Friday, August 4, 2017

The New York Times Celebrates a Century of Communism...and a Century of Whitewashing Communism

Party On, Garth!

 Robert Tracinski:

"This can only be happening again because today’s young people have been allowed to grow up ignorant of the nature of Communism, both in the past and in the present. And this is aided and abetted by publications at the top of the culture, like The New York Times, as they draw a gauzy curtain of nostalgia across the history of twentieth-century Communism.

One of those “Red Century” encomiums to Communist idealism sums up its case by recalling “Rosa Luxemburg’s revolutionary ultimatum: ‘socialism or barbarism.'” But the lesson of history—heck, the lesson of our own time—is that socialism is barbarism.

Don’t let The New York Times send this truth down the memory hole."

My Little Black Book of the Grey Lady's Fronting for Communism-UPDATE:

Fausta catches the Times whitewashing tyranny yet again:

"At the NYT: “As Venezuela Prepares to Vote, Some Fear an End to Democracy
Democracy is dead in Venezuela, and has been for a while.
Where was the NYT ten years ago when Chávez shut down radio and TV stations?".......

A: Cheering him on.

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