Friday, February 3, 2017

CNN: Milo Attacked Milo at Berkeley!

"...Some of you who are old enough to know better let young people think they have the right to choose the laws they would obey as long as they were doing it in the name of social protest."--Gov. Ronald Reagan, at the previous regularly-scheduled Berkeley Riots

Nazis Founded the Reich...And Reich Found Out the Nazis!

"So what you're saying is O.J. has finally found the Real Killer?"
The National Socialists blamed the International Socialists for the Reichstag Fire. And the International Socialists blamed the National Socialists for the Katyn Forest Massacre.

And Robert Reich and Don Lemon...

*Ed Driscoll:

ROBERT REICH IS HAVING REICHSTAG FIRE FLASHBACKS: Robert Reich: “Rumors” that Berkeley riots were a right-wing false flag, or something:
Old and busted: Mainstream media’s war on “fake news.” New hotness: Airing baseless rumors on air in order to feed the narrative. Mediate’s Alex Griswold highlights this bizarre exchange between former Clinton Cabinet member Robert Reich and CNN’s Don Lemon, in which Reich explains away the riots in Berkeley that prevented Milo Yiannopoulos’ speech at the university as a false flag by … Breitbart?
*Stunning Fake News – CNN Promotes Conspiracy Theory That Milo Organized Berkeley Protests Against Himself…

*REICH: "Those were outsiders, agitators. Uh, they… I’ve never seen them before. Uh, for… You know, there’s rumors that they actually were right wingers.".......

Originally, they blamed Milo for triggering the little Snowflake Crybullies--die kleinen Schneeflocken Braunshirts, in the original.

But now they've gone from "Milo brought it on himself!" to "Milo brought it himself!"--Milo attacked Milo!

The fact is, this is Leftist Mob Rule.

There were no cops to stop the riot because Gov. Jerry Brown, Mayor Jesse Arreguin and UC President Janet Napolitano are on the side of the Leftist Mobs.

This is how Napolitano, once Obama's Homeland Security chief, does security. Just like Obama, which is to say, not at all.

Napolitano once put veterans on her Terror Watch List. How about your own professors, lady? They're teaching revolution by day and rioting with their students--and Nazi collaborator George Soros' armed goons-- by night. While police observe assaults passively on the orders of Democrat politicians.

"Milo Attacks Milo"? More like "University Attacks University!"

This is the Law of the Jungle. Caveman 101.

Why have we built an entire educational edifice at great expense simply to teach students "Og mad! Og smash window! Og Life Matter!"?

Instead of teaching students to dismantle the university brick by brick, wouldn't it be a lot cheaper simply to give them a club, a woolly mammoth-skin to wear and let them be raised by packs of feral wolves? At least those wolves don't demand tenure.

All of the Democrat politicians failed miserably at their first responsibility of maintaining public order, because they are themselves disordered. If they had any honor, they would resign. Who am I kidding?

And that's why their CNN lackeys were sent out to blame the victim.

Russia came clean on Katyn in 1990.

When will CNN?

And should CNN ever accept responsibility for this, they can then work on CNN's guilt in inciting the Ferguson Riots and the War on Cops.

"Hand Up, Don't Lie!"
"Fox tricked us into spewing conspiracy theories in order to sabotage our already-horrible ratings!
Well, it's not going to work, Fox. We're on to you!"
These riots are the Community Agitator's Real Legacy. Barack Hussein Obama has "normalized" sedition and treason.

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