Friday, August 11, 2017

Google: The Morale Will Continue 'Til the Beatings Improve!


"Most of you agree with the boss' opinion to fire people who disagree with the boss' opinions!"

I can remember when Lefties mercilessly mocked this kind of Corporate doublespeak. I guess that was before they all got jobs as Vice-presidents of Diversity, Integrity and Governance.

Clearly, Google needs new mottos:

"You're Fired!" But Not In the Mean Way Trump Says It, But In a Thoughtful, Nurturing Inclusive Way!

"Google: We're All About Information-Sharing--You Know, Like Lena Dunham!"

"Please Send Us Your Thoughtful Dissents--From the Unemployment Office!"

"Shuddup," Google Explained.

"CHAPTER 5. Political Affiliations [1101 - 1106]  ( Chapter 5 enacted by Stats. 1937, Ch. 90. No employer shall coerce or influence or attempt to coerce or influence his employees through or by means of threat of discharge or loss of employment to adopt or follow or refrain from adopting or following any particular course or line of political action or political activity."
Googled it.

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