fighting the enemy, capturing the enemy, interrogating the enemy and banning the enemy are all Recruiting Tools. But other than that, go get 'em, tiger!

But it's funny how everything Democrats don't like is a recruiting tool.

Why not feminism? Or gay rights? Aren't they recruiting tools, too? Achmed hates them, too. Shouldn't we then ban them also? Democrat logic says so (but I contradict myself).

And what about drones? Aren't they recruiting tools? Obama bizarrely decided it was much more humane to drop a drone on a terrorist with the sad collateral damage of dead villagers, rather than capturing terrorists and giving them an all-expenses-paid Caribbean vacation at Gitmo.

Why, it's almost like he didn't want them around to talk. hmmm. Odd.

You know what else is a recruiting tool? The money Obama gave Iran. That's 150 billion recruiting tools.

Making nuns buy abortions while ISIS builds a Caliphate? Recruiting Tool.

Even Climate Change is supposed to be a recruiting tool. It's kinda' convoluted, but try to keep up:

You drive your SUV to the company Bar-B-Cue, where the emissions from your car, your corporation, your grill and your meat cause global weather patterns to shift over Syria, creating drought, which in turn, drives rural farmers to the city, where they are open to recruitment. Then the marble rolls down the chute, falling into the water wheel which triggers the boot which kicks over the dominoes causing them to fall on the mousetrap, and out pops a Rube Goldberg terrorist.

And all because you had to have a second slice of Kansas City brisket. I hope you're proud of yourself.

But the "Recruiting Tool"-meme does have one thing in common with the "Climate Change"-meme. Just like Climate Change, Recruiting Tool was invented as a One-Way Ratchet to mandate leftist goals.
Climate Change demands control of industrial policy, higher taxes and ceding sovereignty to the UN, all leftist goals before Climate Change was a twinkle in Al Gore's beady little eye.

Similary, Recruiting Tool demands Open Borders, Pre-Emptive Surrender and Shariah-Coddling, all pre-existing conditions of the Sicko Left long before the invention of Recruiting Tool.

It's all horse-shit, except in one sense: Recruiting Tool is how Democrats recruit terrorists and their sympathizers to collaborate with them: "If you'll help us, we'll help you!"

You really gotta wonder:

Who's Recruiting Who?

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