Saturday, August 5, 2017

This is Lena Dunham, Rodeo Drive Block Captain, Beverly Hills Chapter, Woke Citizens Council Reporting

To Zee Proper Auzorities!

"There must be some meter maids around here in need of Political Correction..."
Ace: "Has the fat neurotic Stasi Agent Lena Dunham drawn enough attention to herself today? Well, I'm sure she doesn't think so. So here are two good pieces about her Hitler Youth thought-policing: Mary Katherine Ham mostly focuses on Lena's self-conception of herself as selfless and noble even as she takes vicious actions towards strangers solely for the warm feeling of Righteousness it fills her uninspiring chest with, and Robert Tracynski (I tried my best) discusses that the Progressive Social Hegemony now has a million Nazi Agents -- Hitler's willing eagles -- to enforce its edicts on us all.
Saying "I overheard a conversation" but giving no specifics might prompt American Airlines to send out a general notice to its employees to watch what they say while in the terminal--which is a little unsettling in itself. But giving specific information only has one purpose: to help the airline locate, identify, and punish these specific employees for holding politically incorrect views.
It’s the hashtag #acrossfromthewinebar that sent chills down my spine. Dunham is acting like an informant working for a totalitarian police state--but boastfully, in public, on social media. With a hashtag.

Let's call it what it is: She eavesdropped. Like a spy. Like a spy for a totalitarian shadow government.".......

Doxx Diva Dunham here. I just reported two construction workers for making inappropriate overweight-jokes.

I was #AcrossFromTheWineBar, minding my own business, hiding in the treeline and using binoculars when the lip-reader I had hired told me they were laughing at a "Yo' Momma so fat..."-joke.

Zis is verboten! They'll never work in this town again!

So I'm sleeping it off under the hotel bed because I spent the afternoon "across" from the wine bar, when in walk two hotel maids.

They don't know I'm listening and begin complaining about their taxes. I got them fired for Expressing Unauthorized Opinions and for not checking under the bed for dirty socks, used condoms and washed-up tv stars.

But mostly for Unauthorized Opinions.

So  I go back to the wine bar the next day. "Welcome home, Ms. Dunham," says the busboy. Funny guy. I had him deported.

After a few spritzers, I made my way to the free-range cage-free gender-neutered bathroom. I'm hiding in the stall with my feet pulled up so no one can see me, when I chance upon a formerly-private conversation between the restroom attendants. It seems they are less than enthusiastic about the handicapped access rules mandated by the Americans With Disabilities Act. Monsters.

I informed on them to the Health Board. And paid the winos in the alley to jump them on the way to their cars tonight. And had my private investigators call their moms--kind of a Public/Private Partnership of Re-Education!

After #IWasKickedOutTheWineBarAgainInTheMiddleOfTheAfternoon, I stumbled on over to the park. As I was squatting in the bushes in my frumpled camo hausdress, I could hear the landscapers laughing. I couldn't quite hear what they were saying, so I re-calibrated the parabolic microphone. Ah--that's better. They're dissing the EPA! This cannot be tolerated!
I was reassured by their Parks Department supervisor that after the harsh reprimands, it would never happen again. And their union boss promised to kneecap them later. But just to make sure, I forwarded their home addresses to EarthFirst. And Ted Kacyznski.

Well, I'm off to Hollywood now. I hope all those key grips and best boys are on their best behavior. I'd hate to be forced to rat them out, too.

It sure is fun being such a Heroic Advocate for the Workers!

That's What I'm Talking About or Not Talking About As The Case May Be-UPDATE: "UPDATE: Just heard two cab drivers saying mean stuff about LGBTQ people. But they were Muslim so who am I to interfere with their cultural beliefs, as misguided as they are. I would've tried to explain to them how wrong they really are and how all of what they said are just stereotypes, but it's possible they might kill me and I do not want that to happen.
Back to the waiting area to watch CNN.

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